Cancun Creeper

One week, me and about ten of my friends took a trip down to Cancun for a spring break trip. The weather was very nice down there, but to me, it seemed too peaceful. We had rented a condominium for a night, as we wanted to tour the Southern U.S. and Mexico.

Our next destination was New Orleans and then to Blue Mountain Florida. Back to the story. The night we stayed there will haunt me forever. Our condominium was on the second floor, and as we were watching an NBA game, we heard a loud crash, and loud yelling. We thought there was a fight taking place in the condo directly below us. We just disregarded it, as the final seconds of the game were going on. There was a loud sound as a player from one of the teams hit a shot at the buzzer to win the game.

Immediately, I was scared shitless. I looked out our front window, and I saw a shadow outside, in the hallway, possibly looking in our window. I just saw someone walking to their room. But were they, I asked myself. I didn’t want to waste the night, but I still thought about it.

As we were watching more TV, around 1 in the morning, I heard another loud crash, and as we all looked up, the front door to our condo opened, with a couple yelling at each other, one of them with a dirty face, screaming at the other, “i’m gonna kill you, along with everyone in this room, staring at all of us”

Luckily, one of my friends snuck up behind the deranged man, knocking him out. But the weapon he was holding scared all of us. It was a large size machete, probably recently purchased. The person who was forced in our condo told us “I’m sorry, he goes crazy sometimes”. Let’s get him some sleep.

But, as I slept, I felt he was watching us. What happened next will haunt me forever. I look out my window to see him holding the machete he held earlier, and holding it up to his neck, and pointing to me. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night. The next day, we left. As I walked through the Cancun airport, I felt I was being watched by him. I know one thing: I will not visit Cancun again, and if I do, I will bring some of my friends with me again.

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