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Fort Sill OK

This is a true story about myself and my best friends Richard’s experince. My name is Jeff I’m in the United States Marine Corps. Being part of the artillery side of our branch, everyone who has the MOS of 0811 goes to Fort Sill OK for training. It’s a relatively big base, but the Marine Battery is located out of the way of most of it. It’s located right next to a cemetery, which makes the following events even worse. Especially since I didn’t believe in ghosts or demons.

It was around April/June of 2016. Myself and a couple of buddies had just arrived at the battery. It was around 1am in the morning so we were all extremely tired. The duty NCO (Non-commissioned officer) checked us in. Gave us our room cards, and sheets and pillows for our rooms. He instructed us to be in formation by 0445 or 4:45Am. Myself and Richard were assigned room 211. It was on the 1st floor, about 50ft from the duty desk. We began walking towards the end of the hallway when we noticed two doors on opposite sides of the ball.

Weird humanoid skinwalker

Hi my name is Logan and I’m here to tell you a story that still haunts me to this day.I remember I was walking to my girlfriends house let’s call her Katy I was walking on on a Navajo Rezervation my dad said it was a bad idea to walk at night but I insisted on going.

As I was walking I heard laughter behind me it wasn’t playful laughter it sound like a laugh that someone with bad intentions would make.I started to speed walk and I glanced behind me there were two dogs they were the size of a grizzly bears and they both had brown matted fur.At the time I knew nothing about skinwalkers because I am white and I have no Navajo blood but anyway I kept speed walking I could see my girlfriends house so I sprinted to her house.when I got to the front door I didn’t knock I hit the door and I screamed hurry up and the door flung open.