Bear attack

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First thing you need to know is that English is not my first language so please forgive me if I’ll make some spelling or grammar mistakes.

I’m a 14 years old boy from Romania, living a small village in the western part of the country.

I usually visit my grandparents there in weekends or holidays. It’s a very nice place, full of nature and nice people. I usually play outside with my cousin, Gabriel (Gaby by his nickname), who is 13.

We always enjoyed riding our bikes all day long through the village or even go in the nearest city sometimes… it was great fun.

Anyways, there is this forest, a little further away from the village where we often for a walk to get away of all things and just relax and play around.We really love that forest, we spent our entire childhood there… we have a lot of memories.

When we were young, we went into the forest with our parents but now we like to go on our own, it’s more fun, to be honest.

To get to the forest, you have to travel a long road which goes through a vast field full of big hills and dense vegetation and at some point of the road, you’ll see a clearing which marks the entrance into the forest.

From there, you’ll be guided by an old dirt path through the entire forest.

But to get to that entrance is not that easy as it may seem. Along the road you’ll pass by 3 sheepfolds protected by big, aggressive dogs which belong to the shepherds, but when the shepherds are not around, the dogs are merciless even to the smallest threat.

When we go on that road, I always take my hunting knife with me which my dad gave me after he came back from the military service. And I always take a lighter and some firecrackers with me to try to scare the dogs away if needed.

Anyways, this day we were ready to go to the forest to spend some time around there, as usual. We passed the first sheepfold with ease and cotinued our journey until the next 2 sheepfolds.

As we expected, there was no shepherd so we were about to turn back. Than I decided to throw a firecracker in that direction, but that only angered the dogs and two of them started chasing us.

We bolted out of there but instead heading to the direction of our home, we continued our way to the forest not looking back.

The dogs were closing in so I took my knife out and hit the dog in the muzzle. I didn’t look back to see how hard I wounded it, but when we didn’t hear any more barks, we stopped in our tracks to draw our breaths. Than we walked near our bikes until we made it to the entrance of the forest.

On one of the trees near that entrance is places a sign which says: ”Danger, bear in the forest”. That sign is older than me and I never saw any bear, or even wolf or deer in that forest, just trees and trees and more trees.

It was a very chill place, only you and the sounds of the nature. We always thought that this sign was there only to scare away the wood thieves or the people who illegally chopped down trees so we didn’t payed that much attention to it, even though my grandma warned me about it several times before and the sheepfolds are known of being attacked by bears of wolves but, as I said, we never saw anything dangerous in that forest so we thought it was just a fairytale.

We left out bikes at the entrance of the forest and cut the dirt math, going straight into the middle of the forest.

My cousin brought a few pieces of cloth which we tied of some sticks to mark our way so that we could find the road with ease.

We spent what felt like hours just walking around and taking photos of the beautiful landscapes surrounding us, and not caring about anything. We harvested some sticks and moss and began to build ourselves a small shelter, just to test our ”survival skills” we thought we have. We had a lot of fun but the sun was beginning to set so we decided to head back to the road.

We were almost there, we could see the road, and when we were about to call it a day, I heard it…

The most horrifying sound which instantly filled us whit an overwhelming feeling. And when we looked back… we saw it… a bear running at us. We couldn’t move. I know you are not suppose to run from a predator but the adrenaline instinctively moved our feet. Luckily, our bikes were still there, nobody stole them.

We bolted out of there, but the bear was still following us. When be approached the 2 sheepfolds, those dogs were still angry and they were coming after us too. We were not fast enough to outrun the beasts so we thought that was the end.

Than, by a miracle, the dogs saw the bear and they realized that the bear is a bigger threat than us so they scared the animal away, giving us enough time ti run away. We were rushing through the field like some madmen and didn’t look back until we made it to the entrance of the village.
There, we were paralyzed.

My heart was beating at an inhuman speed and my skin was pale.

My cousin blacked out on that moment. Luckily we sat down and was supported by a fence. I woke him up and I saw his eyes full of emptiness. I helped him to get up but both of us were still scared out of our minds, even though we made it to the safe ground. I helped my cousin to go home, then, while I was walking to my home, I took the hunting knife out and saw some blood on it. The blood from the dog I hit.

Then I thought what could have happened if I wouldn’t his the dog…. maybe we wouldn’t made it not even to the forest.

Later on when we chilled a bit, we texted each other to talk a little more about this experience and we both agreed not to step foot in that forest ever again.

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