Be Careful Standing in the Way of the Wind

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Have you ever experienced on a really windy day the wind just hopelessly becoming trapped in some tunnel, tight space or inside a building.

It desperately tries to find a way out as it knocks things over, or starts banging doors and making a high pitch noise. Its quite annoying when it happens especially if you have to walk through tunnels and tight spaces to get home and you can really feel the force of the wind fighting its way out of tight corners.

The wind you can say is claustrophobic in a sense and some people do try and find something fun out of the wind trying to fight against it.

When I was younger hanging about with my friends around my house and on a really windy day I use to open the front door to trap the wind. I would just experience watching and feeling the wind knocking things over, banging doors and making the most eeriest sounds.

I regret it afterwards because the wind had made such a mess and I would have to clean it up. Another time was when one of my friends was over at my house, we were both just playing video games in the front room. The wind was so strong that day that you could hear it outside making the kind of angry sounds that strong winds usually make.

My friend sneaked off to the front door to do a prank on me and when he opened the front door, in an instant, the wind came into my house and was moving so many objects, banging doors and just aggressively trying to get out.

Then a high pitch scratching sound could be heard and me and my friend covered our ears as the sound was really irritating. It was an abnormal sound the wind was making and not the usual haunting sound but it was like a teacher scratching her nails on the board or using chalk to scratch on the board to get the classes attention.

I closed the door and called my friend an idiot but then I noticed scratch marks on some of the metallic objects.

Then in the following week I held a party in my house and as usual the weather was being crappy with the strong winds and with an additional rain to make it more worse but it didn’t put off the party mood as it was a friday.

There were quite a bit of people in my house and people were drinking and eating but my friend wanted to open the door and let the strong winds disturb us. This time he had a full professional camera his dad had bought him.

He doesn’t want to be a film maker except to mess about with it and make funny videos on youtube.

As soon as he opened the front door with his camera recording and a devious prankster smile on his face, all of the lights went out. All I could hear were screams of pain and torture and the wind was making a deafening horrifying sound which I had never heard before.

When the lights came back on there were so many injured people with thier skins deeply scratched and blood was everywhere, the scratch marks on thier bodies looked like it came from a vicious animal.

I was fine and I called the police and so many people had to go to the hospital and all that the police could say was that there was a knife wielding maniac at my party.

My friend with the camera was also fine and he had something to show me the next day which he caught on his camera in slow motion.

He had managed to record the whole thing even when the lights went out for a while and he managed to turn on the lights on his camera. What I saw was beyond anything I had ever looked at with my own eyes or even think it was possible.

When the wind got trapped in my house there was a creature which I recognised and that went by the name as the wind walker or the most common term used is the wendigo. The wendigo wasn’t attacking people but it seemed to be trapped in the fast current stream of the wind and was trying to hold on to something or get some control by holding on to some of the people at my party by using its claws.

That would explain the scratch wounds.

So be careful when standing in front of the wind when its trying to get out of a tight corner or tunnel. The wind and its inhabitants don’t like tight spaces.

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