Skin walker hunting.

Hello my name is James. I was 14 when I saw this.  I was allways an outdoorsy type of kid I used to grab one of my guns and go out into the woods 200yards behind my house and shoot at anything that moved or I would go hunting.  One day on a October morning I thought it was a good idea to go squirrel hunting, I grabbed my 12Gauge shotgun and a box of shells then I got all my heavy camo on and my gloves and facemask. I went out after telling my mom I was going to a friend’s house I set put on my hunt.

I went out a I walked for a good 2hours I saw nothing for my entire walk to my old shelter I made when I was younger which is weird because around my house squirrels are allways out this time of year.  I walked for 30 minutes more before I got weird feeling I was being watched.

I thought it was a wolf or something so I readyed my shotgun and pumped a she’ll into the chamber.  I wanted to think I was the meanest thing in those woods at the time, untill I heard the most ear splitting shreak I’ve ever heard in my life it was a distance away from me but it still put me on edge.  I calmed myself down and gave a quick prayer. I became calm and continued to walk down the trail.  It was getting dark and I had shot a few squirrels, thats what I think a tracked it to me.

I was walking to the shelter I had made and thot to myself I’ll just spend the night in my old hut. It was the dumbest decision I’ve ever made. I woke up to the sound of running around me, I opened the door to the hut and saw a Herd of deer running around me.  I thought it was strange because there was nothing around to spook them, that’s when I heard it.  Another ear splitting shreak but it was close.  I then saw a tall lanky humanoid figure jump from out of a tree onto a deer and break it’s neck.  I choked down a scream as I watched it tear the skin off the deer.  I slamed the door to my hut and put the pad lock on the door, I loaded my shotgun and waited.

I sat and hurd heavy foot steps come close the the hut, I heard scratching at the hut.  Then it all went quiet.   Then a crash through the roof of the hut. It had broke in to kill me.  I screamed and fired, I hit it, sending it of its feet.

I loaded my gun and ran as fast as I could being the dumb country boy I am I didn’t think to stay in my shelter. I got back to my house in 45minutes of sprinting. I broke through the door and slamed it shut. My mom came into the living room and with the most worried voice I’ve ever heard her in she asked me what was wrong.  I told her everything, I collapsed onto the floor crying.  She told me to go to bed and that it wouldn’t have followed me to the house.

I’ve never seen it or heard it again thanks to god.  I tell this so others don’t make the same mistake I made, and to stay in your shelter. But even today I sometimes think I can see it in the darkness of the woods.

The Rocky Mount, Virginia Dogman of Winter 2009

My name is James Montana. I am currently twenty-three years old and I  reside in Pleasant Hill, California.My name is James Montana. I am currently twenty-three years old and I  reside in Pleasant Hill, California.

The story that I am about to tell takes place approximately eight years ago back in the summer of 2009 when I was only fifteen years old.

As a fifteen year old, I was pretty quiet and even selectively mute. I kept to myself because it was always difficult for me to deeply connect with other people and to be accepted by them due to the fact that my ideology was labeled as ‘eccentric’ because it always differed from the rest as if I was trying to argue but I was simply expressing myself. As for my hobbies they just simply weren’t appreciated by everyone so I didn’t really have any friends. I was ostracized and exiled as an outcast from my age group; a misfit inside and outside of my home and society.

So, with that said I guess you can assume that I was bullied, teased, harassed, abused, neglected, and for the most part avoided by others because I seemed oddly misplaced and strange so I stuck to isolating and alienating myself from other people as a means to escape the annoyance of the dwellers that inhabited the concrete jungle I called “high school” just to find myself a piece of mind, individualism, independence, and freedom. For some reason solitude always brought me comfort as long as I felt free.
At this time I lived with my mother, Bonnie Conner, and my twin brother, Jared Montana, located in my hometown, Boones Mill, Virginia. I was attending Franklin County High School and I had recently got my first job as a youth worker after my mentor referred me to my county’s local GoodWill Industries of the Valleys that was a government funded program for disadvantaged youth.

I worked for GoodWill for roughly a year before I was terminated due to the funding of the program expiring. Our responsibilities and duties consisted of things ranging from warehouse work; such as taking in and organizing donated clothes, merchandise, and other miscellaneous memorabilia, inventory, stocking, zoning, cleaning, and other days we would carpool out into the neighborhood and participate in community construction projects as well as elderly outreach where we would rake leaves, carry firewood, remove and discard excessive debris and clutter, and in the winter we would shovel snow, wipe down cars, pave paths for streets where the snow was blocking and corralling traffic, and plenty of other things that surely kept us quite busy.

One winter evening, the sun was setting and we were finishing up carving an elderly woman’s driveway free of the thicket of snow that had accumulated prior from that night’s snowfall.

That day, the group of workers consisted of myself, my twin brother, and a number of male and female peers of mine that were mutual students from my high school. The group consisted of about five to six people excluding other GoodWill staff members.
I was positioned in the back near the woods by myself with my twin brother in the front and our other group member on the far side of the house further ahead of where I was.
After about fifteen to twenty minutes had passed of shoveling and chucking snow to carve somewhat of a decent path I heard a twig crack in half very loudly and something was moving around behind me in the brush making the bushes and other foliage rustle and rattle in an awkward pattern as if something was treading through them while entangled, trying to get free.

Having the rational mentality that I had back then I assumed that it was a dog or something from the owners of the home or a nearby neighbor. When I looked behind me to see where the source of the sound was being emanated from I immediately dropped my shovel out of shock and an unintentional muscle reflex spasm. My blood ran cold and I felt a fluttery sensation in my chest that rose up to my throat where my I could feel myself choking on my pounding heartbeat.

I met the golden glinted glare of a tall and lanky figure that had the body of a grizzly bear and the head of a German Shepherd  covered in matted jet black fur with dagger-like teeth with a large set of fangs being bared with its snout tensed and it’s eyes squinted, giving me an angry and aggressive look of hostility and malice, as if it wanted to rip me to shred rights then and there; it did nothing. It just stared at me, not moving a muscle. The figure stood on it’s hind legs from it’s crouching position and I swear it measured up to about eight or nine feet tall.

The figure opened it’s maw, as if it were about to speak. Then, suddenly, it did.
“The wrath of the eagle will be felt throughout the lands and the phoenix will feast upon the ashes of the dawn bringing a new winter that will carve a path for new light to filter through the catacombs of oblivion.”

And with that, the figure fled back to whence it came, out of site, but not out of mind.
For the rest of the day that phrase replayed itself, echoing in the void of my mind, with that same deep, guttural, demonic, cold, rattly breath that sounded long expired and dried up.

I never told anyone about what had happened that day, about what I had experience. I didn’t feel the need to, nobody would have believed me anyways. To this day, I still have a hard time believing in it myself. Unfortunately, the story I just shared is indeed true, and I will surely take this to my grave as I won’t be forgetting it any time soon.

The night I about died

This story happen to me when I was about 12 or 13.  I live in a small town in central Illinois. And I’m a huge fan of paranormal. Me,  and a friend we will call Dave went to a haunted house. It was part of the old Asylum in Penkin Illinois. It might be somewhere else but it was close to Pekin.

So before leaving for the haunted house, I was talking to this lady in her 40 about the asylum. She explain how her and her friend would always sneak in and smoke weed, drink and and just enjoy their teenage life. She also explained her paranormal experience, if I remember right this is what she said “Me and my friend was just smoking and passing the time. And we heard someone. Being stoned out of are minds we was panicking because we thought it was the cops. As we started to leave we heard footsteps. And they was coming towards us. We all dead spirited out of there. I go separated from everyone else and couldn’t find my out. I heard my friend screaming and out of no where I heard the most Demonic  voice ever yell “GET OUT NOW!” As soon as I heard that I ran towards the screams of my friends and got out.”

Me not believing in the paranormal thought she was just to high or drunk and made it up. So after the haunted house me and Dave went back to the hotel. My parents went out for the night and wouldn’t be back till late. So after I told Dave what happen, he thought she was lying to. Then we decided to go. It was hard to get in because of the haunted house that was across the Asylum. When we got in it was just a normal kind of abounded Asylum. Creepy, worn down, and abounded. So we started to walk each floor and nothing happen.

Now this is where it gets creepy. The only thing we had at the time was flash lights. We was getting ready to go up to the attic when we heard running. Like little kids running around planing tag. Me and Dave looked at each other both confused thinking why are there little kids in this place especially this late. Yes I was about 12 or 13 but I couldn’t defend for my self. Then out of no where the running stoped. Still confused I yelled “Is there anyone up there?” No answers just little kids laughing and wispering. So I decided to go up. Dave stayed back because he was scared shit less at this point. As I got up there, I saw a lady staring out the window. Confused I asked “Miss, was that your kids playing up here?”

Like I said I didn’t believe paranormal at this time. And she said nothing. All she did was turn around and looked at me. What made it creepy was I could see her eyes were black. Then she disappeared in thin air. Creepy out I went down to Dave. When I told Dave what happen we both decided to leave. As we was leaving, I heard someone running towards. It wasn’t  kids footsteps, no! this was a grown man charging at us. We both sprinted out of there. I took the wrong turn and ended up i the basement.

I started to yell for Dave. No answers.I kept yelling for Dave but still no anwaser. Then I heard someone walking down then stairs and I yelled “Dave, is that you? Stop messing around man this shit is scary all ready. Then when I thought that lady was lying th cake true. I heard this most deepest, the scariest, the most demonic voice yell “GET OUT NOW OR DIE!”

I ran out of the basement, up them stairs with what breath I had left and I found Dave outside talking to the cops. Because he thought I was lost in there or someone had kidnapped me.As I got out the cops asked Dave if I was his friend Dave replied yes. We both got in trouble but at that point we didn’t care. They didn’t tell my parents

but trust me, I couldn’t sleep at all. All I could hear was “GET OUT NOW OR DIE!” I forgot about the whole thing until my parents told me that the Asylum got toward down. One pet me was glad that it happen and other other part of me was terrified of what happen. You can see the Asylum on Ghost hunters if you would like to see it for your self.

Camping Stalker

It was 10 years ago and i was 19 years old. my boyfriend came up with the idea to go camping in south Michigan. at the time i was excited to go. an entire week alone in the woods?

sounds like a fun and almost sexy weekend. well the first 5 days of the camping trip went very well. we went hiking and swimming in a nearby lake.

it was nice and we had our mostly innocent fun. but on the last few days thing got weird. it was the sixth day and we had decided to go on a walk early in the morning by the lake. on the walk we saw foot prints in the sand by the lake.

they looked like dog prints so we mostly thought nothing of it until we got closer. upon closer inspection these print were massive.

these prints were 7 inches long. not knowing what exactly made them we assumed it was a bear but the didn’t serve to calm our nerves as a bear was bad news. but we were not easily scared and unfortunately decided to stay not giving the prints a second thought. from that point on i felt like i was being watched.

i felt like i was being stalked no matter were i went. even if i was alone i could feel horrible eyes on my neck, eyes like lasers burning into my skin. after having our lunch my boyfriend (whom lets name Henry) came up with the idea to walk in a direction we had not walked in before, east. as  soon as we started this walk i felt awful.

that feeling of being watched was intensified by tenfold. i was hesitant but said nothing. 25 minuets into the walk i felt better, my rational side of me told me i was just being paranoid, i was just anxious because we were out here for so long. but soon after i could smell something awful. the smell brought tears to my eyes and i threw up.

my boyfriend next to me was doubled over but he did not vomit. this smell was like a dead corpse, like rotting flesh and the smell of death.

immediately we turned around back to camp, this smell was so powerful it smelled as if it was following us to camp. or whatever was making the smell was following us. this thought made me speed up into a slow jog forcing my boyfriend to do the same.

soon we came to camp and fortunately the smell was gone by then. both of us decided to stay here for the rest of the day as there was not much sunlight left, maybe 2 hours of day left.

it was later almost night, with a few scattered bits of light shining through the deep purple and pink sky, and we had just finished up cleaning the scraps of leftover food and paper that was the remnants of our dinner when Henry said “hey do you hear that?” a few second passed as i listened.


“no i don’t hear anything” i told him.

“yes yes exactly! it was loud with the sounds of animals just a second ago…”.

this creeper me out so we rushed to the false safety that was our tent. soon enough we got over it and fall asleep. it was in the middle of the night when i woke up with dread. the smell from our walk. i could smell it but it was somewhat faint.

i slowly nudged Henry to wake him up be he was already awake, he told me he was up for at least 10 minuets. he told me he couldn’t move he was so scared. slowly the full moon slipped out from the clouds and light lit up the dark outside of our tent. and both of us could see a tall, furry and dog like shadow.

this alone was enough to scare us but what was more was this shadow was on its rear legs. legs that looked like dog legs. we watched this shadow move and crawl closer to the tent, sniffing the air the closer it got the stronger and worse the smell got. as it was not a foot from the tent it reared its head and howled. a horrible blood curdling howl.

it was so so loud, now i know this was for real this was a real creature a real monster and by the sounds of it it was pissed really really pissed.

we couldn’t do anything. we had no gun no knives no weapons to fight this thing the only thing we had was a snubbed nose revolver in the jeep. all we could do was wait, and wait we did. it was hours before it stalked off. we only stayed awake out of fear.

Henry moved to open the tent but i grabbed his hand, “WHAT are you doing?!” i hissed quietly at him. Henry replied quietly to me that he was going to book it to the car and grab his gun. “it’s not gone…” i told him. how did i know?

the smell was still strong still very powerful, and i told this to Henry. when i told him and he realized i was right he paled.

we could do nothing so we had to wait until daybreak or until the smell goes away. we waited for what felt like years but in reality was only an hour. that is how long it took the smell to dissipate.

as soon as it did we bolted to the jeep, not bothering to get our things. i jumped it to the driver seat and rammed the keys into the ignition and started the car. as i did this Henry grabbed the revolver. Let me tell you something about this particular jeep, it was one of those jeeps with no doors no doors at all nothing there at all. nothing between me and that monster, so you can understand that as soon as the engine started we took the wide trail at a breakneck speed. not a second after we got it moving could i see this werewolf with reddish brown fur that looked like blood running at an ungodly speed towards us. when i saw this i floored it and pushed the jeep even harder down the dangerous winding trail. soon i hit 40 mph and this thing was keeping up effortlessly. 50 mph and it was still there. this thing was actually gaining on us. it was now on the passenger side of the jeep. next thing i know i hear the loudest gunshot i have ever heard, right after i hear a loud whining and then it let out a long, loud, and drawn out howl. i kept pushing the jeep until we hit asphalt.

we were still fairly isolated but i had the confidence to slow down. we were going about 25 mph now and had time to calm down. we continued to drive for 5 more minuets.

we both we calm and were talking about what just happened both freaking out but what pushed us over the edge was when we heard a howl very very close behind us. i look in the review the mirror and this thing was following us! no no no wait this one was different. this one wasn’t a brownish color it was gray.

this was a different one! there was more than one the whole time. this got me to floor the jeep once again.

this thing was persistent and fast. faster than the original one too. the jeep hit 60 mph and this thing was still behind us and was catching us. this one was more built it seemed. it had wider shoulders than the last and it seemed it was taller too this one was 8 feet it looked.

70 mph this thing was still behind but was no longer gaining on us. i pushed the jeep to its limit at 80 mph. slowly oh so slowly did the thing fade into the distance. before it finally disappeared it stopped and let out another long eerie howl.

for a long time i kept this speed because i was convinced another was still following, before Henry forced me to stop the jeep completely.

we just idled in the middle of the road before Henry held me and made me take a break.

we switched and soon Henry  got the jeep going to a more sensible speed. an hour later we found the first signs of civilization. a street light, a sign, and then buildings. at the sight of this we finally could fully relax.

we were exhausted both physically and mentally. the adrenaline faded and we checked into a hotel to crash. after not sleeping for the night and fleeing from a fucking monster we nearly passed out as soon as our head hit the pillows.

waking up we still were a very shaken. we had no idea what to do. tell the cops? no they would think we were crazy.

who would we tell? in the end we told nobody but we did go back to the site to see what we could gather and see if we could get our things. it took a lot to go back but we did. as we approached the tent i could tell it was ripped to pieced.

it was collapsed and ribbons of brown were everywhere. a peek inside the tent told me that there was nothing left. nonetheless both me and Henry searched our packs and found nothing but my wallet with everything inside all the money and cards, lucky me but it still had a gash it it and was now useless.

but everything else looked to be shredded, chewed on or missing. Henry was not as lucky. his pack was completely empty and was torn even worse than the tent was, the entire front of his pack was missing and it was covered in slobber and what looked like blood. we did not stay long.

we got into the car and as we were driving away we heard a howl and this sent me into a panic i urged Henry to go and floor it. he did but he told me there was no need to worry as it was very far off. i did not care a single bit.

i had to get the hell out of here ASAP.

to this day i have a fear of both the dark and the woods. it sends me into a panic if its too dark and the woods?

i don’t go near them any more.since then me and Henry got married and i lived happily but this “trip” still haunts me. i can never forget it. i looked up the area we had been camping at and it seems its a breeding ground for monster sightings. apparently these things are called ‘Dog men”.

this was hard to write and this has brought on new and fresh nightmares but i also think it was somewhat therapeutic. thanks for reading this.