Stalked in Texas

First off I would like to give a shout out to Darkness Prevails, AWESOME channel. I subscribed because I like the way the stories are narrated. Now on to the story. This happened about 6 years ago. I was 19 and newly married to what I THOUGHT was a decent guy. He was an army soldier and had just finished his A.I.T. or Advancement In Training and had paid for me to fly from Colorado where he traveled to meet up with me. I had met him online. Stupid I know. But thankfully this story’s not about him. Some months after he had flown me to Texas and we had gotten an apartment in the middle of  NOWHERE Ft. Bliss. I swear our apartment complex was an oasis in a dry dusty area. On one side of the street was nothing but strip joints and such the other side, where our complex was, was spread thin with buildings few and far between. On one side was a What-A-Burger and a couple blocks further down pas that was Family Dollar. If you walked several blocks in the other direction you’d come to the corner of the street and would actually have to cross it to get to the convenience store on the other side. No, that’s not a chicken joke. So anyways. My now ex-husband had left for a thirty day training period doing god knows what. I had the place to myself and was getting restless. There was really no place to go. So I walked the several blocks to the corner and across the street to pick up some snacks and a few sodas. Everything was fine, until I noticed someone walking behind me. I looked back and noticed an elderly gentleman of African American descent, with a red plaid flannel shirt and black jeans on. He had a grayish black beard. He wore a green ball cap with a white logo that I no longer remember and white tennies. I stepped off to the side to let the man pass and continue walking. At the same time I put my free hand in the pocket of my pants to grasp the small pocket knife I kept there. The man passed then stopped. He stopped and started some meaningless chatter. I made polite conversation until he told me. “you know I love you.” with a pause between you know and i love you. I stopped and looked at the guy. “you don’t even know me so there’s no way you could love me” By this time we were getting close to the apartment complex. Just then the man said “well there’s love at first sight”  “that’s not true love and if you will excuse me I have to go good night” I rushed through the open gates of the complex and was heading down the side walk when I got the urge to turn around. Doing so I saw that the man was still there. I yelled at him good night and to go away. Turning I walked again. I heard foot steps behind me and without looking I ran the rest of the way to my apartment. This too was stupid I know but I really had no where else to go. I was halfway across the country from my family and no friends to speak of at the time. Now as I’ve heard this said so many times I will back this statement up, even though its an old cliche horror movie, when you’re under a stressful situation your hands do shake more than you’d like them too. So if you have keys in your hand inserting it into your apartment lock to get away from a stalker is really difficult. I managed to get in and slammed the door as the guy reached my door. I called my dad as for the next thirty minutes I heard frantic knocking on my door. My dad made me call the cops who didn’t arrive until the next day. Thanks for nothing Ft. Bliss. Dpt. For days afterward I didn’t leave the apartment. When my ex husband found out his only concern was his guns and M.R. meals and before you ask. No I didn’t know how to shoot the guns. I didn’t even have the hand strength to pull the trigger either.

So mister creepy late night stalker that harassed me on the way home that night. Let’s not meet.. EVER again.