Be careful of what stories you make up

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I almost forgot about these experiences until a couple days ago.

Okay so, I’m going to start off with some backstory. I’m a 15 year old girl with a 13 year old younger sister and a 11 year old younger brother. And because I’m the oldest I like to tease them and make they’re lives a living hell. But it’s my way of showing  them love. Anyway this story has to do with the way I’ve teased my sister.

When we were younger, we used to say that my sister looked like Squidward from Spongebob. And she was get mad. And of course I had to make it even worse by coming up with this huge and messed up story. I her that we found her in a dumpster in a park, but she wasn’t human. She was an alien and could shape shift into a human. This story has stuck with her ever sense and she hates it.

But a couple years ago I would have these dreams. And of course they were about aliens. In this one dream it was dark out and me and my siblings were playing outside. Until we see this large UFO coming our way. We all sprint into the house. But i stay looking out the widow and i see that the UFO had landed on the roof. It was quite big and had different colored lights. I was creeped out was making my way to tell my mom. As i was passing through my room, my room has a roof window so i was pretty scared, I hear the window being open and a very high pitched vice go “Ahaaa” like as if it was amused. I ran to my mom as fast as I could. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me to my room. But from the crack of my door, I can already see the 4 foot, gray alien going through my stuff. I was terrified but was making my way to kick the alien, i suppose, but i wake up.

A couple months later, I have another dream. This dreams takes place in the middle f the afternoon. Me and my sister are inside, doing whatever it was we were doing. But we are alarmed by my dad. He tells us to come outside. He then pints at the sky. And what do we see? A UFO. Me and my dad are amused. But my sister, she was terrified. My dad tells her to run inside because the aliens are here to take her. And she runs inside the house in tears. I of course run in after her. I woke up before anything else happened.

I guess you could say that these dreams meant to scare me so I would stop teasing my  sister. But I still teased her, to a certain extent. I actually stopped teasing my sister many months ago, i guess it just got old and it didn’t bother her anymore. But not until a couple days ago i showed her a picture of E.T. and she got scared, me and my brother laughed. It was nothing.

But that night I had one last dream, at least i think it was a dream. In this dream, i was awaken in the middle of the might by a helicopter  flashing it’s light through the living room window. I guess I’m a light sleeper in my dream too because the light came into my room from the cracks through my door, which woke me up. I go to the living room and see helicopter that is flying very close my house. The helicopter then just flies away. But the weird part is I wake up confused and go to the living room to see that there’s thing, this creature out the window. Frightened, I run back into my room. I look the door and sealed the cracks with tape. I guess i go back to sleep. But then I wake up for real this time. I take a look at my door and the cracks are sealed with tape and I’m not even a sleepwalker.

I asked my mom if she heard that helicopter, but she doesn’t remember. I can’t help to think that what i saw was an alien. But was it a dream this time? It seemed more real than all the other dreams…too real. But I think they’re trying t tell me that i should stop teasing my sister.

So kids…don’t tease your siblings. It might be all fun and games until someone gets frightened and by their own stories. And this time, I’ll make sure to stop teasing my sister.

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