The Creeper at the Drive Thru

I was 16 when I worked at Taco Bell. It was right next to my high school, an easy job, and fun because my friends would always come in to hang out when it wasn’t busy.

I’m a pretty girl; tall with nice curves, green eyes, and dark red hair. I was used to guys hitting on me and I just brushed it off, I had a boyfriend at the time and I was, still am, extraordinarily loyal. I’d had a few weird guys hit on me, like one time a guy asked what tasted the best and I said it’s all pretty good, only for him to ask what I tasted like in response. I’m tough, with eight years of mixed martial arts experience and a few months of juvie due to former drug use, several suspensions for fighting, and one expulsion for violent tendencies under my belt. Nothing scares me, so stuff like that always made me laugh.

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Grandad’s Monster Encounter

This is a creepy story , or should I say encounter that happened to my grand father in the old 1960’s days , he is deceased now but his infamous monster encounter still intrigues me so I’ll share it with all of you.

This monster encounter took place in Mexico during the summer of 1965 , let me add that Mexico is home to an overwhelming amount of monster sightings , maybe because of all the wilderness , and that leaves a big possibility of unknown creatures to stalk and terrorize remote control areas and abandoned towns.

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The Break-In

NOTICE: English is not my primary language, so I apologize for my bad grammar, but I wanted to really share this story as I am still shaken by the encounter.

For this story you will need a little background information: I am 6 foot tall, 16 years old, I live in a very small country named Latvia, probably some of you know it.

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