Werewolf of Fort st John

This story I’m about to to tell I’ve never told anyone before

Back in 2013 me and my best friends went to our old school to hang out and it was close to 12 at midnight we started to walk back were there was no lights but that didn’t scare us or even bother us either as soon as we got close to our place I heard something like a howl and I froze and one my friends said ” come on dude it’s only a dog let’s keep going” so I started to walk again this time the howling was closer then before I turned around and same with my friends we all saw something tall and dark with yellow eyes and yellow teeth and the only thing that came to my mind was “werewolf” so me and my friends stated to back up slowly and then we ran for lives I looked back and it stated to Sprint toward us and said” holy fuck guys keep running” as soon as we entered our trailer court it stop and we all went into my place and watch the window till the sun came up.

Werewolf in indonesia

it was 3 years ago,when i was only 9 yr.im on a vacation with my family to puncak,west java.it was a full moon that night my cousin and i was exploring around the villa,just like a 9 yr would do,after aprox. Thirty minutes of walking all night,we decided to go back for a drink.as we walked back through the path(there was a path there )i noticed,theres was blood on the ground,it smells like dead chicken

we walk about 5 more meters until we saw something,something…weird i tought that only a stray cat but suddenly its stand on its hind legs we were so scared idk what to do my cousin was crying,the creature was about 3 meters tall with a long snout and pointed ears,the creature suddenly walk to us,then run away,

5 Real GOATMAN Encounters

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The Goatman

when I was younger me, and my sibling were home alone, since are parents often stayed out all night drunk.

Which we often were, and we would sleep in the living. Since we all were to scared to sleep in are own rooms.

Goatmans Bridge

Hello, I’m a huge fan of your Channel and I’ve always wanted to submit something to you but until now nothing I’ve had was long enough.

There’s a Ghost Story a friend of mine told me about called Goatmans Bridge. The long and short of a story is way back when there was a Goat Farmer who had a wife and children, but due to him being Black and his wife White the others didn’t take to kindly to their family due to the Racial issues at the time. They lived a normal life and never bothered anyone but one night they were taken out to the bridge by angry Farmers and were hung; the man was forced to watch as his beloved wife and children were murdered before being hung himself. Though he didn’t die right away; those who had hung them made sure the Noose was tied in such a way that caused a slow death.

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