It wasn’t a bear

          I’ll begin by stating that I’ve been a paramedic for nearly six years, spending all of that time in Ontario, Canada. For the most part, the job’s been relatively textbook. Not to say it wasn’t brutal, as I’ve experienced plenty of bullet holes, knife wounds, and burn victims. The job of a paramedic is to stabilise an injured persons’ condition, to make sure they’re able to arrive at a hospital, and receive proper treatment, before death, so we see plenty of gruesome sights. However, the experience I’m about to share with you was in a league of it’s own.

          Mid way through 2015. I was working the “night shift,” if you could call it that, in a small district of Ontario. At our dispatch, there were a total of twenty three of us working, waiting for the tell-tale call to action. Usually, there are two paramedics in an ambulance, unless multiple people are hurt or injured. When I got the instruction to head out, me and my partner, we’ll call him Mike, climbed into the back of the ambulance. The call was placed at 2:13 AM, and we left two minutes after. From the vague description, a man was mauled by what he said was “a bear, but bigger and faster.” He was on a residential street, at least a few blocks away from any wooded area large enough to support a bear, so we found it strange that he referenced the animal.

When we arrived on site, something was already “off.” The air had a very heavy coppery, or ozone scent to it, like right before a massive thunderstorm. It almost induced vomiting, it was that bad. Me and Mike exited the emergency vehicle. Upon glancing down the street, we saw the man who placed the call. He was lying on his stomach, arms and legs outstretched, with his face down, directly on the asphalt of the street. What was odd was, on this small suburban block, all the streetlights were out, aside from the one directly above the man. We quickly approached him, all the while, the copper smell getting stronger, and Mike asked him the basic questions. “Sir, were you the one who called 911? Sir, can you show us where you’ve attacked?” When we got within a few feet of him, he started making this odd noise. “Jittering” is how I would describe it. It was a really odd site. With his face flat on the asphalt, he was just jittering.

We rolled him over, to check for any injuries. By now, the copper smell was nearly overpowering. To even get a decent breath of air, I’d have to cover my shirt over my mouth. When we rolled him over, we immediately took a step back. His chest, and shirt, were gone. I tell you, completely missing. In place of where the torso skin should have been, it was just a large gouge mark, like a massive claw just swept across his body. It was oozing blood, and both me and Mike were utterly confused as to how he could still be alive, let alone conscious. After flipping him over, the jittering abruptly stopped, and his eyes closed. Upon checking his pulse, it was revealed that he was dead. We pronounced him dead on the scene, and labelled it as a wild animal attack.

As the bleeding came to an eventual halt, we prepared to load him into the back of the ambulance. I grabbed the stretcher, but Mike was focused on something else. I followed his gaze, and it appeared that he was staring at the corner of the street. Then I noticed what caught his attention. Next to the stop sign, towering at least two feet above it, was a man. As I said previously, the street lights were malfunctioning, so we couldn’t make any features out. He looked as if he was extremely skinny, and, there was a shadow of what looked like a vintage fedora atop his head. Mike called out to him, and, he vanished. He was gone. To this day, I’ve never seen anything like it. As he dissipated, the smell did as well. Normally, smells get less strong, over a period of time. However, the copper scent was there one moment, and gone the next.

To this day, I still am unsure of what we saw that night. If I had to guess, that man, or thing, we saw standing next to the stop sign had something to do with the man’s death. I’m still a paramedic currently, two years later, and I’ve never experienced anything similar. However, there’s one thing I definitely know: whatever attacked the man, it wasn’t a bear.

Black Eyes In the Night

This is something that happened a long while back – back when I was still living with my parents. I’ve long since moved out and am now 19, engaged, living with my fiance, and we now have a child on the way. Enough about that, though. Let’s get back to the main story.

I can’t quite be sure what I saw that night, but I am convinced that it was something paranormal. No human could possibly look like that, and I am absolutely certain that no one, not even the world’s greatest prankster, could pull off something so terrifying.

It was about 3 a.m. and I was wide awake. I’d been up all night, crying. This was normal for me at the time, as I was going through some tough times, which was partly why I’d moved out. I had school later that day and was extremely tired. I knew that if I didn’t get any sleep, I’d most likely fail the four exams I had later, so I decided to calm myself down by splashing cold water on my face, something which always makes me feel better for some unknown reason.

The way my room was set up, I had to walk past my closet – two doors that slide open, which takes great force to move – in order to get to the conjoining bathroom. My closet is in a short hallway, leading to said bathroom, and every time I walk past it, I get a creepy vibe for some unknown reason. Even my friends were freaked out by it, despite it never actually doing anything.

When I got to my bathroom, I did what I normally do when I calm myself. I turned on the tap and leaned down so the water wouldn’t make a mess, and splashed some of it onto my face, gently rubbing it in. Then, after shutting off the tap, I turned to the towel hanging beside the sink and dried my face. Doing this helped a lot, and I felt much better. Maybe, I’d even get some sleep. Well, I thought I would, until what happened next.

I looked into the mirror, expecting to see my puffy eyed face reflected back at me in the dim moonlight from the small window nearby, but what I saw instead has haunted me since. I saw my face, only different. My reflections eyes were solid black. They looked like the most impossible black, like the dark vacuum of space without stars had been places in two marbles that served as someone’s eyes, and its lips were curved into the most menacing smile possible – the kind of smile that would take you back to ancient times, when fear was stronger than anything else. The intent behind this smile could not possibly be good.

Then, before my eyes, it winked and turned, walking into the side of the mirror as if someone was walking off screen of a movie, leaving my terrified reflection staring back at me.

Summer Camp Creeper

The following event happened while I was at summer camp, around thirteen years old. My two friends, let’s call them Paige and Julia, attended this camp with me. This was not a sleep-away summer camp, kids only went during the daytime. You would pick three activities during the day to go to, then after those were done you would meet back at your designated pavilion (as kids were separated into age groups) for lunch.

I got off the bus one morning and met with my friends, who told me about how they had a plan for today. We were going to skip one of our activities and go down a secret path that they had found. I agreed, as I wasn’t much of a rebellious kid, but I felt like finally breaking the rules a little. We chose to skip boating, our second activity, and explore the trail. The day went by normally, up until it came time for us to conduct our little plan.

We had waited until we were sure there were no counselors around, then we ducked into the woods, where we soon found the dirt path Paige and Julia had mentioned before. We had walked no more than about 100 feet and I suddenly got the feeling that we were being watched. I convinced myself that it was just my guilty mind and we continued on walking until we reached some benches. Sitting down for a while, I noticed a figure in the distance. Dismissing it, I turned back over to my friends.

We talked for a while about boy bands or whatever else thirteen year old girls talked about, until I found my eyes once again wandering over to that figure. It was much closer now, only about 50 yards away. I made it out to be a person; an old man dressed in all black, hood pulled up over his head. He was holding something that I couldn’t identify, which only made me more creeped out. He looked old enough to be in his mid-to-late 60’s, but strong enough that he could easily overpower us. Chills ran up my spine as I saw him stare straight at me.

“Hey guys,” I whispered, “You see that guy over there too, right?”

Paige and Julia looked over to where I had motioned with my head. I saw fear quickly fill Paige’s eyes, while Julia continued to stare at the man. She was the only one of us that wasn’t scared easily, but even she wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight if he had come after us. I saw in my peripheral vision that the man was slowly moving closer. Julia stood up quickly and started to say something.

Just as she did, whistles started blowing and alarms started ringing back at the main camp. The man pulled out what I assume was a knife and began chasing after us. Paige yelled for us to run. My heart was pounding. Pure adrenaline filled my blood and I just ran as fast as I could.  We lost him soon after he realized that we were heading back to camp, where there would be lots of witnesses. The alarms were part of a water drill, a drill that counselors used to practice diving into the lake if a child went missing and might have drowned. We ran back out to the center of camp where everyone had to gather. One of the counselors came up to us and began asking questions.

Apparently, one of the other girls at camp had overheard us talking about going on the trail and reported it. Trying not to get in trouble, we said that we had thought about going, but decided not to. We never got in trouble, but now that I’m older I realize that not fessing up was a huge mistake.

We never reported the guy, as we kept up the lie that we never went onto that path. To this day I don’t know where he is. He might still lurk by that camp, waiting for some other victims who may not be as lucky as we had been. Who knows what he might have done if he had caught us. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about this incident, and how lucky we were to escape with our lives.

Narrow Escape

When I was around 13 years old, a new boy came into our science class. He was known to some of my classmates from their primary school but had just now transferred from another school to our secondary school.

I had never met him before and had never so much as made eye contact with him, but one of my friends had been his ‘girlfriend’ when they were around 11. He was not in any of my classes and I had never spoken directly to him but knew of him through friends.

The first issue I had with him was when we were put in the same french class one afternoon. We had to sit boy – girl and so he was randomly sat next to me. The French teacher had little to no control over the class and we usually didn’t get through any actual learning material.

I am generally a shy person and tend not to speak to people I don’t know, so I was doodling in my workbook and minding my own business. I noticed the boy next to me take something out of his pocket and heard some sniggering from his friends in class. I turned to see he had a small knife with a retractable blade. Our teacher was busy trying to gain control of the rest of the class and hadn’t noticed him brandishing the knife and showing it off to his friends.

He turned and saw that I had noticed the knife in his hand and he quickly moved it under the table, holding the blade about an inch from my leg. “Don’t tell on me will you?” He said, in an almost whisper “I don’t want to have to slice you”. I had never experienced anything like this before and so I just nodded my head and was sure to maintain eye contact – I didn’t want him to make any sudden movements, and I didn’t know what to expect from someone who I had literally never spoken to. “Good girl” he said.

He was removed from the class as another teacher had heard gossip of him bringing a knife to school, and though I had kept quiet, this was the start of my stalking experience.

In the next few weeks, as he was no longer in my French class, I had no contact with him and pushed the previous incident out of my mind. I was walking towards my mothers pick up spot at the end of the school day when I was stopped by the boy. “This is your phone number isn’t it?” He said flashing a small piece of paper at me. It was indeed my home phone number but I didn’t want him to know that so I said flatly “No, that’s my old one we’ve moved house since then”. He replied “Well how come this is the one next to your name in the register then?”

So this kid who I barely knew had sneakily gone out of his way to read through the register for my class, which he was not a part of, and found my home contact details, wrote them down and presented them to me.

I pushed past him and got into my mums car without giving another response. On the way home I sat in the car thinking about how weird this kid was and wondering what I had done to encourage this behavior. It was bizarre.

The next day when school was over I was again walking to my mums car when I was approached by this kid again. “You live in the Lakes Estate don’t you?” Again although he was right I replied with a flat “No” and asked “what makes you think that?” and his reply was the creepiest thing I had heard to that point in my 13 years. He said “Well I was cycling and keeping up with your mums car, I followed your mums car and that’s where I lost you”.

So this guy had so far threatened me with a knife, taken contact details from a register and now he’s following my mums car hoping to find my home address? Hell to the No.

I told a friend what was going on and we reported it to a deputy head master. When we said what was going on the teacher believed us immediately and said he would nip this in the bud before things got out of hand. I also mentioned that in a conversation he had had in the French class that day, the kid had said he had murdered his mother (which we thought was just another creepy thing he’d thought up to say) but our teacher said “I have to stop you there. There are things about (kids name) that I can’t discuss with you, but suffice to say this will be handled”. Feeling reassured my friend and I went back to our class, and our school life became normal once again.

It wasn’t until later that I thought to myself, the teacher needed no convincing that this boy had done what I said he had done, and the response I was given in reply to his remarks about how he had murdered his mother weren’t completely dismissed by his response. Maybe he wasn’t making things up just to scare me. Maybe I had a narrow escape.