Black Desert Spook

This was back in the late summer of 2016. I live in a one bedroom apartment, on the only block widely considered haunted by the locals. The place I used to work had even affectionately named “their” ghost Jorge. I’ve only ever experienced one thing in this apartment. This is that story.

So, I had just recently gotten my hands on the new MMORPG, Black Desert Online. I’ll spare you the details of my game critique to get down to brass tacks. I heard it through my headphones. This buzzing. Almost like a fly caught between the blinds and the window.

And that’s what I originally thought it was at first. The windows are huge in this apartment, so it was likely to be what it was. In short, there was nothing there. Everything from swatting the blinds, to pulling them up completely, I did it. There was nothing there and I figured that it’d flown out.

I sit back down and put my headset back on. The character creation screen couldn’t distract me when I heard the buzzing again. A little weirded out now, I get up and look around. Nothing. At this point, my dog was looking at me, concerned. Or, at least, what I perceived to be concern.

He didn’t seem to be aware of it. See, I can’t really handle nights alone too well, so I have a habit of bugging out and being easily paranoid. When the buzzing happened again, I lost it a little. I grabbed a knife from the block, turned on every light, opened every door, and made sure no one was in my apartment. There wasn’t.

At this point, I’m thoroughly spooked and take my dog on an hour long walk, not wanting to go back home. Eventually, I did go back, and the buzzing never happened again. Just to be sure, I had the TV up loud and slept with a light on. I don’t know what the buzzing was, or if it was actually there, but it freaked me the fuck out.


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