the boy walking in the ditch

I am a long haul trucker, I have been for 5 years now and while I’ve ment plenty of drivers with their own horror stories I hadn’t really gone through anything crazy before now. This story isn’t super scary but I gets to me and I want to share it, I’ve been a fan of darkness prevails for awhile and I thought this would be a good place to do it.

I was hauling popcorn in Georgia and somtimes we load in pretty desolate places, this particular farm was about an hour drive from Atlanta. It was far, really far from civilization and I was starting to think my GPS was leading me in circles, everything looked the same and it was getting dark when I saw somthing I definitely haven’t seen before. It was a little boy he couldn’t have been older then 5 years old, he was crying, waving at me and mouthing the words “please, stop”! I slowed down quite a ways away from the kid I felt terrible for him but at the same time somthing felt really wrong here, there was nothing but woods, no houses no cars that I could see just a kid standing in the middle of nowhere. I immediately called the cops to report it and they made sure to get my exact location and told me to stay in the truck and watch the child.  I was still torn between listening to my gut and helping this defenceless child I’m glad I listened and stayed in the truck as cowardly as that sounds. He was looking around frantically, still crying but not coming towards the truck! The police responded surprisingly fast (as to be expected when there’s a child involved) and as the sirens came into ear shot 2 all black escalades came out of the woods a booked it away from there 1 cop grabbed the kid and the others gave chase. The one with the kid came to my truck and talked to me, after awhile he explained this was a gang initiation and after I gave my statement they wouldn’t say anything more. The kid was terrified but unhurt and he and I both were lucky we left the desolate, unforgiving back road alive that night.


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