Beast of Mount Ophir

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I live and grew up in Malaysia and this story is about a mountain in Malaysia called Gunung Lelang or Mount Ophir. There are myths and legends revolves around this mountain such as Legend of Puteri Gunung Lelang where The Sultan had heard of a celestial princess’s beauty and wanted to marry her but she set seven impossible conditions for him. But thats a common legend that you can search on the internet.

This story is told by my father. When my father was a kid, his parents always bring him and his siblings to Gunung Lelang, not for hiking, but to go to the waterfall and bathe. My grandparents are poor and couldn’t afford video games for my father and his siblings, so, every holiday they will bring my father to Gunung Lelang’s waterfall to bathe and enjoy. They never went hiking and my grandparents never let them.

Legend has it that there is a beast living in the mountain. It is a woman and it can transform into a lion. It was said that she is immortal because it was a punishment from God to her. God doesn’t want her to be reborn because she is an evil spirit. So she haunts the mountains for centuries.

The woman mainly targets men. Expert hikers went to the mountain for hiking ended up getting lost. People who lived through this came to tell the tale. My father’s best friend was in the scouts. His friend went camping in the mountains for a few times and had reported seeing the beast, but since they are in a big group, the woman didn’t attack them.

One day, my dad was driving and had his friend sitting at the passenger side, his friend is Wiccan, he can sense and hear things we normal beings can’t, and my father happened to drive past the mountain. My dad’s friend had a panic attack all of a sudden. He said he had sensed an unfriendly “being” roaming in the mountain. He can see the beast when he closed his eyes and described it to my dad. Since no one had actually know this legend except for the elderly living near the mountain. My dad got shocked and agreed with him and told him the legend.

This is a very scary legend and since I’m an avid hiker, I know I will never hike this mountain and listen to my parents.

Thank you for listening.


Ps: I love your videos Darkness, they make me happy. Thank you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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