The Camping Creep and His Friends

It was a random weekend in 2016. Two of my friends and I decided to go camping. We were all 16-17 at the time. I’m from a small town in Iowa so there’s really not much to do. So, camping was our best option to have some fun without our parents.

We got to the campsite around 3:00 in the afternoon and we were all set up by 3:30 or 4:00 pm.

A little background about this place there’s a pretty decent sized body of water and then it’s surrounded by 60 feet of rock around the whole thing. When you climb the rock on the over side of the trail there is a wooded area it’s actually really pretty and a lot of young couples would go up to the top of the cliff and do their thing because it was “romantic” up there. it was a popular place to go but this weekend there wasn’t as many people as normal.

We had made a fire and we are all sitting around it. To the left of us, there was a camper full of about five people they looked like your typical drug addicts we didn’t think anything of it because we had a lot of those kinds of people around this Area.

I would glance over occasionally because I would feel eyes on me and there would be a man who seemed to be about in his mid-30s staring at me and not a friendly stare.

I felt like he was undressing me with my eyes and it made me very uncomfortable.

Mind you I was only 16 at the time and this guy was way older than me so it was very creepy and unsettling. My two friends were boyfriend-girlfriend I’ll call them Lilly and Will for privacy reasons. They decided to take a “walk” for some alone time.

So I was left by the tent alone with five weirdos to the left of me. Not really wanting to stay at the tent by myself I decided to grab my fishing pole and go fishing. I walked down to the water. I was down there for about 10 minutes and then I heard footsteps coming up behind me. I turned around and there was that weird creepy guy who had been staring at me earlier.

I figured he probably wanted to go fishing or something but then I noticed he didn’t have a pole and his eyes were crazy looking and I could tell that his intentions were not pure. I became very uneasy and I tried to think quickly.

He randomly said, “What’s your name?”

I hesitated not really sure if I should give this man my name but not wanting to have him get mad at me and attack me I told him “Hannah” I said quietly continuing to try to mind my business and fish.

He kept trying to talk to me and I kept giving him one-word answers like, “yeah” “ok” “cool” the conversation lasted about five minutes and then he started getting really weird.He was asking me if I was a virgin if I liked it rough and if I like being choked.

At this point I knew I had to get out of there so I said loud and clear “Piss Off!” and I grabbed my fishing pole and my tackle box and I started walking back to the tent.

The guy followed me up there and went back to his camper and sat down outside with all of his friends. I set my stuff in the tent and looked over at the camper because I felt like I was being watched and I was right.

They were all staring at me. Two waved so I gave them all the finger they all laughed and continued stare at me. So, I decided to walk in the same direction Lilly and Will went. I didn’t care if I interrupted their fun time I was really freaked out I didn’t know what this guy or his friends would do.

They all gave me a bad vibe.

I heard footsteps behind me after a couple minutes of walking I knew exactly who it was and I knew that if I ran that he could probably catch me I wasn’t the fastest or the most in shape.

I walked faster until I got to a point where there was two ways that I could go. I went right hoping my friends did too. I started to speed up more. I was hoping that Lilly and Will were at the “romantic” spot on the top of the cliff. On the way up there is a lot of holes and big rocks on the trail so it’s hard to keep a quick pace.

I looked behind me and he was about 10 feet away. I decided just call him out, “Why the hell are you following me” He looked up at me and smiled with his crooked teeth he didn’t say anything but he began to move quicker towards me so I booked it. it was all uphill and my legs were killing me but I could hear him gaining on me. I was going as fast as I could and I tripped over a fucking tree root that was coming through the ground.

I know typical horror movie. I got up quickly and continued to run but not quick enough because he grabbed me by my ponytail and pulled me backward making me fall right on my back and hitting my head hard on the ground. I was pretty dizzy.

I got up slowly and he was in front of me. “Move or there’s going to be hell to pay.” Honestly don’t know why I did that it was definitely not the best idea but I wanted him to know that I wasn’t scared even though I was basically shitting myself. His smile faded and he got in my face wide-eyed he looked insane and he said, “who do you think you’re talking to little girl” he grabbed me by the throat and put me up against a tree. I was so scared but luckily Fight or flight kicked in and I decided that it was best to fight. I kneed him in the crotch and then pushed him over into what looked like a ditch of poison ivy.

I really hope it was. I continued to run and I could see Will standing up I called his name he looked over to me confused. I finally reached them and I was so out of breath and sobbing. Finally I managed to tell them what happened. Will decided to go confront the guy. Will was a pretty big guy, He was about 6’2 and he was a farm boy so I knew he had muscle.

Lily and I stayed up on the cliff For a while and then we eventually went back down after I chilled out.

When we got back to the tent the camper, the creep. and his creepy friends were gone.

I asked Will what he did and he just told him and his buddies that he had a shotgun in the tent and he had enough ammo so he didn’t have a problem using it on each and every one of them. He didn’t really have a shotgun in the tent but they seem to believe it and they got the hell out of Dodge. We didn’t call the cops because I didn’t even know any of their names so I knew nothing would come of it.I tried to forget about it but it was in the back of my head all weekend.

I haven’t been back to the campsite since.

Creepy school Stalker

I am a young 16 year old girl and im very shy and unsocial. I was in 10th grade at the time and didn’t talk much.

One day in the first week or so in school I was in Tech class on my computer, we had free time so I was just on a paint app drawing cats or something when our tells us we are doing a project. We had to make a poster, with a partner… I never liked working with others.

But when our teacher chose our partners he randomly chose this strang creepy kid that haf a stalker look to him, and I was right… He blankly stared at me when we sat down to start on the poster. I just shrugged it off because I often got strange looks, but something didn’t seem right about him, he was a sloppy looking person with stains all over him and was about 6 feet tall and I was only 5.3 feet to he practicly towered over me.

I tried to talk to him saying what we should do about the poster but he just stared at me and said “Ok…”.  It was silence after that so I just kept working on the project but I could feel his eyes burning into me. When it was time for lunch I rushed to the cafeteria but he followed and when I sat down to eat he sat uncomfortably right next to me, almost touching shoulders and when I scooted away he would move closer untill I could smell his horrible breath.

After lunch I lost him in the crowd but he was already back in the classroom waiting for me. And he still stared at me. After class I started walking to my class when he stopped in front of me he said ” Can I ask you something?” I said “Ok?…” obviously weirded out.

He then said “Be my girlfriend!” I stood there shocked I barely knew him and he asked the question in a demanding voice as if it wasn’t a question. I said politely “Sorry but no…”  then I walked off, I looked behind me to see him glaring at me with this hostile-Murderous glare. I turn away and quickly get to my class.

The next day I see him talking with some other kids. I heard him say that I was girlfriend. I rush up to him and yell “What are you doing?!” He just looked at me with a creepy grin and walked off.

Later I asked my friend about it and she said to ignore him and tell him off next time and that I was just paranoid. The next day he wasn’t at Tech class.-(Huge relief!) I thought. I asked a kid in class if he was sick or something but the kid said ” No, he went to the counselor for a schedule change I think?” I said thanks and sat down in my seat.

My heart was racing I knew exactly what he was doing. After class I head to my 8th period when I see him sitting in my class. He had changed classes to see me. I was freaked out by this and sat in my chair trying to work and ignore him.

He then gets up and sits right next to me. Then our teacher tells us that we will be working in the hallway. I’m working in the hallway when I hear girls yelling angerly. I turn to see that creepy kid touching these girls and they would turn and slap him and push him away but he would keep doing it I rush over and tell him to stop but he just turns and creepily smiles he walked over and tries to kiss me grabbing my shoulders. I struggle free and punch him hard in the face he falls to the ground and I bolt to my teacher who was in the classroom and tell her what happened. She rushes to the door and grabs the kid and takes him to the principles office.

He was suspended for a week, but when he came back he was silent but stared at me with that creepy smile. After school I was walking to the front exit when I see him following me I try to ignore him and keep waking I was outside and walking away from the school walking home-(I usually get picked up but I had to walk home that day because my mom had to work.)

I turn around the corner and turn to see him following me I start to walk faster but does it too. Its starting to get dark so I am starting to get scared. I see a store and and walk in and hide in the bathroom about 15-20 minutes my phone was dead so I couldn’t call anyone.  I left the bathroom and cautiously made my way outside I walked a couple of feet away when I see him up ahead behind a tree grining wildly I run past him but he follows he runs and stops in front of me.

I just blow up frustrated and say ” What do you want!” My heart is racing. He then says “I need to show you something?” he then points to the ditch behind the same tree and I see rope sticking out from behind it. My blood turns to ice I then say “No thanks” and he keeps trying to persuade me.

I see no one more time but this time he starts to get closer to me I shove him and bolt down the sidwalk and look for anyother people or cars but theres no one. And the guy’s screaming at me and chasing me. I turn around another corner to see my mom driving down the road. I run into the road, she stops and I get in.

And we hightail it down the road. She said that she got worried that I was late to be home and came to look for me. I look behind us and see him grinning creepily still and an even more evil look in his eyes. I  forever grateful to my mother. When I got back to school the next day he was gone and it was like that the rest of the year.

Later on I learned what happened to him. The same night he followed me, he had went to the park and kidnapped a young girl and tried hide her in abandoned house, but was caught and is n juvey, and had many drug charges and many other charges including robbery. They had questioned him as well and he had admited  attemping to kidnap me. I hope  never see him again.

Little Girls

My name is Hannah I’m 14 years old and  I live with my mom, siblings, and cats. I’m into all the paranormal… ghost… unnatural things. This happened about 2 years ago in July, my mom was having a 4th of July party and it was getting late so she sent us to bed. She had kissed us all goodnight me, my brother, and my sister.

For this story I’ll call them John and Sarah. At the time Sarah and I shared a room while my brother had his own. I tend to stay awake longer during the night.

So I was watching a movie on my phone, then all of a sudden it started to glitch. At first I thought it was just Wi-Fi or something was messing it up. So I ignored it and turned my phone off then closed my eyes and tried to sleep. The moment I closed my eyes I felt something sit on my bed. I know it wasn’t fake because when I sat up my sister, Sarah, was already looking at me. She asked me, ” Hannah do you see that.” At first I thought she was messing with me because we all play pranks on each other. So I played it off as a joke and said ” Yes Oh My God”.

But I seen her face, she was pale and looked like she was about to cry. So I looked into the corner of the room and there it was. Some little girl was just standing there. She had her hand out trying to reach out and tried saying something but before she could she disappeared. So I looked at my sister, confused, she looked at me and without saying anything we ran down stairs.

Both of us out of breath, trying to tell what had happened. By this time everyone went home. My mom was getting ready to go to sleep. As she seen the looks on our faces she asked questions like “what happened”, “Can you explain”. So we did and she looked around and there was nothing. It was about a week later when it started again.

But it was tords my brother John. We hadn’t told him anything about that night. What he told us will haunt us for the rest of our lifes. He had told us that he had seen a little girl in his closet. This time she told him that she wanted to play and of course being 6 we thought it was an imaginary friend and thought nothing of it. Curious we asked her name he said Autumn but she’s not here to hurt us she just wants Sarah. So we changed subjects by saying it was bed time so we had tucked him in.

As we leave he stared to stare at the end of the bed and smiled. So I head to bed and say good night to Sarah making sure she was asleep.

It was about 1:30 in the morning when I felt someone standing there in front of me so I open my eyes and there was nothing there but when I look at Sarah she was sitting straight up looking in the corner next to her bed. What happens next will never be forgotten. She screams on the top of her lungs. The blood curtailing scream was horrible. It happened for about 2 minutes. Then stops all was quiet and she just laid down like nothing happened.

I couldn’t sleep so morning came around and I tried to act normal but how…how do you act normal after that?

So I asked Sarah if she was ok but when we made eye contact she didn’t look like herself she was…lifeless…dark. So my mom and brother noticed that Sarah was acting weird. Flash forward a couple of days my mom had made her favorite dinner but nothing. So my mom had asked whats wrong still nothing.

This is when everything went down hill. My mom asked if Autumn was ok…Sarah looked at her and smiled. Sarah was acting normal like the happiest kid you’ll ever see which was weird how do you go from sad to happy in less then 1.5 seconds.

We haven’t looked at her the same way since. It’s been a couple of months and we have heard a couple things about Autumn. Things have gone missing, I’ve gotten random texts like do you miss me sissy…or I like laying next to you. Which is weird as it is but my sister has not been herself even since. My brother still plays with Autumn, and I still get weird feelings around my sister or in my room. We had moved sense then and we all have our own room now and I still get chills, random voices, and texts from random numbers.

Not a lot has changed.

Thank you and never let your imaginary friend be more then that.

The Joker at Target

My name is Hannah, I have so many scary stories from target but for now I’ll just tell you this one I’m a 16 year old female, I went to target around 9pm to hunt down some funko pop which are collectible items from tv shows or movies if you didn’t know that. As I entered the store and walked to the back where they keep there collectable items, there was a man wearing a ratted up tank top and cargo shorts, his hand were all black like he was working with oil and his hair was white, long and crazy. He was looking at Disney stuffed animals.

I walked up next to him a grabbed a target edition: Daryl Dixon funko pop as I put it in my cart I  realize the man wouldn’t stop staring at me and I’m the kind of person to upfront people when they make me uncomfortable so I asked “can I help you?”

And in return he grunted, got close to me, smelled me and walked away. I was a little shocked at that point but I soon forgot about it after looking at the funko pops for another 5 minutes, I headed to the check out where I saw the man standing in a closed down Starbucks across the way staring at me, staring at the cashier, staring at each item get checked.

I grabbed my bags look at the Starbucks and he was gone. I have extreme paranoia so I asked if a worker could walk me out, this was the most selfish thing I did and the thing that probably is the reason I’m still alive. It was probably around 10:30 now. When the manager brought out a tall,well built guy who was probably around my age to walk me to my car.

As we got to my car there was a Harry Potter funko pop on the trunk of my car. I started to freak out, how did he know which car was mine. Then all of a sudden the man jumps out of nowhere and stabs the kid in the leg with a small pocket knife then grabs me and starts to drag me. I was scream, I was screaming so loud that I couldn’t even feel it. The thoughts raced, this will be how I die, I won’t get to say goodbye to my mom, and I don’t want to die. the man let go of me and I feel the the ground before I realized it the man was taken down by this tall surfer looking guy who was pushing the carts outside.

The police where called and the man was taken into custody, and for the kid, he now walks with a limp and I do blame myself for it.



Now it’s been a few months since this has happened, but the whole experience is engrained into my mind. Though nothing terrible happened from this (thank God), it was still a very traumatizing event.

{One of my teachers said that there are three kinds of people in an emergency situation, people who freak out, people who freeze, and people who help.}

My name is Hannah, I’m sixteen years old. At my high school, we have a preschool program. It’s sort of like a daycare in which the children come in for a few hours so that we can teach them and observe their behaviors. We have a double sided mirror so that we can see the preschooler and they can’t see us. The preschool has its own door that goes outside so that the parents don’t have to navigate through the school. There is a connecting door next to the double sided mirror that leads to the preschool.

Thursday was our group’s observation day. I was usually the first one there, so naturally I was taking notes on the oncoming students.

Then the announcement came on the speakers saying that a lockdown was taking place. Now for normal classes, the students have to sit against the wall or under the tables, away from walls and windows. For our class, because we run a preschool, we have procedure which isn’t really that different, the only difference is that we have to bring the parents and children into the teacher’s office. As my teacher was trying to figure everything out, most of the students huddled in the corner. Me and a few others were by the connecting door (the one that connects the preschool to our room). We were there to let in any other students. My classmate, I’ll call her T, was going into the room to get children and parents inside, I was staying by the door to open and close it for her.

At first we were all joking around, thinking that it was a drill. But as time went on, the tension became thick. My teacher was calling the front office and confirmed that it was real. A man with a mask was walking around the school. I was worried, but he was outside so I thought that as long as we were okay now, we’d be okay until the police found him.

As all of this was happening, T was getting texts from a group chat. Apperently, one class had a walkie talkie (that administrators and coaches had) and it was on, and people could hear everything that was happening. So, they typed it in the group chat. And of course there were rumors of gunshots being heard in the auditorium, but that would have been heard throughout the school. We didn’t hear anything, so we quickly debunked it.

I was texting my mom throughout this, she seemed apathetic and when I told her about the gunshots in the school she literally said “Oh that’s cool, can you hear them?”. So, thanks mom.

Most of the children were in the office with their parents, so T and I were just sort of waiting by the door. We started to talk (or whisper) and she had apperently been in a lockdown situation before. She said that she was lucky that she got out last time and was praying that nothing happened this time around.

She looked down at her phone and started to cry. My teacher ran over and she showed me the message saying “They’re inside the school”. I don’t know what happened to me but in that moment, everything inside of me went down. I was having an anxiety attack.

My teacher led us to the supply room and I quickly went down. When I have an anxiety attack my legs become jelly and I tune everything out around me. Some girls came in to help me calm down. It was dark in the room, so they used their phone lights. After the calmed me down, I looked around and I noticed T in the corner, crying. I crawled over to her and I comforted her, for some reason I kept going to help.

I remember sitting in that room for what felt like hours, in the silence. God, that’s the worst part of it, it was so quiet that I could hear the faint sobs of the girls around me. I couldn’t stay in there any longer, so when my teacher came in to get snacks for the kids, I volunteered to help. The people around me thought I was crazy, one girl even said that I looked like I was prepping for war. So I went in with the preschoolers and distributed snacks.

Not long after I started, an announcement came on. It was all over. I started crying, thankful that nothing happened.

Apperently a student was going to a dentist appointment, he had a black beanie on and his hair was in his face. A teacher thought that he was wearing a mask and called it in.

I kept helping because I felt like I needed to. In order to keep my own sanity, I had to help those around me.