Camp Creeper

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I’m going to start with some background info about myself. I was an 11 year old girl when this happened. I was going camping with my girl guiding troop for the weekend. I had missed my drama club and a singing audition so I hoped it would be worth the trip.

Because I was the one of the oldest of the youngest (being 11 and everyone else under 11) I was fuming when I was told we were in a tent meant for 4 but I was sharing it with 7 other people. After I set up my sleeping bag me and my best friend there decided to go to the disco our troop had. No one else just OUR troop.

It was just me my best friend and two other of my friends from there- and the DJ… Now; me and my friends didn’t pay much attention to him until my best friend pulled me aside and whispered “Hey- I think the DJ’s checking one of us out…” At the time I believed every single conspiracy theory on the internet- so I started to get sucspicous.

I remember *twerking* with my friend and from that point I made eye contact with him. Like any pre-teen girl I was kind of embarrassed. But when he looked at me in the eye with a smirk- I knew he was watching us. When we got back to the tent we joked around about him with the other girls but it still creeped me out.

The next day (or should I say night) there was a huge disco. There were about 25 other guide districts there and it was now only three of us- including my best friend. We ran in there and my friends just started dancing. It was still the same DJ so I felt a little uncomfortable. He was still looking at me and my friends. I left early to go to the toilet and I left my friends there. They were fine.

And the next day (you thought I was finished didn’t you) we done this fitness thing- 5 sessions in a row to be exact. And you probably guessed by now the dj was also there. While we were being the kids we were wanting to lose weight the DJ was packing up his stuff because it was the last day of camp. I almost didn’t notice him until we turned around as part of the fitness and- he was there.

The weird thing was he stayed all of five sessions. Each session we done five fitness routines (so we did 25 fitness routines). After we finished we got our stuff and left the camp. I never mentioned this to my parents and I’m never planning to. Me and my best friend still joke about it even now.

I wish I went to the audition instead.

But it creeped me out…

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