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Hey my names Ella Jelinski. This is my true Creepy experience… Every summer, 3 or more times a month we go up to my cabin. Now, before I get into too much detail, let me explain the location. It’s rural, located by miles and miles of woods by a lake. There is woods on every side of the cabin.

A small lake, in Minnesota.

I’ve always had sketchy vibes about the place, but in the day. It’s pretty enjoyable, it feels as if… when you’re sitting by the lake, or at the lake. Everything you’ve ever struggled with goes away. This is one of the many creepy experiences I’ve had over the summer. It was about 12:00 PM.

We’d been sitting around the campfire for a few hours already. I was getting tired, a couple of my friends were brought this weekend. Anyways, I swear I heard something in the woods.

Yet, I knew it had to have been an animal. It’s Minnesota, what can you expect, am I right? But until I heard the same thing multiple times in a row, I knew it had to be something bigger.

Something, different. I sure didn’t know if it was just my friends messing with me, because one of my good friends, let’s just call her… Madi for this story had just stepped up and gone to the bathroom.

Maybe she was just trying to scare me for the first time in forever.

I hardly ever get scared. But this time, the person in the woods scared me. I’ve heard too many of these creepy stories. And I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

A man, stepped out of the trees, sat down in Madi’s chair. Greasy pony tail, muscle shirt, and basketball shorts. Slender. I froze, I was in fear. I had no idea who this man was. I tried saying “Hello” and asking if he was looking for someone. But all the did was stare into the fire, he never looked up and I swear he never blinked once. Minutes of no response to anything I asked him.

I got too scared to stay out by him.

So I stood up slowly, and walked into the cabin, thank god Madi noticed him sitting out there. Because if she would’ve walked out without knowing, I don’t know what would have happened. After about an hour of watching him, never jittering or moving.

Finally he stood up, he started walking towards the window we were looking out. It’s about eye level because there is only one level to my cabin. So all the windows are located pretty low. The only thing between him, and Madi and I. Was the glass.

He stared at us for probably only about 30 seconds but during that time my heart was beating faster than I thought was possible. He had a blank look on his face, no emotion. His eyes looked like glass. They never even moved from off mine once.

My parents hadn’t been home since 3:00 they had been visiting family friends and I’ve been alone at the lake before so it wasn’t new to me. We had called the police but there was nothing they could do, since he never did any harm to us.

So even if they got here, which would take at least 30 minutes they wouldn’t be able to press charges. Anyways, after these 30 seconds.

He walked right back into the woods, but not looking the way a person should. He was looking at Madi and I the whole time until he was fully submerged in the dark trees. We never saw him again, but this is my true campfire experience. Since this, I’ve always had a worse feeling whenever I go to my cabin.

Especially when I’m sitting by the fire at night. This may not seem very scary, but for a person who never gets creepy things situations.

This was one of the most sketchy things I’ve been through so creepy campfire man… Let’s never meet.

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