Big footed freak stalking me

so to start this story I’m going to fill you in on a little bit of stuff that will come in handy later in this story. I’m a hunter, fisherman skeet shooter, just your average outdoors men.  And we live right across the street from a national Forrest , also we live in the state of GA how ever things didn’t start happening until the summer of 2016 when we started going fishing by our selves for the most part it was just me and a friend but one day when we went we were greated by the sound of some one following us. Thinking nothing of it we keep going on our three mile trek to the river checking around always to see nothing. Now we get to the river and we start moving around trying to find a fishing spot until we notice a high pitched scraping noise.

Turning our heads up to the cliff it was comming from above the river just to hear the noise stop and to see no one. Now the cliff was bear there was no possible way anyone could be up there so we just brushed it off again. So we move about a mile up stream and feeling at ease with not foot steps following us and no odd noises we continue for about and hour and notice that’s the wild life has completely stopped no noise at all now I know this sounds like a bunch of crap and bluh bluh bluh but this really happened and anyone who lives in this neighborhood can confirm the same feeling  of someone  following them.

So it’s about 7:30 and it’s getting dark so me and my friend decide to head our 2 hr journey back home. as soon as we’ve packed  up and start heading back up stream we were greeted with the smell of something dead so we pick up our pace at this point getting freaked out since we were just here hours ago and the smell wasn’t there.

So as we go and Are just about to go on the trail that takes us back home and we depart from the river we find huge foot prints in the sand right where I was standing earlier fishing I called my friend and at this point seriously getting worried we gunned it out of there only greeted with the sound of foot steps keeping the pace with us.

So we break into a run and at about half way from where the trail meets the road to what ever was following us stopped be not taking any chances know that what ever was out there sounded huge. we kept running until we reached the road take a break and then started walking back to my house where we were greeted by my mother who could see the looks of worry in our eyes asked us what’s wrong?

Debating on whether or not to tell her  we opted not to just so we wouldn’t scare her.

Now a few weeks after all this happened a friend of mine was leaving my house one night and he was walking through the woods back to his place but as he was sliding threw the fence he looked over the the national forest to see a bunch of  out lines of people and they all had heavy duty flashlights chanting getting freaked out he raced back home banging on the doors for his family to let him in and when he got in his family said he wasn’t jokeing he was scard.

When he went out that morning to go look around where the strange people were he found the foundation of an old church and old cement pews and a well and what looked like a grave yard. Lately someone or something has followed us back from our trip because every night now lately me and my friends in the neighborhoods dogs have been going ballistic at nights and I’ve been sure that when ever I go out now to have my gun with me after what happened last night seeing someone about 90 yards away at the tree line of my forest staring at me with its eyes reflecting right back at me.

The figure towered at least 6 feet tall and it just kept staring until I raised my gun up to take a shot he bolted into the forest. Honestly now I’m not sure what to do and I don’t know what the hell this thing is it can’t possibly be human its body from what I’ve seen is huge just huge. I posted this just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences like this.

Thank you for listening.

Psycho at School

I always believed in being kind and friendly to others until something happened to change that. In this particular case it was a boy named Larry from my geometry class sophomore year. I don’t mean to brag but I was one of the most intelligent kids in the class and always finished my assignments early. Larry, however, had lots of difficulty understanding what was going on.

The teacher asked me to help explain it to him since I was already finished with my own work. I tried to explain it to him slowly and step by step until I was sure he understood. In 3 days there was going to be a big test. On the day if the test I wished him good luck and told him to just do his best. He was pretty quiet and was never around a big group of people but he seemed like a pretty nice person.

A few days after we got our tests back. After class Larry walked over to me smiling and said he got a B.

“Congratulations,” I said.

“Thanks, dude. I couldn’t have done it without you.” It felt good that I was able to help somebody.

That night he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn’t think it was anything unusual so I accepted. Within 5 minutes I got a message from him saying “I wanted to thank you again. You’re a lot better than the teacher at explaining stuff. If it weren’t for you I would’ve failed.”

“No problem,” I told him. “If you ever need help with anything else feel free to ask.”

We chatted a bit more about over the next couple weeks about geometry and school in general. It wasn’t long until he sent me a message saying “You seem like a pretty cool and nice guy. I was wondering if you’d like to date me.”

I was shocked but I tried to be as polite and nice as I could. My older brother (who’d already graduated years ago) is gay so I didn’t have any prejudice at all.

“Sorry but I’m not gay,” I told him, “I’d be glad to still be friends, though. You seem really nice, too.” He said “okay” and didn’t send any further messages. He didn’t look in my direction at school either.

A few days came and went and I got home to see a few comments Larry left on my Facebook pictures. They said really nasty things like “Damn, what an ugly picture” and “That face could make small children cry.” My family and a couple friends responded telling him how his comments were rude and unnecessary. I deleted them all and rather than blocking him right away like I should’ve, I sent him another message.

“Hey,” I said, “I’m sorry I hurt you by saying we can’t date but please don’t leave comments like that on my pictures anymore. I don’t want to have to block you.”

About an hour later he sent me a message which had me shaking and in tears. I can’t remember all of the vile things it said but I’ll type what I do remember.

It said something to the effect of “Like I still want to date your ugly ass anyways. Your biological parents didn’t want you so why would anyone else? You’re a worthless piece of trash who should just die. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t have been born at all. I’d slit your throat myself but you aren’t worth the prison time. You should kill yourself instead. Make this world a better place and just die already.”

I walked over to my mother and handed her the phone, very upset that someone would say those things to me, especially after I tried to be nice and help him. I mentioned in passing during one of our conversations that I was adopted and he even used that against me. My mom called the sheriff and told him what was going on. Larry switched schools and I got a restraining order against him. I left social media afterwards and haven’t gotten back on. Nowadays I don’t go out of my way to be kind to people and distance myself from them. I don’t have any I’ll feelings towards Larry and hope he got the help he desperately needs.