What the hell was that?

I still have yet to figure out what I heard that night. At some point I thought it was Bigfoot after thinking about it for about a week. Sometime later I was listening to Darkness Prevails tell about some ones encounter with Bigfoot and how they usually smell really bad. I didn’t smell anything what so ever.

This happened in the middle of August, if I recall correctly it was the night of the 16th, 2016. I had gone up to Washington with two of my best friends. I’ll be calling them Jeff and Gary. It was Jeff’s grandparents lake house that we would be staying at for the week. An they would be there the second day. The first day we had gone hiking during the day nothing crazy happened other than Jeff losing his phone to a waterfall. Which was kind of funny. When we got back to the house we ate, watched some T.V. and then went for a swim in the lake. Again nothing major happened. The night was closing in on us. We wanted to go to bed so we go hike some more. I wanted to sleep outside under the stars. Jeff and Gary didn’t but, said they would leave the back door unlocked incase I wanted to come back in. I thanked them and gathered up my things. Which included my phone, a water bottle, two small pocket knives and my combat knife plus a flashlight and sleeping bag. I knew there was a hammock and a tent outside. I wanted to try sleeping on the hammock. So, I got my sleeping bag on it and opened it part way, took off my shoes and crawled in. It was an awesome night! Seeing all the stars in the sky, the crickets chirping, fish jumping in and out of the water. I fell asleep quick.

The next morning I woke up early just after the sun had fully risen. I had such a great sleep I wanted to do it again the next night. I had really enjoyed it. I was thinking that Jeff and Gary should come out tonight instead of staying inside when it was so nice and peaceful. Clearly they made the right choice in staying in that night an not following me. We had eggs an toast for breakfast and left to go hiking again around 10:00 Am. We didn’t return until 18:00 pm. It was a long day for us, we had dinner, watched more T.V. met Jeff’s grandparents and went swimming for 2 hours so by this time it was going for 23:00 pm. I asked Jeff and Gary if they wanted to sleep out in the tent. They both turned me down saying they would rather sleep inside. I said “Okay” feeling a bit bummed out but that didn’t stop me from getting my things and going out again. Jeff’s grandparents asked me where I was going? I said “To sleep out on the hammock.” Jeff’s grandma said to be careful and they would be up on the second floor. Jeff’s grandpa said have fun!

With that I headed outside again. I had everything from the first night I was out. I got set up and was pulling the zipper to close the sleeping bag as it was quite chilly even though I was wearing a light jacket and pants. A little past half way the zipper got stuck I tried to get it loose but it wouldn’t budge. I ended up giving up after 5 minutes of messing with it and it was just getting worse. I thought I would deal with when I got up. So, I didn’t worry about it.

Okay, so I’m going to try an give you a visual so everything isn’t random. This is going to be from my prospective. The hammock is in between two trees from which is hanging off of. Right behind my head is a trampoline, 11 feet away. To the right of me about 5 feet away was the tent. To the left was the dock, boat and lake that was 25 feet away. The stairs up to the house deck was in between the tent and trampoline but around 26 feet away so I was kind of in the middle but more off to the side. At the bottom of the stairs was a tub of water to clean your dirty feet in because Jeff’s grandpa didn’t like the deck getting muddy. It’s probably not the best visual but, oh well.

It was getting colder than I expected so I pulled up the sleeping bag over my head. It was now 23:30 pm. I was on my phone messing around and talking to people. It was 00:00 when I put my phone away and was going to go to sleep but was having trouble sleeping. I was 2o minutes in when I hear “crunch!” I was wide awake now. It had startled me a bit but I didn’t worry about it too much. It sounded like it was near the entrance to the back near the back door. “Crunch, crunch, crunch” it was getting louder and closer I thought maybe it was something like a raccoon, but it sounded too big. A coyote? No, a deer? “Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! it was getting closer! Fuck! What was it? I stopped thinking and instead listened more carefully. It “Crunch! Crunch!” wasn’t a quadruped. It was walking on two legs. I relaxed slightly but was still tense because I thought it might be Jeff or Gary going to try an scare me. I listened again though, the steps were heavy like some one was wearing steeled toe boots. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t them. A drunk? No, their wasn’t any stumbling. “Ooooh, great now I feel like I’m in some cliché horror film! Just great!” I thought to myself. I realized I probably shouldn’t move and trying to keep the hammock from moving which is more difficult than you think. Once I thought horror film then I thought killer. An I as like “shit…..I hope not, I don’t want to die in a freaking sleeping bag!” “Crunch! Crunch! shit it’s closer.” I started thinking of ways to deal with this and my best bet was to go with what I was doing keeping as still and quiet as possible.

It stopped walking I didn’t know where it was. “Not good!” I thought. Then I hear something that put me on edge more than a human could. I hear something drinking the dirty water from the tub. “What the fuck?” I thought. It sounded like a dog was drinking water. I was stumped on what it was. The drinking stopped. I froze and started internally panicking, I struggled for around 5 seconds before I calmed down and started planning again. I had come up with over a dozen different plans. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard it get on the trampoline…bear? I finally thought. From the way the trampoline was groaning in protest I could only imagine how heavy it was. I’m surprised the trampoline didn’t break. It messed around on it for 5 minutes or so before getting off. I then again thought back to it being human again but I quickly threw that idea away. It just didn’t fit for it was way too dark to even see without a flashlight hence why I brought one. I then heard it walk right past me. Right in between the tent and I. “That was scary” I thought. I heard it go around the tent come back to where my head would be resting before going around the tent again this time you could hear it touching the top of the tent. This startled me even more because it had to have been 7 to 8 feet tall without it leaning or being on its tippy toes. It was done gracefully. It did this twice before walking around the tent again without touching it and going under the deck. It didn’t sound like it was crawling at all I could actually barley hear it. I was thinking what it could be creature wise. Bigfoot? Werewolf? Dogman? Goatman? Skinwalker? “What the hell is it….” My heart stopped I felt eyes on me. “oh shit! oh shit! no, no, no!” I thought. I still didn’t move or make a peep even though it was right fucking next to me! I didn’t want to panic and do something stupid so I kept calm as I could. 10 minutes pass an it has yet to move from right next me. I’m thinking if it touches me I’m going bat shit crazy on it. It was then I realized how screwed I really was. My sleeping bag zipper was stuck, the hammock is hard to get out of already, it’s in my way of the house. An so many other things. I was royally screwed. “Well, I’m not going down without a fight.” I thought. 20 minutes go by an it still hasn’t moved. I was getting impatient and really wanted to move, the suspense was killing me. Finally it started moving again and away from me. I waited for a good 7 to 10 minutes before moving and I hauled ass to get out. I put on my shoes, grabbed what I needed before darting off to the house. Quickly sliding open the door I rushed inside closing it behind me an locking it. Sitting on the couch I just stared off into space before pulling out my phone from my pocket remembering it needs to be charged. Plus I might need it.

I wish that was the end an I just go to sleep but I only heard it and felt it a bit. I never saw what it was. Being the curious idiot I was, now that I was not in a totally screwed situation I grab my flashlight and combat knife. I open the back door just enough to get through. My left leg is out the door and I hear movement coming from the front right of me and it doesn’t sound right. It just didn’t sound right, I don’t know how to explain it. Well I jumped right back inside the house shutting the door behind me again. Going back to the couch I stay still in the darkness not wanting to move. I hear sounds coming from outside from all around and I feel eyes on me again. I really don’t want to move at all but the windows on the first floor might be open and what about the doors? So I go check all the doors an windows to make sure they’re locked and closed. I still feel the eyes on me an the sounds won’t stop. A bit later everything stops. Nothing. I want to sleep unfortunately I remember the sleeping bag is still outside an Jeff’s grandparents don’t want it to get ruined. I go into Jeff’s room to get my belt being as quiet as I can. I put the belt on and I hook my combat knife on it for a quick grab. Going back outside I walk down to the hammock grab the sleeping bag and throw it into the tent. Making my way up to the house I decide to take a quick look around the house. Even though I say that I never went to the front. I look around the deck area and the other side of the house where my flashlight dies. “Hahaha nope!” I thought rushing to the door. Finally I fall asleep on the couch at 4:00 Am. in the morning.

The next night I still sleep outside this time with a GoPro and inside the tent. I heard nothing other than a dog that likes to come over. The only thing uncomfortable that night was the inflatable mattresses. To this day I still have no idea what it was.

Creature in the Woods

Hi my name is John West I am from Ireland but lived in America some years ago . My story begins in the south of America when I was a young man . I set out on a long walk early in the morning by myself well at least I thought I was . No one else was at the car park so I took a big breath of air and set off.

Now note that I’m 6 foot 7 and built, so I’m a big guy, and this is important later on in the story . So about half way through It was starting to rain and clouds were now covering the sky. I keep on walking tho as I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Big mistake. I walked for about 10 minutes more when I saw it

A big dark creature about 7 foot high. It looked like it didnt have any flesh on its face because the bones appeared to be showing on the surface but there were patches of loose skin hanging off in other areas. I froze!. After 5 minutes I was freezing and just wanted to get past this thing so I started to walk. Mistake 2 . I got close to this thing and nearly past it when I saw its face up close and it looked right thru me.I knew then that it was definitely evil whatever it was. I shouted Jesus so loud that if anyone else’s was in the forest they definitely would have herd me

The thing turns around and hits me as it turns and runs, knocking me down. I stood up, nose  badly bleeding, and ring my girlfriend. I tell her everything is OK but I tell her exactly where I am just in case anything happens. I tell her I will see her soon and then I hang up . Mistake 3

I start running back to my car when I hear a terrifying scream . I nearly died when I heard it . I saw it then sprint past me. It was so fast. I’m quite slow due to my size but this thing was just outrageous. It was out of this world fast.

Then it stands up on 2 Legs, the creases of its body were  disgusting, baring more bones and muscle fibre and black ooze.. It ran at me and ran right into me knocking me down. I hit it and a bone in its face falls off it screams but doesn’t seem to care . I get up and run again . I slipped and twisted my knee . I thought I was a dead man . I said a prayer and listened. It came out of the tree line. It looked into my eyes …. my eyes into his and the scariest most terrifying thing happened next it said  will see you soon in my voice like I said to my girlfriend on the phone before changing its shape and running off.

I got back to my car and cried . Years later I wonder why I did not kill me  or harm me . I made a few mistakes that day . Sometimes it only takes 1 mistake for shit to hit the fan. Be safe

The Twin Skinwalkers

I had the great honor of meeting not one but two skin walkers at the same time. Before I get story telling, let’s go over the landscape. From where I stopped, to the right of me was an open grass field and next to the grass field was the community college I would be later attending. To the left of me was part of the golf course that intertwines with a small forest and path going around. I have been on the path several times before always getting the feeling something wasn’t right about it. It was off, just not right.

I was out doing what I usually do during summer nights, walking around listening to music. Because it was summer the nights were nice an cool. All I needed was a T-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts plus my favorite hat and shoes. It was about 12:30 am when I was passing the golf course that is near my house. I got the feeling something was watching me. Stopping, I looked around several times seeing if there was anyone other than myself walking around. Spotting no one I took out my headphones to listen, hoping I could find out that way. It was then that I realize it was quiet way too quiet. I’ve learned that there should almost always be some type of natural sounds being made. I heard absolutely nothing.

I stood still for a moment thinking, remembering I had actually brought my flashlight. Being delighted that I had brought it, for I had the thought maybe it was an animal staring at me. Reaching down to my pocket I pulled out to my flashlight hoping to catch glowing eyes. I caught glowing eyes alright. I stood stock still as I stared at what was before me. I did not, did not expect two pairs of glowing orange eyes staring right at my being. Never have I seen glowing orange eyes before.

Not sure what to do other than stay still as possible. I just stared right on back. It was then I noticed how high the pair of eyes were off the ground. The eyes were I don’t know maybe 7ft off the ground. “Shit, what kind of animal stands that tall living here? Fuck…a deer? Haha.” mumbling to myself. I also noticed they never blinked not once. It was a bit creepy. Standing there for literally ten minutes just staring, I had already gotten over being scared. Thinking of what I should do. I really didn’t want to get any close then I was, I didn’t want to fight either with two small ass pocket knives. Keeping the same path wasn’t a good idea either, I’d be going right pass them. Running might be my only option.

With that on my mind I slowly started to turn my back so it was facing the field. My flashlight still on the glowing eyes. Still going slow as before I stepped back, taking baby steps. When I thought I got far enough away for a good head start if whatever it was decided to give chase. Before turning off and pocketing my flashlight I remember I was still had my music going. Looking down for a second, I saw my ear buds hanging out of my shirt. I’ve always disliked them swinging back an worth while running so I decided to listen to the music playing at the time. I shove the ear buds into my ears. I really liked this song too so, I crank up the volume. Quickly I turn off the flashlight and putting it in my pocket, I put my right leg back. Turning fast I take off into a mad dash for home. I was going fast enough that my hat almost flew off, quickly turning the hat around so it doesn’t fall off I continue to sprint. Telling myself just run, faster, faster, faster. I do the one thing you don’t want to do. Look behind yourself.

I’m curious by default so of course I look behind to see if they gave chase. An what do you know! One of them did, but it confused me. From the short glimpse I got of it, it looked to be a really big coyote borderline wolf size. The sight of that made my adrenaline go an all time high because I was pumping my legs to go even faster. I ran the fastest I ever ran all the way home. When getting home I realized my only way in was through the garage. Looking behind me I saw nothing but I wasn’t going to relax. Pushing in the code I opened it just enough to get under the door. Rushing over to the other side to close it was finally when my adrenaline stopped. I felt the like throwing up, my lungs burning as if they were on fire. I was gasping for air, slumping to the ground just sitting there for a moment. Catching my breath I got up and made my way for the door, still panting slightly.

For nights after this event did I wonder what the hell I saw.  It wasn’t until weeks later while listening to DarknessPrevails during a video about skin walkers did I realize that maybe what I saw was a skin walker. This is maybe the second scariest run in I’ve had with a monster.


Disturbing online gaming encounter with possible hacker

This happened a while ago but I still remember it pretty clear, since it made me stop using my laptop for a while

I was sitting on my bed with my laptop playing an fps game about the Napoleonic wars, in which you get to be a soldier and fight other players. One game I was playing was full of people, and for the most part a normal game, it was a human vs bots type of game mode but players could also fight on the bots team. I was on the human team. Everything was going smoothly until I shot one player in the back, i don’t remember his name, but what he said after I shot him took all my attention.

Keep in mind I don’t use my actual name in my gamer tag, nor do I have it listed on my steam profile,  so when this guy called my by my actual name I freaked out, right after I shot him I saw a text in the chat that said ” I love it when you shoot me in the back john!” or “I love when you shoot me from behind John!”, one of those two, I don’t fully remember. None of my friends play this game, so it wasn’t on of my friends secretly joining the game and fucking with me or anything, I know that for sure, and like I said before its not on my profile either. Hell the game even lets you use a cover name instead of your steam gamer-tag when playing online, and I was using that.

I was sitting there for a minute trying to comprehend what I was reading when the same guy just started spamming a phone number in the chat, just message after message of some phone number I guess he wanted me to call or something, I panicked and hit the power button on my laptop.

It took a couple of weeks before I had the courage to boot up my laptop again, I pulled the game up and started playing, everything was normal. I guess the guy lost interest. I don’t know if this guy was some kind of deep web hacker or just used some kind of simple trick to get my info.  I’m not tech savvy at all so I don’t know what that simple trick would be

All I know is I have never felt more uncomfortable online before.

I still don’t know how he managed to find out my real name.

Succubus Story

I’m a 21 year-old male and weird things have happened to me before this experience, once while I was reading a book I heard someone whisper my name into my ear. I swear it was like they were inches away from me but I was alone in my room. I’ve also woken up at night to my bed shaking hard as if someone was pushing it from the side, I have an older sister but neither of us take the time to pull pranks. Things happen to me maybe every other month at most if at all so it doesn’t bother me but it does take me by surprise.

I was 15 when this happened to me. During summer vacation, one night I decided to try sleeping naked for once. Friends have talked about it in my school and said it was a great experience so I wanted to try it. After locking my door and stripping down I went to bed as usual. My bed is in the corner of my room so on my left side was open space and to my right was the wall. After I fell asleep I was suddenly wide awake.

Take note that my family and friends tell me I’m a very heavy sleeper and when I do wake up I’m very groggy and slow. But when I woke up the house was quiet and one thought was stuck repeating in my head, “There’s something evil here”. After half a minute of quietly freaking out and staring at a dark corner of my room the rational side of me kicked in. I told myself I was being silly, and I went back to sleep. After a short dream  I woke up to the sound of people screaming.

I was extremely dizzy the room felt like it was rocking back and forth. After a couple of seconds I heard a woman’s voice, she sounded youthful and her voice was sweet. She said ” Turn around” I was on my right side facing the wall, I didn’t say anything and I didn’t move an inch. After a couple of seconds she said “Look at me, so we can talk” she sounded so nice I might have done it but there was the sound people constantly screaming, they weren’t yelling out words just screaming as if they were being tortured.

I stayed on my side but I suddenly noticed my body was slowly turning to face the left side where the voice was coming from. It was hard to notice at first because I was still dizzy but as soon as I noticed I shifted my body to face the wall again. I had to do this a couple of times it was as if something was constantly trying to turn my body around to face the woman but I tried my best to keep facing the wall. After a couple of minutes the woman stopped talking, the screams slowly faded and the room stopped rocking but I stayed facing the wall and didn’t turn around until dawn.

The next night I went to bed with cloths on. As I was falling asleep I had the feeling of falling and started to get dizzy I slowly got myself to “wake up” (for the lack of a better term) and the dizziness went away. I told myself that it was all in my head so I closed my eyes and relaxed but seconds later the dizzy feeling came again, that night there were no voices or screaming just the feeling of the room being rocked back and forth.

After a month or 2 I talked to a friend about what happened and he told me it sounded like I was visited by a succubus. After doing some research on the internet and YouTube I found out there was a demon named Lilith who was a succubus. I thought it was weird because that’s what my neighbors decided to name there cat. At one point I visited my neighbors for something and found out they had renamed there cat to Lilly.

I tried asking them why they decided to rename there cat but they ignored my question and so I decided to just change the subject. It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend in English class when the subject for some reason turned to demons I told her about Lilith and she started freaking out. She told me if you say a demons name too much it’ll start fallowing you. After all the research and putting the pieces together I thought to myself “So I was visited by a demon woman who seduces men? I guess, its a good thing I’m gay” 😉