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Hello I am Aritri Ghosh and I am 12 years old.So, this happened last year.My mom and my dad had tours every two weeks so  I am used to be on my own. Our apartment is very small it has 2 bathrooms 2 bedrooms and 1 kitchen.

That night I was watching some telvision and being the scaredy cat I am I kept all the lights on,except the bedroom in the corner it was not used.It had like a sink in front of it.I was good with my snacks I kept. It was about 3 am and as I did not have school tommorow I was awake.Watching random anime.

I felt shaky and cold all of a sudden I was frozen.I felt like someone was here.So being the curious kid I am I went to the room with a torchlight.It was nothing.So the next day my best friend came to visit me.We went to the corner room and we were discussing horror stories.Suddenly the lights went out.I had not mentioned this before but in the corner room my favourite toy which my uncle gave me was there he was dead because of an accident.So me and my best friend held or hands tightly in horror.We were literally cold and frozen our heart was about to come out!I heard like a hiss in the corner of our bed where we kept the toy but it did not happen again. I ran as fast as I could picking my best friend up.The next day I came in our toy was torn in half.And my uncles photo was torn.That was so scary.


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