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So I had just turned sixteen and was babysitting for multiple people around town. I didn’t live in the best neighborhood. I had babysitted multiple times and was pretty good at dealing with weird kids, I was also trained to deal with slower kids. I did post ads on social medias under a different account so it wasn’t my personal account. This happened a  year ago.

One day in October I had gotten a request for a babysitting job a few miles from my house. I won’t give to many details about the email, but it seemed to be sent from a normal dad needing a babysitter. He said his name was John. We went back and forth about dates and pay, but we settled on a decent pay.

I had my older brother drop me off. The minute I got out of the I wanted to go home. It was an average looking house but something was off. One of the first things I noticed were there was security cameras everywhere, second there was no play toys in the yard, I assumed he just cleaned them up and continued to walk up to the front door.

Before I could even knock the front door opened and a man stepped out. He was almost a foot taller than I was, he looked like all he did was lift weights. He was dirty, homeless looking. He smiled when he saw me and invited me in. He told me his son was at school, this set of alarms in my head. It was Saturday, why was his son at school? He started giving me a tour. It was a fairly clean house. Another alarm went off when I noticed the rolls of ductape in every room.

He took me upstairs to show me his sons play room. When he opened the door my heart dropped. The room had no child toys, only adult toys. When I went to get out of there he grabbed my arm and started pulling me into the room. He was much larger than me, so fighting back want doing much. I started screaming, he kept telling me to shut up or else I’d worry the neighbors. This only made scream louder. Not even two minutes later I could hear sirens in the distance.

He kept muttering swears under his breath. He dragged me back down the stairs by my shirt, he was pulling so hard it ripped. He threw me out of the house, the minute I hit the ground I got up and ran. I met the cops at the street and told them what happened. They went in the house and came back with the man in cuffs. I haven’t babysitted since


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