Haunted Ouija Board

I was a teenager when this happened, but I can honestly say I remember it like it happened just a few hours ago. My friend, Bailey and I were staying at her house for the weekend. It just happened to be the weekend that her mother decided to do some spring cleaning and clean out their spare bedroom. As teenagers Bailey and I of course were doing more playing with the things we found than cleaning.

Bailey pulled a box out of the closet and held it up, asking her mother what was inside. Her mother snatched the box out of her hands and told her it was a Ouija Board that her aunt had brought home when she lived there. We shrugged it off and went on with our day. Later that night her dad decided we needed to burn some of the things that had been thrown out. The fire was small and burning normally until her mother threw the Ouija Board in it.

What happened next is something I can only describe as unexplainable. The flames of the fire turned blue and the fire flamed up much higher than before. We stood there looking at each other, all a bit shaken but also glad that it was gone. Eventually the fire burned down and we all settled in for bed. Bailey and I were in the den watching a movie when we heard it, something rattling inside one of the boxes that was to go back into storage.

Thinking her cat had climbed inside and become stuck, Bailey opened the box and immediatley screamed a scream that could only have been matched if a man had jumped out of the box with a knife. I ran over to her and peered into the box  myself and found the Ouija Board from earlier, alone in the box. Her parents ran in to find Bailey and I still staring into the box trying to wrap our minds around what we were seeing.

It was the middle of the night but her dad grabbed the box and threw it outside. He proceeded to spray it with lighter fluid from the nearby grill and light it on fire. The flame was the same strange blue color and this time there was an odd noise that came from it. Almost like a hissing mixed with quiet screaming. When the fire had died down there was nothing but a pile of ash and embers.

To my knowledge the Ouija Board has not made another appearance since, but even know, all these years later I still get chills thinking about it. Ouija  boards are nothing to play with, and knowing what I know now, it terrifies me to think that some people play with them as if they are a toy.

Costco Horror Story

So this was about last month when it happened,  I am a 17 year old girl so us teenagers we do some reckless things, so back to the story.

Me and a few friends take a trip to a few of the big stores every weekend to mess around,  like home depot or target. This time it was Costco, but this costco was in the ‘bad side’ of our town, but we still decided to go because it was the only one around that was close enough.

As we go we notice that there are quite a lot of people since it’s the weekend so we were wondering if it would be a good idea to do what we usually do or wait till it’s close to closing time. After a few hours past, we decide to finally go in, let’s just say this is around the time the ‘stranger’ people are around, stealing things, getting arrested, starting fights, etc.

As we walked through we decide to go to where the food is, because who wouldn’t want to enjoy the sensation of big boxes of food? Anyways, i walked off to go look at the alcohol because there weren’t any cameras around and i had my bookbag with me so i was going to steal a few bottles because well we’re reckless. As i start to grab a few bottles I feel like i’m being watched, being that i was alone i could possibly been have imagining it, but i know for sure someone was peeking at me.

I grab two bottles and start to walk around because it was probably a worker. As i continue walking by myself to catch up with my friends i still have the feeling as if someone is for sure watching me.

I shake it off and take a deep breath, going forward to the bathroom, since there are no cameras in there it’s the easy spot to shove whatever i have in my bag immediately. As i reach the bathroom I take a quick look back to see if anyone was following me but obviously i see no one behind me , but i still have that feeling as if someone was watching me, i run into the bathroom quickly. I lock the stall door, shoving the two bottles i have into my bag, then i hear a cream of the bathroom door open , gulping I picked up my bag slowly, carefully standing on the toilet. I watch as a shadow passes by the stall door i was behind.

They pass again and stop by the stall i was in , turning i can see. it was a guy because of the large shoe size they had. I heard heavy breathing, and i had the feeling of someone peeking at me, i clear my throat and say, ” excuse me, but you’re in the wrong bathroom. ” as i say that the person runs out, dropping a wallet.

I sneak out of the bathroom, grabbing the wallet and looking into it, the person who has possibly been watching me was definitely not a worker here, they had a scruffy beard and white like snow hair, i gulped hard, running out of the store instantly going to the car where my friends were waiting.

They asked why i took so long, and i explained to them as of what had happened. They shrug it off and get into the car, as we leave , i look back seeing the same guy that had been watching me wave and my me and blow me a kiss wording something i couldn’t exactly put together, all i know is if i didn’t say anything in the bathroom, something would have probably definitely happened.

Now i know to never go to that store again, at that time at night ever again.