Never Going Back to Burger King

By Tamor

I live in Calgary Canada in a little apartment. Like most people, I enjoy going out and chilling with my friends. Usually we talk, see a movie, go out to eat, just have fun, but this night was far from what I expected.

My friend had a hankering for Burger King at the moment so we decided to head on over. This experience occurred recently, and of course all of this creepy clown business was going on, so we had our guards up. To be safe, went to the closest one we could find. We made it there pretty quick without a hassle, ordered our food and sat down. The table we chose was close to the window towards the back edge. Read more “Never Going Back to Burger King”

The Man in the Mask – My Nightmare

By Maren

The following is a nightmare I had early last week.

My mom was worried that someone was breaking into my house.
We couldn’t find anything missing or misplaced, so I didn’t see why my mom was so nervous. She put a camera up in our living room facing the kitchen. Our kitchen has French doors that lead to the backyard, a little area off to the side that has a half-bathroom, laundry room, a drinking fountain, and a door to the garage. The camera also shows the stairway to the basement where my little sister and I sleep. Wherever this guy is coming in, we’d know for sure. My mom eventually left for work, since she works nights at Walmart. The rest of my family and I went to sleep. Read more “The Man in the Mask – My Nightmare”