blood shortage

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I remember when times were good and there was enough blood to feed every vampire in the world, then everything changed 2 years ago and a great panic came upon the whole vampire world, that there was a huge blood crisis. Most humans had been turned into a vampire and it has led to a blood shortage never before seen or felt. The fear and moans of every vampire family was the greatest moan of suffering I had ever seen; it was brutal to witness.

99% of vampires live from 300-400 years and after living your expected life expectancy, even drinking blood won’t be enough to help vampires and even protect them against diseases and you couldn’t even step out into the night because your skin will be too sensitive. There is the 1% of vampires though who have actually managed to live for about 1000+ years and they are the special kind of vampires. No one is really sure where vampires came from and the religious vampires believe it came from Satan but the scientific vampires believe it was just nature and the freak of evolution.

Every 50 year’s vampires are allowed to reproduce children and it use to be that 100 vampire babies were allowed to be born every 50 years but due to the over population and the current climate of blood shortage, it has now been reduced to just 2 vampire babies allowed to be born every 50 years. If you don’t follow these reproduction rules the vampire babies will be put under the sun.

Nearly every blood bank has been closed and its funny you know when something vital like blood runs out, everything else runs out as well. Things like being kind to each other, sharing with each other and even smiling all goes away too. Blood wasn’t just keeping the vampire’s alive but it was keeping how we treat each other and how society lived alive as well. I kept on questioning how the blood shortage came about and blood in our society was the heart of everything it kept the economy, food and health all alive too but all of those things have all been destroyed unfortunately.

The first year experiencing the blood shortage crisis and the hunger and thirst could be felt all over but it was the elderly vampires, who were suffering first. When vampires haven’t had enough blood they turn insane and almost like a zombie, they lose who they once were. Like animals they started biting anyone and anything and even my grandparents were lost, I cried when I saw both my grandmother and grandfather biting each other. Eventually physical diseases take over and blood is the main source keeping vampires immune system alive, without it every disease starts to attack us.

Hospitals, dentists and other health related building were filled up to the top and there wasn’t enough funding or blood to treat everyone. Vampires out of desperation started to betray their morals, families and friends in search of finding blood and a new place/way to survive. Our civilization was on the brink of collapse and only the young vampires were strongest but still a victim

to all of what was happening. Luckily I am not the youngest in my family but being only 18 I still had the best chance but I knew though one day; the blood shortage will start effecting me.

Vampires started attacking farm animals and even animals from the wild and their blood might just about cave off the thirst and hunger but it also causes diseases, human blood is the only blood which could keep vampires alive and healthy for the longest. Depression and suicide were wide spread and it was a common thing to hear about vampires walking into the sun light by their own will because they had given up hope. It’s stupid as well but someone surely must have seen this coming because when vampires started increasing in number and the number of humans decreasing, someone surely must have known this was coming?

I myself started to succumb to depression and I had to go days, weeks and even months without blood and I even tried to burn myself into the sunlight but my father stopped me. Businesses are struggling because every vampire is too ill, depressed and too hungry and thirsty for blood. Any food we vampires eat; it must come with blood or otherwise our bodies will find it hard to digest. My father’s restaurant is struggling and with the price of human blood so impossibly high, one cup of 1 blood is literally the yearly income of five vampires together. My parents have been arguing constantly and my mother is always pressuring my father to sell his business but my father is a strong willed man and he will not give it away for anything. My little brother is seriously ill because he has not had enough blood and he is constantly suffering from high fever.

The education system is completely broken and there are hardly any teachers to teach and so parents must teach their children to read and write, everything is just terrible. Then a friend of mine called me on my phone and there are hardly any friends around these days. I met up with him at a private place in his car and he had some news for me, great news in a weird dark way. He started telling me about a secret blood bank which had disguised itself as an abandoned office building. In this blood bank they actually have fresh human blood all stocked up and meant for the 1% of vampires who have lived for over 1000+ years.

I looked at him like he was crazy and he told me that it was the truth and that he knew the 3 security guards that worked there, they have great benefits like receiving free blood for their families. Then he told me that three of the security guards out of six are being fired and so they will not receive any more secret blood and the three of them are angry. He told me they are putting a gang together to raid the secret blood bank and how we could all be inside and steal as much human blood as possible but the illegality of all of this, will put us at deaths row right under the sun.

My friend who also believes in conspiracies started telling me about how the 1% have all of the blood in the palm of their hands and it was their fault that the blood shortage came about, they want to kill the 99% of vampires. I never really believed any of his conspiracy stories but in that moment I felt like he was talking the truth and I wanted to be part of the raid. The three security guards who were going to lose their jobs at the end of the month were going to let us inside and it was me, my friend and three other vampires who I had never seen before who were going to be a part of this.

My friend contacted the three security guard and that we were close and they let us into the building and as soon as I stepped into the building, I could smell fresh human blood all around me. The other three security guards whose jobs were safe were murdered with a stake through the heart and were dust. The manager and right down to the cleaners of the blood bank were all murdered as well and when I stepped into the vault where fresh human blood was kept, I couldn’t keep hold of my temptation any longer.

We all grabbed whatever human blood we could get hold of and we kept on drinking so much blood and the freshness and sweet relief from thirst and hunger was heaven. I didn’t even care about the consequences anymore or that there were armed police guards outside ready to have our heads, in that moment I was in my own world. We were all arrested and taken into prison in the end and the sentencing was quick which was death by sun light but I still don’t care anymore. You see other vampires have heard our story and about secret blood banks and the 1% of vampires are now aware that the 99% of vampires see them for what they really are. I am going to burn with great meaning and an even greater message.

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