Beneath the Lake and Behind the Truth

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My mom and whole family has always bought and sold items on Craigslist for as long as I can remember. Since I was little, I always found that the whole dealing with a stranger on the middle of nowhere deal was the unsafest thing you could do but, free stuff right? This story proved me wrong. A few years back, My family was in search of a bed frame for cheap. With little to no luck, my mom began to search craigslist and found one. It seemed to be in decent condition so she messaged the seller. He seemed off even by his messages. He wanted to meet at his home in the middle of nowhere. My mother felt unsafe. In her gut feeling she knew she could not meet up with this man.  She declined his offer even though we went down on the price to coax her into coming. Soon after the fact, an older couple from a few cities over went missing. They had went on a road trip to purchase something they found on Craigslist. In a small Georgia town,  the same one that my Mother almost traveled to to meet the man with the Bed frame, the couples bodies and car was found in a lake near to the mans address, weeks after they went missing. The man was found and arrested but it’s unnerving to think that this seller and murderer was the same man that tried to coax my mom into coming to his house in the woods. This stranger off craigslist could have made me a motherless child. I have not been on the site in search of things since but, if you have to meet to purchase something make sure it’s in a public place with witnesses and you always follow your gut feeling


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