The Monster in Northern Canada

To start out, here is some background information. I am a 17 year old male that lives in Northern Minnesota back in the states. I consider myself muscular I weigh around 200 pounds and I go to the gym every morning. So because I am a teenager that works out everyday and is a starting linebacker on the high school football team I am very cocky and not easily scared.

So every summer my friend and I drive up to Bitscho Lake in Alberta. We usually go fishing in our little boat and that’s what we were doing today. We just got done fishing and we are driving our fishing boat back to our cabin, my friend Zach stops the boat and starts clenching his ears. I notice obviously and look over and ask “hey man are you ok?”. He responds with “what the hell is that noise, do you hear that?”. Confused I answer while looking around at the surrounding lake “no what does it sound like?”.

He looks around for about 10 seconds and responds “it was like a super high pitched howl that sounded like it was right next to me, but now it’s gone.” So he starts the boat backup and we drive back to our cabin undisturbed. A couple of hours later we are playing the new call of duty together in the living room when something that sounded like a rock hits our window. We both jump and Zach screams “what the f*ck” and goes to check it out.

I’m sitting on the couch and I tell him “it was probably a bird bro just finish this game with me” he walks over and sits down and we start playing again. 3 pm comes around and we are still playing call of duty and this god awful high pitched howl as he described it on the boat blares outside of our cabin.

Zach screams “that was the noise!” as we both run the window and look outside to find nothing. Then Zach who is fed up with what ever prankster that is screwing with us grabs a kitchen knife and runs out the front door yelling “whoever is out there come here and show your self this isn’t funny” I get up and run outside with him looking around.

The next thing I saw will forever haunt me and I will never in my entire life return to that cabin. This elk appears from the forestry, then gets up on its hind legs and lets out that horrific high pitch howl we heard from before. We both make a beeline for our truck that was parked in the driveway to our right Zach hops in the passenger as I dig for my keys in my right pocket while with my left hand locking all of the doors, I finally find the keys and shove them into my truck and start the car.

I pound my foot on gas zipping down the driveway then turning onto the dirt road and zoom away. Zach and I look at each other speechless while looking at our cabin noticing that the thing is gone. What we think we saw was a skinwalker but I am still terrified and I know I wasn’t seeing things because Zach and I both saw it.

The image I included is what the thing looked like except with a elk face.

The Staring Creature

One little summer day I was in my house it was dark about 12:00 AM on Saturday, I have just gotten back from Wisconsin, there was just complete scilence I could still hear a few cars going by but that was it.

I started getting ready to go to sleep but out of no where I hear something walking outside, I figured it was my neighbor cause I live in a town home
in Itasca,IL if you heared of the area, anyways it seemed it got closer to my garage since I am on top of the garage in my room..

I look outside and right across the street walking on the rode way was a long legged creature it was looking in people’s windows but everyone’s windows were closed and blocked from curtains.

Except my bedroom window I can see it turn around and look at me with its cold dead eyes, I got the shivers and imagined it was me seeing things but I wasn’t it was real I was so scared so I locked every window in the house and shut all the doors and locked them too, I got in my room and locked the door and fell asleep no knowing what I’d see the next day.

The next morning I wake up and I can see kids riding their bikes like any other day, so I decide to go outside after I brushed my teeth and ate, so when I went outside I saw blood on one of the trees I was scared and I remembered hearing a tree shake and it sounded like bark getting scraped off a tree I could tell the creature I say the other night had hurt itself anyways till this day I can still remember seeing it I never knew what it was.

I choose to try to not think about it but I never could stop it was the most scariest time in my life I never had an experience like that ever.