Most BIZARRE Police Case – A DISTURBING Scary Story

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Forget police brutality and police chases – This scary story creepypasta will have you wondering what might be happening to all those missing children.

Lossoler from reddit nosleep (or is it no slep) brings us a disturbing horror story of a bizarre police case gone terribly wrong. When a fellow patron at a coffee shop overhears two cops discussing one of their previous weird experiences, he ends up hearing a more disturbing story than he bargained for. There will be dopplegangers and almost missing children. Are you ready for a weird story that seems like a glitch in the matrix? Enjoy the Most Bizarre Police Case – A Disturbing Scary Story Creepypasta from Lossoler.

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Most BIZARRE Police Case – A DISTURBING Scary Story by Lossoler – Check out his channel at

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