Camp auburn

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It happened in 2013 when I was 10 years old in the 5th grade, Im 15 now. At my school, every 5th grader got to experiences what camp would be like. I was lucky enough to have my best friends sleep in the same cabin as me, which was nice because she was my only friends at the time that was a 5th grader. So I was a pretty lonely kid besides that I had my 8 dogs, so I was pretty much obsessed with animals at the time. I even decide to become a veterinarian at that age but going to that camp made me want to find a new career.

All the camp counselor were highschoolers that went to my high school they were my age that I’m in right now. I remember that I had a sucky camp counselor, she would get me in trouble for things I never did, I like the time I got separated from the group and she blamed me for walking out when I never did, but everything else wasn’t that bad.

The night before I left camp we had our the last bonfire and we would singing and dancing, and the way the camp was set up so that the forest was right behind us and the lake was in front. I was in the back sitting and singing along like the loner im, when I hear a noise right behind me, almost like a twig snapping in half. I immediately turned around to see the head of a dog. I thought it was a stray dog but this one looked different, I could only see the head and not the body.

For some reason, my 10-year-old brain thought it would be okay to go pet the dog, so I get up and started walking towards the dog. I guess since I was so quiet no one notice that I had got up and left. As I get farther for the camp and closer to the dog, I notice that there where no sound expects of the fire. No birds, no insects, and not even a cricket. At this point, I’m wanting to just turn back when I see the head if the dog starts moving up. I immediately stop in my tracks, I got a weird feeling that I shouldn’t have even left the camp. The eyes of the dogs started to glow a dark yellow and as it starts to rise up higher, I see that it was standing on its hind legs. I felt a warm liquid run down my legs and my eyes, I was frozen in place as I watch the 6 ft thing tower above me.

I hear my name being called for behind me to see the counselors running towards me with a worried look and I immediately start running to them, crying even harder. It was the scariest thing I ever experienced for a 10-year-old. I wouldn’t stop crying to the point where when I tried to explain what happened they couldn’t understand me and when I finally stopped no one believed me. The worst part was that I had to stay because it was still the last night of camp, so I stayed awake most of the night scared that it would come back for me. whatever I saw, it disappeared before the counselors got there. I went the rest of the school year with only my best friends because she believed me no matter what I said. I’m glad that I don’t ever to go back there.

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