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Possible Shooting

About 2 years ago I was in 7th grade. I was real good friends with this guy, let’s call him Richard. Richard was….well a social outcast. He was at our school for 3 days and was being bullied. Now I’m not a bully so I walked up to him and said, “hey come sit with me at lunch” and we talked for about 5 more minutes until we had to go to class. When lunch rolled around Richard sat with me. He just talked about how he wished he could be accepted and all the girls think he’s this smelly weird dude and won’t ever talk with him. To be hones he about cried saying that to me, I didn’t see anything bad in this guy. Then these 4 guys came behind Richard and yelled, “DORK BOWLING!” They picked him up and slid him across the gym floor and he hit the wall. The entire gym erupted with laughter.

Me on the other hand well I just got up and beat the sh@t out of that guy. I got suspended for 2 days. When I finally returned, Richard seemed “changed” he now started talking about he  and “Dylan Klebold” were twins they both just want to be accepted and they’re rejected by girls. At first I had no idea who he was and when I got home I reasearched him and turns out he was on of the columbine gunmen. It kinda freaked me out but I just shook it off. What happened the next day is why I’m writing this story.

Anton’s Journal

Let me begin by saying these events happened roughly four years ago, so some details may be foggy and inconsistent.

The year was 2013. Me and my family, being my mom and dad, were on vacation in Germany, visiting relatives. We were in the city of Weimar. For those that are unaware, Weimar is a relatively small city, with a population of about 66,000, according to Google.

Summer Break in Blue Ridge

This past Summer break, my sister and I went to the mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We rented a cabin and were pretty excited to get there. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive through mostly mountain roads. The GPS was pretty spotty, and I’ve had trouble with it before where it would get confused and send me a really roundabout way to my destination.

As soon as we started getting deeper and deeper into the trees, we started noticing some pretty creepy stuff. At one point, we drove by what looked like a dilapidated old trailer. We were driving pretty slow at this point because we were on a curvy gravel road. We were just being jerks and giggling at how rundown this place was when we noticed that a bunch of people started filing out of it and just stared at us as we drove past. Needless to say, I tried to go as fast as my little 4 cylinder car could handle.

I Saw The Same Guy Twice

My glitch in the matrix

I saw the same person twice.

I’ve had the feeling of dejavu meny times, and the more I read about it the more the Matrix Theory makes sense to me. Especially  after I experienced my own glitch in The Matrix.

It’s nothing to exciting, but its true.
I was walking down the street the same street and same path I’ve bee taking for 4 years, I saw a man walk past me he had blue jeans, a white coat, and a white knitted cap. He was a bit ahead of me and he disappeared around the corner.

Repeat In Time

Yesterday, being July 1st, 2017, I went on Facebook as I usually do in the morning and it showed it was one of my friends’ birthday. I posted on his wall wishing him well, but in the back of my mind something felt off. I won’t give his full name for privacy reasons, but his name is Dustin. About 1 to 2 weeks ago, I remember already having wished him a happy birthday. I thought, what the hell? The same goes for my friend Ame, I swore I had already sent her birthday wishes, but recently I had a notification showing it was her birthday. Of course I posted on her wall wishing her well, but again, something felt weird.

I felt as if I had already seen these notifications on my Facebook page, and had already sent them my birthday wishes. Did I dream all that? If I did, then it must have been one hell of a realistic dream, because when I first posted on both of their Facebook walls before, I was absolutely in the moment. So when I saw these notifications again, I was a bit dumbfounded. I thought to myself, “I must just be confused or imaging it”, but why the hell would I feel as if this had already happened?? So you tell me, did I somehow dream all this and maybe it was a sort of premonition, or did I really experience a glitch in reality?

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