Red eyes

So I’ve lived in Michigan almost my entire life and wolves and wild dogs are pretty rare in my area.

With that being said one night my friend, his dad, and my dad, and me were on a late night drive through our fields and forests when we were on our way back to the house. I was riding in the bed of the pick-up truck when I looked in the grass and saw a pair of blood soaked red eye’s staring back at me. This thing almost looked like a mix between a dog and a cat.

I told my dad and he said it was probably just a panther from Canada and I shouldn’t be such a baby.

But those eyes proved otherwise it looked more like a blood hound or a windigo from the children stories and the legends. To make things worse I have been a squirrel Hunter ever since I received my hunters safety permit and hunting licence so I spend a lot of time in the woods during squirrel season. That wasn’t the last time I saw that beast though, one day while in a patch of snowy woods a strong wind knocked me out of my chair and sent my gear blowing in front of me I grabbed my pack and shotgun and decided to call it a day I walked backed to the house and while looking back at the woods I saw the red eye’s again.

I believe the big wind gust was linked with it.

I always get a shiver down my spine when I think of those eyes. However to further proved my point of this being a windigo I have heard loud screaming noises in my area like they were right next to me. Windigos are belived to inhabit Michigan’s snowy woods so it wouldn’t be hard to belive I maybe saw a windigo.



The Bell

The Bell
The year was 1913 John Hawkins was the gravedigger of the town of New Haven. John was a known drunk to the people of New Haven his house sat inside of the graveyard. The townsfolk could hear him beat his wife, Helen, in a drunken rage her screams would go on at all hours of the night. People would see her bruises whenever she would leave, which was a very rare occasion. Until one-day people noticed that Helen was bearing a child. It was heard that she had the child and she died in result of losing to much blood. It was a little boy named Robert Hawkins.
A few years later people would hear the cries of the boy in place of his wife no one even seen the boy hardly at all only to help his father dig the holes for the dead. When the boy was a teen the people would see him more often he was a very small boy with hardly any meat on his bones. As usual when John would start drinking he would take his anger out on Robert until one night in a fit of rage he killed Robert with a blow to the head. When questions started popping up around town of the cause of death of Robert, John would simply answer “He just got sick.” When John would bury the dead he’d attach a bell to each grave so if the ‘dead ‘was alive somehow they could ring it as this was a common occurrence in these times where people in comas were mistaken for dead and so they’d wake up buried alive.
A few months after Roberts death, John was sitting in his living room drinking and listening to the radio, when he heard a faint bell. It was coming from the direction where Roberts grave was. John sat up quickly turning down the radio his ears at full attention very faintly the bell was still ringing. He stood up and put on his boots and grabbed his revolver incase if there were any unwanted grave robbers that John was used too. He walked outside still the bell rang very gently, John notice it was coming from Roberts grave.
John started to run back to the house to grab his shovel nearly falling in the process. He began to dig very quickly in hopes that Robert was down there alive. After an hour he hit Roberts coffin the hollow thud against the wooden box startled John at first. He opened the coffins door. The smell of decomposition filled his nose immediately, still, Robert was dead the lantern illuminated Roberts face which was very white.
“I could’ve swore I heard it.” John said. He closed the door slowly hoping Robert would say something. He reburied Robert making sure the string was in place for the bell. John went inside and went to bed as he laid there remembering the dead look in Roberts eyes. It was almost as if he was looking into the eyes of his wife’s. John remembered when he was a younger man when he met Helen, she was the daughter of his boss John was a construction worker in these times he practically built New Haven. John remembered when he first met Helen she had long blonde hair with long eyelashes and bright blue eyes and a chisel chin. John knew he was going to marry her.
He then remembered the first time he had hit Helen he was of course drunk but that didn’t make it any better. John felt sorrow over fill him. He began to cry.
The next night John was in his living room revisiting the memories he was having last night. When he heard a bell it sounded louder than the one the night before. He got up and grabbed the lantern and his revolver and ran outside it was coming from Roberts grave again this made John eager to hurry and get his shovel. He hurried to Roberts grave and began to dig again, the bell still ringing faster this time. And somewhat low pitch rather than the regular high pitch ringing. It seemed odd to John but he kept digging. About an hour later John hit the coffin again and lifted up the heavy door and Looked down and asked “Robert, can you hear me?” But to no avail. John felt enraged had someone attached another string to the bell and was playing some cruel joke on him. But why did it sound more deep, hollow almost. John put these thoughts aside, it just startled him he was overthinking it. He began to think about the sound it reminded him of the church bells at his wedding he remembered how happy he was. How beautiful Helen looked that day but Helens father did not approve of the marriage John was born to a very poor family his father had died when he was younger which his mother went through many husbands which to a result John had many brothers and sisters John was the middle child but he was expected to work and so his first job was a paper boy when John had enough money saved up he ran away at the age of 13. He thought about this while digging. But the hollow thud broke his focus. He opened the coffin Robert was there dead as the night before.
“What is going on?” John whispered to himself he looked up but then he began to feel eyes upon him, but not just any eyes, Roberts, He could feel the gaze looking at him he glanced down and Roberts eyes were closed. And so John climbed back to the surface and reburied the corpse. He then went back inside, John again laying in his bed remembered his childhood or what seemed to be a childhood he once endured but he remembered how hard he worked to run away from his problems and remembered how Robert was he would always be willing to help even though he knew his father would reject and abuse him, John believed that Robert truly did love his father and John could see in his eyes that Robert took pity upon him. John finally fell asleep.
The next night John wasn’t even in the mood to drink he couldn’t get the murder he committed out of his head and he was filled with sorrow for all the people who have left his life, he wasn’t entirely sure where his mother or siblings were or even cared. The Cuckoo clock dinged and john glanced up it was 12 o’clock but beyond the cuckoo clock john could hear it the bell it was loud very loud as if a church bell was beside his window as this was going on the cuckoo clock was still ringing seeming to get higher in pitch John cupped his hands over his ears but to no avail the bells chime seemed low and was vibrating the house very badly plates and various bottles of whiskey were falling off tables and counters John was terrified with each pound of the bell slugged his chest knocking the wind out. He stood up and starting running outside only to find that every bell attached to each grave was ringing, the only thought was Robert and what he did sorrow pounding his heart with each slug now his mind was numb with mournful thoughts of death he ran back inside and grabbed the bible under his pillow and finally screamed out
“I did it! I murdered Robert it was me! Forgive me all mighty God Please forgive me holy spirit please rebuke this spirit that is tormenting me forgive me!”
The next morning the town of New Haven awoke to find out John Hawkins was dead, he had died in his sleep, but the most peculiar part was there was a bell placed beside him on his nightstand.

The Screeching Rake

Hello everyone; for a little bit of backstory. I am a 24 year old male and I do alot of work in the woodworking trade along with my friend, James. We have a shop that is located in a very rural area in the eastern United States. It is surrounded by dense forest and a large field on the right side of our building.

Now, to start the story, James and I were wrapping up a long night in the shop. It was probably around midnight by the time we were done. We were cleaning up and getting ready to shut down for the night when we both thought we heard a strange screeching sound in the distance outside. We concluded that it was probably a Coyote beings that alot of them hang around there frequently, so we thought nothing of it at the time. The real terror begins as we were getting done.

We then shut off all the lights and as I was outside locking the door, James was getting into his truck. I finished locking the door and went over to his driver side door and he was complaining how he dropped his phone in the mud when we both stopped dead in our tracks as we heard the same sound from before, except this time it was louder, and alot more “drawn out”. The best way I can describe it is mixing a drunk old man yelling with a sharp hissing sound. James looks at me in absolute shock and mumbles “WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS. THAT?” I couldn’t even choke an answer because I was just as clueless. As soon as I came to my senses, I scrambled around the truck to the passenger door and got in. We sat there quietly for about 10 minutes with no incidence. James, was always an adrenaline junky and got curious when scared. He looked at me and said “We need to go see what the hell that thing was!” I told him “No! Are you crazy?!” He replied “Relax! We are in a vehicle, whatever it is can’t get us in here”. Feeling a little more relieved, I agreed because honestly, I was curious myself. So he grabbed the spotlight from the backseat and we began through the field towards the hill that went up to the woods.

The way that the forest is set up is rather strange. The forest is in an “L” shape around our building. With a path in the middle going up a large hill to another field on top. Anyways, I rolled the window about half way down and turned on the spotlight. What I saw next will probably haunt me forever. I made the mistake of shining the light up the path and at the very top, roughly 300 yards away was a very strange looking creature. It was rather large, on all fours, and it was really skinny, and probably the most disturbing tan color I have ever seen. It looked like a very tall man trying to be a dog, the eyes were the scariest part. They were locked onto us like a statue. The eyes were glowing very vibrantly. Then, in a literal fraction of a second, the thing took off to the left. It was gone by the time I blinked. But beings that it was so far away, we had convinced each other that it was a Coyote. So we decided to head in its direction in order to lead it away from our property. When we got to the top of the hill, we took a left in the creatures direction, headed into the next field. Now this field has alot higher vegetation than the last. You have to go to the very end in order to turn around where there is a loop path that allows you to do so. We get into the next field and follow the trail. Im scanning the field with the spotlight as James is driving. We stop the truck immediately when we both hear alot of rustling grass. We couldn’t see anything though due to the thickness of the grass. The only thing we could grasp at the moment is that whatever this thing was, it was unbelievably fast.

The noises stopped so we continued on. We were nearing the end of the field which goes slightly further uphill and gives a good view of the field we were in. As we were turning around to go back, I noticed something in the blackness about 100ft away. It was a tall, slender figure, much taller than the grass surrounding it, which was strange because the grass itself was about as tall as our truck. To say the least, I wish it would have been a tree. But no, as we turned enough for the headlights to see the figure, we realized it was the same creature as before, this time, it was standing on TWO FUCKING LEGS! Again, in an instant, it went back down on all fours and bolted into the grass. About ten seconds later, it bolted across the path into the patch of forest that was a border to the other field that our building was in. At that point we we’re on the nope train. Even James was noticeably scared at this point, which was rare with him. We must have been going 50 miles per hour back along that path. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to keep searching with the light. As we came down the path back into the field which held our building, we did see it again. This time scaling the field with incredible speed. It must have ran that entire field in less than 10 seconds and then disappeared into the woods on the other side. We still got the hell out of there as quickly as possible and went home.

This was 3 days ago, I still have barely slept. I went back the next day and everything seemed fine, but, I will never forget the look of that thing. The images are burned into my mind for eternity…