the gas mask person that followed me to school

Hi my name is jack i’m in 5th grade i’m 11 i live 12 blocks away from school so of course i have to take the bus my mom and dad has to go to work like always means that i have to go to the boys and girls club after school.

My mom woke me up an hour before school so i can take a shower, get dress ,brush my hair ,and don’t forget eat, my dad already left means i don’t get to say bye. Soon after the bus came i went outside, said bye to my mom and then left when i sat bye my friend named Zack we had been friends since kindergarten. We were playing eye spy to see who has better eye sight. he said i spy something green “that was easy” i said to myself. Right before i said the grass i saw someone with a gas mask and a……gun……he seemed to be following us to school i froze in fear while i watched as we passed him.

“Jack are you okay?” i heard A Zack ask “y…yea” i said while trying to get off  the bus “well bye see you after school” Zack said while waving at me i waved back. I ran to my class once i got in my seat the bell rung “okay class open your history book to chapter five and start where we left off” ms.hill said. i opened my book to chapter five but i cant get my mind off that mask guy

then i heard the office say kind of scared saying “all teachers lock your doors and cover your windows” all she said i pecked under the covered window then i saw jack still in the bathroom i begged my teacher to open the door but she said it was to dangerous then i grab ms.hill’s key and i unlocked the door and ran to jack and pulled his arm in my classroom i slammed the door and locked it “Jack you could of gotten yourself killed” she said whispering right before i got mad at my teacher we heard a gun shot.

“Shoot we are so dead SO dead” Zack said while hiding under a table behind me then we heard a door slamed open it was summers class summer is someone i loved someone i cared about i felt like crying while i herd gun shots and screaming then we heard silence total silence i knew everyone is dead in summers class i was in tears remembering our first kiss our first time meeting why did it had to be summers class why. then we heard knocking and kids screaming it sounded like summer and her two friends louisy and katelen. “Thank god” i said i ran to the door grabing the key from miss.hill’s pocket i unlocked it summer and her friends came in i locked the door and puted two chairs in front of it right when summer saw my face she ran over hugging me everyone was to scared to make fun of us. Garren my class mate said “guys come on” i nodded and sat in the corner of the room then we heard police sirens the mask dude shot the window and ran to the exit i unlocked the door and chased after him he was heading towards the sounds of the siren at the last corner of the school he disappeared just like that boom gone.

When i went back to see if anyone died in summers class….i….i….just a warning stop reading these if you don’t like death or dead kids….i checked summers class and i saw…dead kids they are all dead everyone is DEAD.

when i was waiting for my mom or dad to come summer came she went over and kissed me then she said “thank you for saving me” most of us moved like me and some other kids we are lucky to be alive but we all know that mask guy is still out there somewhere looking for another school.


First Date Gone Wrong

I’m one of those people that doesn’t really get in any long lasting relationships, they usually end pretty quickly for some reason or another. I didn’t consider myself attractive either, so when I do get hit on or get a chance to go out with someone, I usually take the chance. This takes place in 9th grade. Most kids were starting to date, and I wanted to fit in, so I started looking for girls I might have a chance with.

There was this one girl I had my eyes on, we’ll just call her Alyssa. I was close friends with one of her friends, and was told that she liked me.

I took up this chance to ask her out, and she happily said yes. We agreed to meet up at the local cinema on a Saturday, but she worked late on weekends at a gas station until 11PM, so we picked out a movie at 11:30 to watch. When Saturday came around, I had my mom take me and her to the cinema, since both of us were still too young to drive.

We picked up Alyssa and drove over to the cinema.

The first thing I noticed when we got into the theater was that the room was empty. The movie started and things went from one to another and before I knew it we were kissing. That’s when we both jumped up to a rustling sound coming from behind us. I looked everywhere and saw nothing. We agreed that it was coming from the projector room, and shrugged it off. Twenty minutes later and we heard the same sound again. That’s when I took out my phone and turned on my flashlight.

I aimed it everywhere until I finally saw something move. It was in the way back seating row where you couldn’t see if anyone was sitting there unless you had a light. The second I shined my flashlight on the figure, that’s when I could make out two eyes starting directly at me.

The second the figure noticed me looking at it, it looked away. I told Alyssa to ignore it, and if anything else happened we would leave. Everything was normal for the next 5 or so minutes, until there were more rustling sounds coming from behind us.

The person was again starting directly at me, and then looked away when the person noticed I saw them. I was a bit shaken up, and didn’t really know what to do. I texted my mom to come pick us up. She replied almost instantly, and asked why. I told her about the person and how they were acting very strange.

Our house is 25 or so minutes away, so I had to figure out what to do until then. That’s when the glow from the movie dissipated. I looked back and saw the man had his hand over the projector. I told Alyssa that we need to go NOW. I grabbed her hand and we started running. I could hear loud footsteps that sounded like boots running across the ground.

I knew that none of us were wearing boots, so I never even bothered to turn around. We ran up to the front desk and told the only person still there what had happened. The women at the front desk called the police, and they were here within 10 minutes. Once the policemen had come out of the theater, they told us that they didn’t find anyone.

By the time my mother arrived the police were questioning us about what had happened. We never got a clear look at the mans face because of the darkness. When we were pulling out of the theater parking lot, I saw a dark figure behind a bush about 100 feet from the car. I didn’t think of telling anyone because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

Alyssa invited me back to her house, and my mom dropped us both at her house. Her parents of course had questions, and we told them what happened. We were all pretty tired, and none of us wanted to be alone for the night. I texted my mom telling her that I would be spending the night at Alyssa’s house. She spread out a sleeping bag and a pillow for me on the ground next to my bed.

She proceeded to takeoff her pants so she was only wearing her t-shirt and panties. She noticed me looking at her and said, “I don’t sleep in pants.” I then told her to not worry about it, and that I don’t either. We then both went to sleep, it was 2AM. I woke up to the sound of scratching on the window. The blinds on the window showed a dark outline of a figure in the center of the blinds. I screamed as loud as I possibly could. The dark shape through the window dissapeared.

Alyssa’s parents rushed into the room, Alyssa was rubbing her eyes, and then asked what happened. I told them what I saw. Her dad rushed outside, and her mother called the police. The police never found anything, and neither did Alyssa’s dad. It’s been 3 years now without anything like that happening, and Alyssa and I are still together.

I really hope that nothing like this ever happens again, and it sure is the scariest moment in my entire life.

A true Sasquatch sighting

This happened when I was 11 years old. I used to have this old little electric mini bike that went about 20 or so miles per hour and had a small little light on the front of it so I could see in the dark. I used it to get to and back from my friends’ house. On one particular summer night, I drove over to a friends house on my mini bike at around 5 or 6 pm to play with him on his Xbox 360, I believe we played Call of Duty 4, or World at War, I’m not sure which one we played. All I know, is that I stayed there till around 9:00 at night, and since my parents were easy going parents and we lived about 2 miles away from this friend, they didn’t mind that I’d come home late or drive to my friends house on the little mini bike, since it went at a decent speed.

When I went outside of my friends house after I said goodbye to him, I went to go on my mini bike to drive back home. Keep in mind the whole way there, around his house and mine, too, is are largely wooded area, so we would always hear creatures moving around and always hear crickets. When I hopped on my mini bike, I heard nothing at all, not even any crickets. It was just silence. This was very odd because we always hear them and there are thousands of them in the woods. There was something that made them quiet. Take note that the mini bike was electric and didn’t make much sound when it accelerated.

Since it was summer, and pretty early in the summer around Mid July, it was still pretty light out at 9 PM, not too light but enough to make out someones face from about 10-15 yards away. As I started heading home, I felt very uneasy, as if I was being watched, and still heard nothing of the crickets. I was coming up at a T Junction where I would have to turn left and continue down that road for about a half mile and make another left at an unlit intersection and continue going straight until my house came up. As I was approaching the T Junction, I could barely make out something in the trees straight ahead of me. I saw a pair of eyes in the trees. My first instinct thinking it was maybe an owl or something because we get quite a few owls up where we live, until, I saw it had blood red eyes.

When I got closer, I could tell that whatever the fuck that thing was was not an owl and it’s eyes were 9 feet off the fucking ground. Before I go on, I must say that there is a legend around where I lived that late at night, Sasquatch would come out and hunt.. which was obvious (or so I thought) bullshit. I never believed in Bigfoot or any cryptids, but, when I saw these eyes and how far they were off of the ground, I immediately thought of this legend. I pissed my pants when I saw this, because I was a very paranoid person at the time (and still am) and would always assume the worst. I was terrified and knew that I would have to make this T Junction very fast and and book it the fuck home.

When I turned left I was going as fast as I could on that mini bike. I lost sight of the eyes and thought the thing had just fucked off, until I heard in the woods that whatever this fucking thing was was easily keeping pace with me. I started crying at this point and kept just driving as fast as I could down the road. I started approaching the intersection where the trees stopped and there would be a bit of a clearing on all sides of it, and saw a 9 and a half foot tall hairy, disgusting looking beast come out of the fucking woods that was coming straight for me. I made the left as fast as I could and I’m not sure if it was a miracle but I saw a pair of headlights coming down the road. I turned behind me and saw the beast step into the woods, because it knew it would be illuminated by this person’s headlights. As soon as I passed the person, I heard the crickets again, and hoped that this beast fucked off.

When I got home I shut the garage door, and locked every door and window in the house. My mom saw me obviously uneasy and pale and asked what was wrong. I never told her, or anyone what ever happened to me until now. I don’t know what that thing was, possibly a ‘Sasquatch’, but whatever it was, I hope I never see it again. I have since moved into a dorm at my college and seldom visit my parents who still live where they did when I was 11. I hope no one ever has to endure the fear I was in and I truly hope no one ever sees what I did.

My name is Jack, but I’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you for your time.

The Hanging Woman

I would say that I am a skeptic when it comes the paranormal, generally I tend to have a well grounded sense of reality and can find a logical explanation for most odd situations. I work as a Paramedic in a relatively large and densely populated county and I’ve seen a few strange things but this story takes the cake. I was 10 hours into my 24 hour shift working in the southern and most rural part of my county when our tones sounded for a Possible Suicide; immediately we hit the door, jumped in the rig, and pulled out of the station like a bat out of hell. The comments updated en route stating that we were responding to a hanging victim, hangings always give me the creeps, it’s the tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife from grieving family members as well as the unnatural manner of death seen as a way out of the unbearable pain and torment some people experience. The boyfriend had received a call from her approximately 10 minutes before we arrived stating that she couldn’t do it anymore and then hung up, he immediately called 911 and arrived minutes before we did. He found her hanging and cut her down. I remember how something just felt plain wrong but I couldn’t put my finger on it. The subject had no pulse or respiratory effort, we began CPR as Fire and Police arrived. We got a return of pulses on scene and transported to the hospital.

Afterwards we made it back to the station where I restocked the rig, completed my report, and tried to go to sleep. It was about 0230 when I was awoken to a general unnerving feeling, almost like when you wake up from a nightmare but I couldn’t remember any nightmare. My partner was asleep and I went outside to get some air. Now, this particular EMS station neighbors the Volunteer Fire Station in which we share a parking lot behind both stations in front of a field and forest. I remember how radiant the moonlight was, shining through the clouds and the blow of the cool autumn wind and the rustling of the trees and leaves. I was pacing the parking lot and praying with my rosary in my hands, saying a prayer for that young girl. It was exactly what I needed, so peaceful and soothing, that’s probably why I was taken so off guard.

I remember hearing the loud slam of the heavy metal back door hitting the brick wall of the Fire Station not 10 yards from me. This Fire Station is strictly volunteer and all of the firefighters had gone home, there were no cars in the lot other than mine and my partner’s, and even if someone were in the parking lot with me they would have had to have had a key to get into the station and I would have seen them since the lot was well illuminated, but there was no one. I stood frozen for what seemed like hours looking at this door that had just magically swung open, I finally snapped out of my stupor, drew my flashlight, and went to investigate. I went inside and searched the small station top to bottom with no sign that anyone was home. The air felt electrified and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, this sensation made me nauseous and I immediately noped the fuck out of there back to my station.

I locked the door and sat on the couch trying to shake it off. I just sat watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies while I finished my calls from earlier in the shift. Our Cardiac Monitor not only take readings on ECGs and Vital Signs but stores them so you can integrate them into your report later. I got up and went to the truck to integrate my Vital Signs from my patient’s earlier in the shift. I noticed in the archives the was a set timed at about 0300, the time I was outside, out of curiosity I opened it and printed the set off, no Blood Pressures or ECGs, just a single pulse and pulse oximetry reading, “What the Fuck” I thought to myself. I integrated my Vital Signs, finished my reports, and crashed on the couch.

I awoke at dawn before shift change and carried on with my business. I found out a few days later that my patient died at the hospital at about 0200. I don’t know what to make of that whole situation. All I know is that my skin crawls when I think of her…

Creature at my bed

This happened in 2008 when I was 6, I’m 15 now.

I was sitting in my room watching my favourite movie at the time it was the first transformers movie . the house I was living in had 5 bedrooms, this is relevant later.

I left my room to see what my mum was doing as I was walking down the hallway I noticed the fifth bedroom’s door was open as it was straight in front of me. I looked in and saw glowing red eyes I panicked and sprinted down to my mum and sobbed in her arms.

Later that day I was put into bed, I had a small blue baretta M9 airsoft gun under my pillow. I woke to breathing on the back of my neck I turned and saw a slender black creature hunched over it had claws extremely jagged and sharp pointy teeth as I looked at the creature I saw it had those glowing eyes.

It pointed it’s finger at me then I pulled out my airsoft pistol switching the safety off  I was pointing it at this thing then I pulled the trigger I was aiming for it’s leg, the pellet had no effect I kept firing then I realised I had one pellet left the creature was moving closer I knew I had to get rid of it. I fired and the pellet hit it in it’s left eye then it vanished.

I haven’t told this story to many people, some say it was a skin walker others say it was the rake. I only wish that I will never see it again.