My Crazy Obsessed Friend

Ok, So before i tell you my story, I need to catch you up. This is the second time this has happened but hopefully the last anyway, This happened the same year I met Joe and all that went down. Matt had moved away so I was single.

It was valentines day week and this was usually the time people start getting all lovey dovey but I don’t care much for it mainly because I find myself sick every valentines day. There was this girl, her name we can say is Darla because I want to respect her. Darla and I where pretty good friends, We hung out and had a few classes together, She had previously told me she was gay and I respected that, Frankly I was proud to be her friend.

“What are you gonna do for valentines, Moon?” She had asked. Jessica herd and knowing my Valentines day curse she butted in, “Probably lay in bed all day and watch anime!” Everyone started to laugh even me but Darla didn’t, she kept a still face and kept staring at me. I was pretty creeped out but I didn’t say anything and kept talking. But as Valentines day kept getting closer and closer she would keep a better eye on me, constantly want to be around me.

I think it was about 4 or 5 days away from Valentines when she sent me a message.

“Hey are you awake?”It was about 12 am but something woke me up.

“Yeah..whats up?”

“Oh..i just wanted to make sure you where ok?

“It’s 12 Darla..What did you need?”

“I love you Moon.” Is what I remember. I had fallen asleep tired after waiting for a response for 30 minutes.

The next day when I saw Darla she ran at me and pushed me against the wall and screamed.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER!” Jessica pulled her off me but I couldn’t believe what had happened. I froze watching Darla scream at Jessica that I was hers and that no one else could touch me. After that, I was taken out of school because of extreme bullies..but that’s not the creepy part. Randomly I had gotten a text from Darla apologizing to me for everything she did, I said it was fine and I forgave her..and then we just stopped talking.

As I was on my way to Church I looked up from my phone to see a poster..One of those police missing people posters, but with Darla’s picture.┬áMy heart sank, I had a friend who we can call Abbie. I had asked her what had happened to Darla because she went to the same school, Apparently after I left Darla became distant and some say she killed herself but others say she ran away and the scary part is…I was the last person she ever talked to.

Blood on the Walls

So..Before I begin I’d like to catch you up on my story. I was around 5-6 when this started happening and well I’d like to say that as I grew up that this stopped and went away but sadly it never did. When I was young my Mom, Sister and I would always go to church. But when we sat down and listened I would always see blood drip down the walls.

Now of course no one else saw this but It scared the shit out of little me, So much that I would hold my eyes shut. During the service the Pastor would always ask the kids to come to the front for a mini lesson, At this time was the worst. I would squirm, keep myself away from the walls I would look over my shoulder hearing my name being called. Recently my family moved to Florida..and that’s where it started again. I thought it had left me alone because even before we moved my mom had gotten married and even though we didn’t go to church often I never saw the blood..not once. But no doubt it has come back..Because I keep seeing the blood on my chapels walls and this time it’s not just spells out in big bold letters “FUN”.