Werewolf at my Game

This happened to me at one of my baseball games. We were winning by 2 runs and the game was almost over. There were about 20- 30 people In the stands.

I heard a loud noise in the distance, apparently I wasn’t the only one who had heard it. The outfielders came in and told the coach that there was a cougar or something by the fence but it had left. The coaches had no choice but to cancel the game because the umpire told them to.

Before we left, my friend Andrew and I needed to use the bathroom. I let him go first while I waited outside. I couldn’t tell for sure but I thougt I could see a German shepherd in the diatance. It came close to me and then it just stood up, just like a human. I was shocked but still able to react. I quickly took out my bat and swing at it harder than I thought I could. It growled and just got angry, luckily my friend came out of the bathroom just in time. As soon as this dogman saw that I was not alone, he retrieved with an enormous amount of speed.

I don’t know what would have happened if Andrew wouldn’t have came out of the bathroom, but I don’t want to know either. If you want to know where this took place, search up: Timberlane park, Hesperia Ca

Dogman or whatever you were, let’s not meet again

Empty Bus

So, for context: this happened to me when I was 10 (A fairly young age) I lived in canada at the time (so it was a VERY cold morning) So, The bus is supposed to get to the stop @ 7:12 (According to the schedule) but this particular day it was nearly a blizzard atleast -40 with wind chill and It was 7:30-ish at the time, and I called my mom the convo goes like this

Me: “Mom, The bus isnt here yet how much longer?” Mom: “I’ll call the bus company” Me: “Alright”

As we’re speaking a bus rolls up, still on the phone with my mom (Also the bus makes a pretty loud engine noise) My mom asked “Is anyone there”

I replied “Yeah, The bus” my mom said: “The bus company said the bus is in traffic because the blizzard and shouldnt be there for atleast 15 minutes” A feeling of dread swept over me as I realized that this EMPTY bus wasnt the real one… A woman a little taller than me auburn hair greeted me “Hey! Hop on i’ll take you to school” I said “No its alright, my dad’s driving me” Being 10 that was the best excuse i could concoct at the time she says “Alright” and closes the door and honks the horn I proceed to walk home

(Its like a 10 minute walk in a blizzard) Oh, And to put in perspective it was a strong blizzard Like you could barely see 15 feet in front of you You could hardly see your own hands It was basically pure white (This is important) The bus was following me, I could tell because the engine sound and the headlights so on the way home the bus stopped again and the lady came out except with a man beside her (He was atleast 6’4) She said “Wow it looks awfully cold out there, Are you sure you dont want to step inside?”

I called my mom before this happened and told her what had happened and where I was almost as if by a miracle the red and blue lights flashing in the snow-y distance became visible, The bus closed the door and sped off and the police officer drove me home and asked me if i could see them I was ten so the description i gave wasnt very helpful (If at all) and they werent caught… and a week later a child was abducted in the area I saw the bus I moved far away but, i cant imagine what would’ve happened had I gotten on that bus This is completely real, and Its the first encounter of such (Bus kidnapping?) I’ve had.