Black holes and an open mouth

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It was a late evening in Isaberg, Sweden. Me, Greta, Halldor and my sister Miriam were outside, the two girls were Playing with the dog while me and Halldor were making Spears out off wood and sticks, It was all very nice.

But the thing none of us knew was that this was going to be the most horrible day ever.

We were all happy until i heard a strange noise coming from My left side.

Turned my head and saw something that was hard to describe, A tall figure almost 4 feet above my head, a human like body but it was all covered in large black hair, two black holes where the eyes should have been, an open mouth with teeth that looked strong enough to crush a skull, My cousin was making another spear when i Said -Hey look, look over there, as soon as he saw the figure in the distance he fell to the ground screaming, I tried to calm him down but he was to chocked, I told My sister and Greta to go inside and take the dog with them, As Halldor finally had calmed down I took a look at the creature.

It was coming right towards us.

-Dammit! It must have heard Halldor screaming, When the creature was around 12 away from us it stopped and just stood there, Staring at us.

We slowly started to move backwards as the figure stood there without moving a muscle and starred with it’s dark black holes for eyes.

I slowly whisperd in Halldors ear.

-We have to run NOW! Then We ran for our life, We ran as fast as we could, when we finally got inside we calmed down, I took a look at the window, the creature was still out there and it still starred at me.

After what felt like hours it slowly turned around and slowly walked back into the woods.

There is not Much more to say, but there is one thing. I Will never forget that face.

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