Baker Lake Skinwalker Thing

By Alex

Hi there I,m going to tell you a true experience I had around a year ago. For privacy reasons I,m changing the names of the people involved. I have a lot stories to tell but this just horrifies me.

One time me my sister my mom and her boyfriend went camping around four hours from are house. We have gone camping well over forty times before so I have a lot of experience.

Me and my mom’s boyfriend let’s call him Chris arrived before my mom and my sister did let’s call her leela. This wasn’t much of a problem because everyone knew the area very well so me and Chris did the usaul gather fire wood and set up the equipment. Here’s a bit information on me I was well built then and now for my age and my nickname is iceman because I bearly ever get cold so when I do everyone else is already freezing I’m also an avid hunter and very protective of my friends and family.

So around 10:00 o’clock at night when I just about to go to sleep my mom leela and my three dogs lucy,echo and tux arrived at the camp site my mom said Alex come with the stuff so I got up and unloaded the stuff and we went to bed.

Me and my dog lucy woke up at the same time somewhere around 3:00 in the morning freezing cold a few seconds after waking up heard a distorted voice of my mom saying come help me with the stuff even though I didn’t want to I knew I’d get in trouble if I didn’t.

This was a big mistake when done putting my shoes on I looked up at the cars expecting to see my mom and even though my vision was still blury I something black and fury hunched over on top of my car thinking it was a bear I pulled my seven inch fixed blade knife out of it’s sheath.

And I was about to start yelling to ward it of when the thing started laughing at me I froze my dog started growling and the creature stood up and mimic lucy’s growl she whimpered and then it jumped from the car to seven feet in from of me and let a shreek so loud it made my head hurt after that shreek everyone was up Chris came out his tent with a loaded 44. magnum.

The creature looked him and said what are you going to do with that and Chris shot it the left shoulder and another shreek then it took two strides and was completely gone so we fish and wildlife services when got to the site the took some blood samples and a look around and found large foot prints that the rangers didn’t recognize.

Oh I forgot to say this all took place on my eleventh birthday. So when we were driving back Chris said I wonder what it was me being native american and heard the stories the word just came out SKINWALKER no one said a word after that until we got home.

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