Bummer camp

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This experience happened to me one year ago, I am 13 now. My neighbor who is a good friend of mine named Lily, went with me to a summer camp. We helped out as counselors to younger kids. The camp was on an island, isolated from the entire world, or so it seemed.

It was mid June when we left for the island to go to camp. When we arrived, everything seemed normal except the fact Lily and l’s cabin was deeper in the woods than everyone else’s. You had to travel down a long gravel path to get there. Now, I was a really curious 12 year old, so I asked my friend if she wanted to go walk in the woods when it got dark out.

Bad mistake, but she agreed. That night we snuck out trying not to wake anyone. We started walking down the path toward a large hill off in the distance.

We decided to start running toward the hill and when we made it to the top I looked out into the huge field ahead. We saw some object flying toward us and it had three red lights that looked like dots against the night sky.

My friend and I were paralyzed. We were finally able to move our feet enough to take off running back to the cabin. We hid in the corner all night long and eventually fell asleep. When we woke in the morning we confirmed with each other that what we saw the night before was real.

We didn’t tell the other counselors.

That night we decided to go back, this time a little later. We went back to the same spot and when we arrived we saw the three red lights and the object in the sky again. It was even closer to us this time! We began screaming and when we did it disappeared. We ran hard back to the cabin and locked the door.

We did not sleep that night, but as soon as it was morning I turned on the news and the report was about a sighting of the object we saw. It was an actual ufo! I froze and Lily’s face was pale. We went to the head counselor and told them about the incident. Unfortunately they didn’t believe us.

All I know is I will never be visiting that camp again.

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