The thing in the field

I live in a small village in the Scottish countryside surrounded by fields and forests and the like,there is a ww2 memorial at the top of a massive hill overlooking the entire village  with a small band of trees with a path through them and as teenagers we would gather there to drink and  smoke and the like.

one night at such a gathering there was about 10-15 of my friends just hanging out drinking etc.i was sober as I had work early the next morning so decided it was about time to leave when it all hit the fan.

somebody,let’s call her k was sitting on a bench overlooking the hill and fields when she gave a shout that somebody was coming up.we all rushed to see in case it was the cops or more like minded teens but I was frozen with fear at the sight of this thing making it’s way up the hill.

It must have been 9 feet tall and moved like it was floating over the ground.looked human in shaped but cloaked in a kind of blurry darkness,impossible to make out clearly.the speed it moved at suggested some one on a 4×4 or dirt bike but no engine noise could be heard…for that matter not even the noise of crunching crops as it made its way up the field.

we were all frozen until someone shouted out hey or something like that to this thing and the group broke for the trees to get back on the path.

everyone but me and 4 other guys who decide it was a prank.the think bucked to a stop in jerky movements and turned in a circle and then all of a sudden let out a noise that was a loud roar crossed with a scream and leaped yes leaped about 15 feet forward and moved faster uphill than before.i booked it through the trees and down the other side of the hill falling and rolling all the way to the bottom where everyone else has regrouped and was screaming and shouting threats up to the pitch black peak of the hill.complete silence fell like even the insects and cars couldn’t be heard at all and all of a sudden the scream/roar from earlier rang out and the figure launched itself out of the trees and began scrambling towards us.we ran as fast as we could and I even abandoned my gf (now my wife) as I just wanted to get away from this nightmare.i got home and locked all my doors and turned every light on in the house and didn’t sleep till dawn.

i have never seen the creature again and we walk our dog there everyday and night but sometimes I can still hear the scream ringing out around the trees and fields surrounding the village

Killer Hitchhiker

This story is about a creepy encounter with a hitch hiker I had on my way to my grandmas house.

I had just passed my drivers test and finally got my drivers license. My mum suggested I should go to my grandmas house as she wanted to congratulate me and also because I hadn’t seen her in years.

I finished work at around 6pm and  the sun had already set. I quickly packed my bags and got in the car. My grandmas house was on the coast and it would take about 3 hours getting there. About 2 hours into the journey I noticed a silhouette waving at the side of the road. I saw some dried up blood on the road and immediately stopped to check if the bystander was injured.

I slowly rolled down my window and called ”hey do you need any help” the thing came closer, close enough so I could see it’s face. It was dry and it had huge eye bags with devilish eyes that looked right through my sole. It looked like a old man who hadn’t washed in weeks. The man replied with a deep and crackling voice ”yes”. The man walked around the car to get in. Then something caught my eye, just behind where the man was standing lay a dead body. My heart stopped and I couldn’t move a muscle. I looked over to my left and I saw the man looking through the window with a creepy smile. The man walked to the back of my car. I quickly locked the car doors. I was too horrified to move or say anything. I started the car and quickly drove off, without daring to look back. I knew that the nearest gas station was about a hour away so I decided to quickly go to my grandmas house.

My grandma messaged me asking me where I was and why I was taking so long. I told her about the creepy man that I encountered. She seemed surprised I told her to call 911. She said she was doing it, she then started to explain about a man she had let in the house, that was injured. I immediately warned her that was the man.

It had been 5 minutes without a reply. Then suddenly I got a reply she said she was hiding in the closet and told me to come to the house and help her. I told my grandma to stay in the closet until the police arrived. She told me when I get to her house to quickly go to the laundry room and grab a gun in the cupboard.

I arrived at the house it was dark and eerie. I stayed sharp knowing full well that the psycho could be anywhere. I stepped out the car and made my way to the entrance. Just then I received another text from my grandma, this time it was a picture. A chill went up my spine, I opened the picture and it was a picture of my back. The killer was sitting in my car. I forgot to take the keys out as I was in such a rush. I turned around and saw a creepy smile on the maniacs face. He sped off into the distance stealing my car and leaving my grandma dead.