Big Foot on the Wooded Trails


My friend and I love going on Paranormal hunts but she is blind in one eye so I have to be the leader of our investigations.

For identity safety I am going to call her “Luna”.

This had happened last year during when fall still felt like summer.
Luna and I were traveling along the Youghiogheny River Trails up in PA with a old friend of ours, originally trying to find the abandoned minors town but we got more than we expected.

Seeing how we couldn’t find the ghost town when the sun set, we decided to head back.

With flashlights in our hands, we begun to hike back to our jeep parked about two miles away from our destination.
Our old friend was a huge Big foot fanatic and would constantly tell us stories and how he wished to run into one would drive us insane at times so we tried to ignore it with myself leading through the dark trails.

While walking down the dirt path, we kept hearing twigs snapping, branches moving, quick yelping noises and small rocks from the cliff sides hitting the ground.

I ignored it, thinking it was just the wind picking up and causing all the tree’s to creek.

But I was dead wrong.

Our acquaintance stopped dead in his tracks and harshly whispered for us to stop. Luna and I looked over to him to see what was wrong, inspecting him to tie his boots but we saw him pale as a ghost.

” L-Look up a head.” he stamped to us.

As we turned around, about two hundred feet or so down the trail we saw this large brownish black mass just standing in the road.
From the distance we thought he stood about eight to ten feet tall and was very fuzzy.

Now, Bears are very common in parts of PA, but none of the bears we had were that tall.

Putting our lights on the ground, we didn’t know what to do, nor think flashing it with our lights and potentially pissing it off. We just stood there, watching it as it watched us.

I swear ten minutes had gone by before the large creature turn to the left and begun to head over towards the hill side to the river.

Now kids, don’t do this but we bolted as fast as we could down the trail, holding Luna’s hand tightly in mind so she wouldn’t fall behind. All this time we heard the yelping again, this time knowing where the source of the sound came from.

Eventually we found the white jeep waiting for us and we drove out of there like a bat out of Hell.

I always a believer in Big foot, but I never imagined I would see one in my entire life.

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