Creep Gamer

First I’m going to change all names that partake in this story. I’ve tried to forget about these events but whatever I do I just can’t. The following events that happened to my brother, one of our friends and I back in 2014 and 2015. All of these events happened in December 2014 to February 2015

I would like to say most of the time all 3 of us got online on the PlayStation 3, we got on black ops and black ops 2 zombies.  At the time of the first events we were playing hardcore team death match or hardcore domination one of the two I cant remember. A player ended up joining by the name of Ben ( I don’t remember his psn name). My brother’s name is Jake and our friends name is Luke.

He sent us all a friend invite and all of us were not thinking at all about the situation and the message I got the message with the friend invite I’m not for sure if Jake and Luke got the same message but the message said. “I would like to play zombies with you”. I’m pretty sure they did though cause all 4 of us got out of the game and played zombies together. We were playing the map on black ops 2 that has the witches house.

At times, every time Jake, Luke and I were playing a different game, he kept sending us invites to play zombies, or to play team death match. Jake and Luke ended up blocking him because they said that he got to annoying for them. I decided not to think to much about the situation. What I was thinking was that he probably didn’t have anyone else to play with or he only had the one game to play.

I got to say about a week after Jake and Luke blocked him, Ben started to send me random messages asking where have Jake and Luke been. I thought he would have gotten the hint from them not being on his friends list. I just told him that they got rid of their ps3 accounts.

About 3-4 days later, I got a message from him and he asked me if I was single and if i wanted to be in a relationship with him. At the time of this situation I didn’t have a headset so he could never hear my voice at all and I’m not for sure if he looked at my profile saying I was a male. I told him I was a guy and I don’t like guys at all. About a week later, he sent me another message asking if i wanted to be in a relationship with him and I told him the same thing again.

I started to get a random phone call about 3-4 times a day with just silence on the other hand for about 3 days. Then Ben started to talk when he called and it was kind of weird because I was confused about it and was wondering how he got my number. I asked him how he got it and he told me that I should not be worried about it at all. These phone calls ended about mid January and they started back up about a week later.

The messages stopped getting sent when the phone calls started. When the phone calls started back up the 2nd time the messages came in also. The first message I got back from him he sent me information from one of my old houses. I honestly don’t know how he got this information at all. Until mid February, Ben sent me the same information. Then he sent me the address to Jake’s old house.

I ended up reporting him to the PlayStation Network people and I asked my mom if i could get a new phone number so I would never get another phone call from him. Just in case PlayStation didn’t do anything at all about it I just blocked him which now I think I should of just done that from the get go. Since I had to use my phone until my new one came in I still got the phone numbers but the day before I got my phone he called and he said ” I’ve had fun making you feel scared I hope you have a fun life ahead of you and a fun time gaming.”

Haunted House

When I was younger I grew up in a cul-de-sac type neighborhood and one of the houses in the neighborhood is where I had some creepy experiences in. Honestly I’m not for sure if the house is still there today the last time I have been to that neighborhood was 10 years ago so that will make me about 9-10 years old.

The last time I went to the house I went there with a couple of friends. Let’s call them Jason, Andrew, Corey and Steven. We usually tried to get into this house to see what the inside of the house that was creepy at all. Our parents told us the same thing about the house that there was a grumpy man who didn’t like children coming around living their when they were children but had a heart attack on the porch of the house.  Honestly we didn’t believe them that much because we thought that they were trying to scary us and to keep us away from the house. Before they told us the story we tried to get into the house about 10-15 times already. Each time we tried to get into the house we tried thru the doors but they were locked.

I think we got into the house about 3 times before this incident. The first time we got in we kicked the back door in and we used that to get into the house the other 2 times as well until someone not for sure who came and fixed the door. The last time we went into the house we climbed thru a window that we broke. This time the house felt a little creepier than the other 3 times we got into the house. Usually the house was clean but for some reason this time there was just a lot of papers on the floor and it smelt like a skunk’s spray.

The second time we got into the house we brought a table and a couple chairs in the house so we have something to sit on and to have something to sit any drink we brought in. When we went to the area we had the table and chairs, we could not find the chairs at all and there were newspapers and letters around the table and on it. The letters had no name on them at all and we opened at least 2 or 3 of them and there were playing cards in them, the ones you play games like spades, go fish, euchre etc. I ended up picking up one of the newspapers and the date was June 21st 1986. Then we started hearing a man yelling from the upstairs bedrooms and then footsteps. So Jason, Corey, Steven, Andrew and I ran to the window we came in from and jumped out and started running away. We looked back after we got far enough away and we saw an angry looking man looking straight at us from the upstairs windows.

We all just went straight to my house and tried to figure out what just happened but we didn’t figure out at all. All of us usually walked together every day since that day until I moved away. Every time we walked we walked near the house and we always were on the opposite side of the road from the house and we always looked at the house and we always saw nothing. We ended up telling our parents what happened and they were scared more than mad at us that we broke into a house. The reason why is because the date that I said that was on the newspaper was the day that our parents went onto the man’s property and playing in his yard and he came running and yelling at them and we were all freaked out. I also talked to my dad about the incident and the last thing he asked me about it was what the man looked like. I told him that he was white, about 140 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes and about 5ft 9in. My dad just didn’t say anything about but the look on his face said it all. That he probably thinks I saw the man that passed away in the house.

A couple weeks after we had our last incident we decided to walk to Circle K which is in the complete opposite way of the house. We had to cross near a couple of pine trees a highway and an open field that was fenced in for some reason. The only way to get into the fenced in open field was thru a building that was hard to get into or thru a small hole that we ended up cutting a hole into a piece of the fence that was near my house. Also the fence was about the size of the fences you see on the highways that are fenced. We got to the end that was near the building and we saw the table and chairs that we took into the house. We saw one of the employees of the building asking where they got the table and chairs from and he said they didn’t get any table and chairs everyone he asked about it said that they just there this morning.

Honestly since then we all wished we listened to our parents to stay away from the house but then again every kid does that at least once in their lives. I still talk to all of them and they all still remember the incident. I honestly never got the man’s name at all or at least I don’t think I did but if I did I don’t remember it.

Creepy Man Encounter While Camping

First I want to say that I was not for sure to put this as a scary stranger encounter or scary camping story. Also I have a problem writing things so if it seems a little weird sorry about it.

Over this past summer I was camping with a couple long time family friends. For safety purposes I will call them Bill and Lauren. But thru out the whole previous summer Bill, Lauren, their kids, and I went camping at their camp site. Also with us were Lauren’s twin sister Ashley and her husband Tom and their kids. We usually went there for every weekend that it was nice outside but I’m just going to talk about the day I had the scary encounter. To start from the beginning of the day we all arrived at the camp site about noon we had some fun while swimming in the pond that the camp grounds had but I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was being watched from the distance beyond the tree lines. I ended up not trying to think too much about it at all because I was having some fun while swimming in the hot Ohio weather. If you live in Ohio or ever spent a full summer day in it you will understand on how the weather patterns can be real stupid at times but it doesn’t get as hot as it does in other states that get it real bad thou.

We all decided to get out of the water to get dried off because we were going to cook some meat on a grill before game 7 of the Cavaliers vs Warriors game came on. I happened to look near the pathway that lead to the camper that Bill, Lauren, their kids, and I were staying at and all I could see was a man just standing there looking in our general direction and when he noticed I spotted him he ran into the trees so I was initially freaked out about this but I decided not to tell Bill, Lauren, Tom, or Ashley. We ended up grilling some steak and some other cow meat. We ended up getting a lot of meat because Tom works at a factory that does a lot with putting all the meats in the packages so he ended up bringing some of it with him to cook. So we got done eating about 6:30pm and since the game didn’t start until 7pm I believe we all went to Bill and Lauren’s camper and started a bonfire. We just talked until the game came on. We listened to the game on a Tom’s phone because we didn’t have a TV with cable.

We all didn’t go to bed until a little after 11pm because we all stayed up to see who won and you all already know the cavs won sadly. We all went to bed I stayed up until about 11:30 because I like being alone for a little bit before going to bed so I watched the fire for a little bit. Before I went to bed I put out the fire so nothing really happens. I had to sleep in a tent outside because the camper that Bill and Lauren had was too small to put another person in there. So I ended up falling asleep when I got into the tent.

I woke up around 2 am because I thought I heard something and I’m a real light sleeper. After a few seconds of that weird feeling you get right as soon as you get up I realized that the fire was going again and so I sent Lauren a text asking if she was outside and happened to start the fire again or if Bill or any of the kid’s and she responded no and she thought I was still awake. I only sent her this because I saw someone standing near the fire and also the fire. When she responded back saying that her, Bill, or the kids where outside I asked for her to call 911. Lauren called 911 to get the cops to come and I didn’t really know what to do because I didn’t know if the person had a weapon or not so I decided just to try and wait until the cops showed up. Unfortunately, the person that was out their started to come near my tent and I was kind of like a sitting duck. I know what you guys think why didn’t I just run away when I had a chance to.

For one I think the person would have gotten to me before I even made it out the tent because of how loud the zipper was to it. The person decided to try and unzip the tent door so I decided to take the chance and kick the persons head when he went to get the zipper luckily it knocked the person back and the person stumbled down the hill that I put the tent on. Luckily I had a flashlight with me so I shined the light towards the person and found out that it was the man I saw from earlier that day. He charged me and luckily I took some karate classes so I defended myself to the best I could. When I went to kick the man he grabbed my foot and threw me to the ground and luckily we could hear the cop’s sirens coming. The man decided to run into the woods area.

I ended up telling the cops everything that happened and I’m not for sure if they decided to look for the man in the woods area and found him. Turns out he was just a creepy homeless man that was living near the woods. I still try and figure out why he targeted me out of all the other people that were at the camp sight. So, creepy homeless man, I just hope that we never meet again.