Camping Adventure… Gone Terrible.

It was a late night when I was sleeping at my grandparent’ house in the middle of the night. I Was sleeping so peacefully until I Heard a tapping on the window.

I pulled my cover over my face and attempted to fall back asleep. After that, the tapping got more violent. I Slowly stretched my torso up to the window that was essentially squished by my bed. I Turned my head to the left, And became terrified at the sight.

There was a tall, slightly muscular, deer headed figure looking down on me, glowing eyes and all. I Ran into my grandparent’s room, only to find them not there.

I Then heard a tapping, behind me on the front door. It quickly turned into violent banging. I Ran into the basement, In hope of finding a weapon.

I Didn’t.

I Then heard the basement’s sliding glass door break.

So then I Hid into the basement’s kitchen, panting in fear. In less than a minute, It’s standing above me, it’s Crimson eyes gleaming in the Crescent moonlight that gleamed into the basement. It ran it’s claws on my chest, as it looked at me with no emotion, no content in it’s eyes.

The Front door closed and it was gone with a single flinch. The only trace of the tracks it left in the mud, and the deep wound in my chest.


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