Body Hair Removal | DISTURBING Reddit NoSleep Creepypasta

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This Creepypasta Scary Story will DISGUST YOU. Warning, not for the faint of heart.

So, you wanna look good, right? You gotta get rid of that pesky body hair. You can use ipl, laser hair removal, hair removal cream, hair wax and my other alternatives to rid yourself of body hair. But what happens when you only have a few minutes before your date arrives? Well, iia of Reddit NoSleep brings us on a disgusting roller coaster ride in this Reddit Creepypasta Story. Just because it’s handy, doesn’t mean you should do it. This is a body horror story for the ages – An urban legend for modern times.

Body Hair Removal a Disturbing Reddit Nosleep Creepypasta by iia of the reddit nosleep community. Read this story here –

A hard-learned lesson about body hair removal. from nosleep

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All music by Kevin MacLeod. Body Horror Disturbing Creepypasta from Reddit Nosleep and Written by iia. Footage by Emily Middleton.

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