The Killer from the River

By Earth Cake

Before i start my story i just wish Darkness Prevails narrates (sorry if the spelling is wrong) my story at YouTube, dude you rock! I actually posted a story here entitled “The girl from the closet” or was that IN the closet. I forgot. I didn’t finish it actually, it was night time when ii was typing this and the girl was scaring me with noises & flickering lights so i won’t continue.

It happened about a few years ago. Some of my cousins had a house near a river so we often swim a lot. But this event is extremely unforgettable. It was 3 in the afternoon, me and some of my cousins finished having fun swimming because it was getting somehow dark. Unfortunately we got so carried away swimming we nearly swam to the far side of the river where we never visited before. We cleaned ourselves up & cooled off for a while. Read more “The Killer from the River”

Creature in the Bush

By Max Neason

Hi my name is Max Neason. The experience that im about to share needs some background information…. i was 14 at the time of this experience and had been living with my mother all my life. it was just me and my mum, my life was just like any other 14 year old guys… i loved sports, i was a freak about the outdoors and would go camping with friends almost every month. we loved these camping trips, they were a time when just a group of guys could hang out and do whatever we wanted. this particular camping trip changed the outdoors for me forever.

So as i said i was 14 at the time. my dad had dropped me and three other guys of in a place called goobarragandra, it was a river that ran through the australian bush…. Read more “Creature in the Bush”

Worst McDonald’s Experience

By Dylan Johnson

So this happened a few years ago when I was in middle school. I am currently a Freshman in high school, and I don’t often bring this story up because it was one of my worst experiences with a special needs person in my life, and I am a male, and anytime when I look back to that event I always say to myself, “I should have thrown my fist.” So my story starts when me, my mom, my sister, and her friend and my aunt went to McDonalds on a typical day for lunch. My mom told me I had to wash my hands.

So I went to the restroom, and as soon as I got in there, I saw a special needs man, who looked like he was in his late 20’s or early 30’s, and he had on a little weight. Read more “Worst McDonald’s Experience”

Shaking Broom Box

By Frances

I am little girl I’m in fourth grade and I’m just 10. My name is Frances. This was a true experience and I will tell you the story that happened when I was in third grade. One Wednesday, in third grade, we had a special class in dismissal that in schedule for fourth graders and above is Friday.

I was with my classmates and the teacher assigned us to get paper for making a Christmas card or something I forgot. We three went to our classroom and got the paper we need. My classmate noticed something in the broom box and she got near to it. Suddenly, the broom box was shaking up and down! We ran outside the classroom and went to our special class. Read more “Shaking Broom Box”

Shadows in the Dark

By Lilbutterfli94

When I was a freshman in College there were all sorts of ghost stories about the campus. Most of these stemming from traumatic events that happened on the campus many years prior. There was a story about the building called Old Chapel, about these figures that roamed the building at night. There were stories about the Fine Arts Center, and this was where I had my first experience on the campus. It was the beginning of the school year, and bright outside. The power in the building went out and as my teacher entered the room the door next to him swung open without anyone touching it.

Later that night as the fall air crept in, I was walking around the campus, trying to calm down from the days activities, and I went by the Fine Arts Center center that night and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving in the room I had been in earlier that day. I turned my head and there was a shadow standing in the corner, right in front of the mirror in the room. It soon vanishes and I make my way back to my room. Read more “Shadows in the Dark”