My mom works as a secretary at a public health government department. The building where these offices are located used to be part of a public hospital that is still running today; however, the wards and doctor’s offices that used to be there were relocated to a much modern building nearby some years ago.

Several things have happened in that building and most of the people who work there have witnessed these events. For instance, the security guards have caught shadows and flying orbs moving around the building in security camera footage and those who patrol the area always talk of seeing shadows out of the corner of their eye. There is a lady, whose office is at the back of the building and every day exactly at 4:00 p.m. someone knocks on her office door and every time she checks there is nobody in the hallway. It can’t be someone playing a prank because her office is at the very back of an extremely long hallway that has no offices nearby for anyone to hide in and even when she leaves the door open and can look outside she sees no one when the knocking occurs.