California Road Rage

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This happened a couple of weeks ago.

I live in California where driving is almost always aggressive. I often wonder if some of the drivers are high on weed or other drugs. I was driving recently on the highway when someone cut me off and almost slammed into my car.

I honked and gave him the middle finger. Yes, I know I should not have done that but living in California you get exhausted from the stupidity in some drivers.

Also, it is not uncommon for people in California to break-check you, flip you off, honk their horn, and follow you while they flash their lights, and yell at you through their window. It is kind of the driving culture here in California. Anyway, after I flipped him off, he then moved to the lane on my left and stared at me.

I exited the freeway as my exit was coming up.

The guy followed me off the freeway. As I exited the freeway, there was a ramp leading down to a stoplight before turning onto the street. The light turned red and I had to stop. I was in the right lane waiting to turn right and I noticed the guy had followed me off the freeway and had kept tailgating me so I switched lanes so that he was no longer behind me.

When the light turned red and I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw that he was getting out of his car and was on foot charging towards my car.

I freaked out as I didn’t have any weapons or mace on me. Just as he was running over to my car, there was a car in front of me and I could not turn right. Right before he reached my car, the light turned green and the car in front of me took off. I sped off so fast before he could get to my car. He then ran back to his car and jumped in.

I was afraid he would follow me again and that I wouldn’t lose him.

I was about to look for the nearest police station using my GPS as I have heard that if you are ever followed you should drive to the police station and not home.

I kept driving and soon realized I had lost him as he was in another lane. I have no idea what he planned to do to me had he been able to get close to my car. I am so glad the light turned green before he reached my car as I would’ve been stuck there had the car in front of me not moved from the green light. I’d hate to think what would have happened. Maybe he would’ve damaged my car or punched my window.

Regardless, I was quite shocked that a man would physically charge at a woman over something so stupid as road rage. I plan to get a stun gun or mace to protect me and keep it on me at all times. I used to carry a baseball bat in my car. Maybe I will have to go back to that again. I would like to say that I have learned my lesson about road rage and flipping cars off but I have not.

It is still something I need to improve about myself and not react so much to other drivers but as I said it seems to be part of the driving culture in California.

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