Scary Subway Stalker

This happened to me a few months ago when I was 14. A group and I had traveled to California for a dance competition and since it lasted the whole weekend, we had to find restaurants for every night. We had planned to go to this Italian restaurant, but due to messing up our reservation, we ended up at subway.

Don’t get me wrong— I used to love subway until this happened. As we walked from the Italian restaurant to subway, I noticed quite a few homeless people and beggars along the sidewalk, but I dismissed it as we were in an urban area.

I was walking next to my friend when I abruptly saw her smile turn into a frown so I looked over in the direction she was and I saw a lady. She was clearly homeless with short blonde scrappy hair and tattered clothing.

“Hello children.” She said in a slight whisper.

I heard it and started to walk faster. But unfortunately before I could get completely away, we made direct eye contact.

The two things that crept me out the most though, were her teeth and her height. She had maximum of six teeth and they were disgusting. I shivered just looking at her. But even though she was sitting down I took to notice her height. She looked tall stopped over, but I couldn’t imagine her standing up.

We made it to the subway and took a seat inside. It was only our group and our mothers. It’s important to note that the way it was layed out, people outside could see most if not all of the inside due to the windows and lights, but we could not see outside.

I ordered my sandwich and went to get a drink from the fountain. As I was pouring my iced tea, I heard the bell from the door ring, and everyone went silent. I capped my drink and turned to see what was up— but something blocked my way.

Standing no more then two inches away from me was (yep, you guessed it,) creepy homeless lady. I almost screamed. I wanted to. I saw her reach for her back pocket, and that’s when I bolted past her.

“Is this your family?” She asked in a low raspy voice.
“What’s your name? How old are you?”

She followed me around the restaurant and right before she started to corner me, the manager came out and yelled at her to leave, and I’ve never seen her run faster.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat back down with my group and we tried to laugh it off. But since I was facing the window, I noticed something else in the darkness.

A man was walking past the store, and not just once but about ten times. I started to get nervous because of what had just happened, but I shrugged it off because he didn’t look that disheveled. But then he came in and yep, he was definitely homeless, and drunk.

As he stumbles in our chaperones start to pick up their bags and get ready to leave. I do to and as I start to stand up he says to us,

“What a lovely family. You’ll make a nice family yes?”

We shrug it off as a drunken comment and as I turn towards the door I notice his unusually large backpack. Before I can grab the door handle, he starts to stroke my hair from the back and says I’m beautiful.

Not wanting to get snatched 2,000 miles away from my home state, I bolt out after my mom, and thankfully that was the end of it. But to this day I still don’t feel comfortable going into subways.

The Pedo Stranger Guy

This story took place back when I was still a little girl in the 2nd grade. This story isn’t really scary is kinda funny but a little freaky. Forgive me if I can’t recall all of the minor details since its been about 10 years since this incident.

To set the scene, i’ve grown up in a fairly upper middle class neighborhood in southern california, so the threats of weirdos and crimes going on was nearly non- existent. Everyone was sheltered and to be honest we (as in the kids) thought everyone was nice and bad guys were just something that happened in movies. Anyways, both my parents work, so each day I have to stay at an after school program called Kids Care where basically they monitor you until your parents pick you up.

I usually got picked up at 6 pm so my friends and I used our time up by playing soccer out on the field.

The field is set up as a giant rectangle but the right side of the edge of the field is a short slope with lots of greenery and on top there are a line of houses over looking the field and the school in general. Everyday me and about 10 other people or so would go out to the field where we were supposed to be monitored by an adult but since all the so called “teachers” were all in the main building no one was watching us.

This was their fault cause they are supposed to watch us all the time especially when the sun would set early from daylight savings.

On one particular day it was 5 in the evening and the sun was starting to go down. We went out to the field and none of the teachers followed us.

We started playing soccer as usual until by best friend got hurt and began bleeding a bit so most of us ran to get a bandaid or two from the classroom that was half way across the school. I however, stayed with my friend and sat down beside her.

I got a eerie feeling as we were alone in the middle of an empty field and by now the sun was just a thin line on the horizon. I’ve always been a real paranoid person and the whole time they were gone I kept looking behind my back and doing 360s because I could feel that nasty feeling in my stomach grow. When they finally came back we went back to playing soccer like usual.

The feeling still wasn’t gone.

My friend was running towards the goal and we were all cheering her on until she stopped mid way and her expression blanked as she stared at the top of the small slope to the right.

I thought she had seen a dog or something so i looked over but didn’t see anything.

I stood and asked “what? whats going on?” She whispered just to the point where i could hear it “there’s a man watching from the bushes” I spun around and surely there was a man probably in his 40s wearing a red shirt with a big ol’ beard holding a big camera smiling and watching us from a freaking bush.

WhAt tHe hEll.

I nearly screamed, we saw the flash from the camera go off and he suddenly jumped up and ran in the direction of the houses.

The last thing I saw him do was jump the fence in to someone’s backyard. By now, we were all screaming like banshees as we frantically looked around for a teacher. nopity nope nope no teacher.

We continued our banshee screams as we ran to the main building.

When we got there all the teachers were already out of the classrooms trying to find the source of the screaming. my friend and I were the most shaken and we soon figured out that none of the other kids saw the man and they were just freaked out that we were freaked out.

It wasn’t until recently I realized that this man was obviously planning to do something with those photos.

The police were called immediately and the best part is that we got pulled out of the pathetic excuse for an art class and got to talk to the police which was so cool for a second grader at the time. We both gave him a description of the man. We later found out that they never caught the creeper pedo man. Thankfully he never showed up again, or rather, we never saw him.

Psychopathic homeless junky at the improv

This event happened to me last summer so I may be a little fuzzy on the details; however, I remember enough. This event occurred during either the third or fourth day of a week long field trip that the oldest age group of my camp, and our sister camp attends. Our camps are in Massachusetts and we were in California for the trip.

Now, enough background information, time for my story. My friends and I were at a theater awaiting to watch some form of improv. Side note, I normally hate improv.

So anyway, we were waiting inside for our sister camp to show up. Ten minutes into waiting a loud noise lifted everyone’s head off of their recently regained phones, to the entrance doors.

About four kids, me being one of them, and two councilors approached the thankfully locked doors. What we saw will be burned into my memory: a tall, slender, almost skeletal, balding, dirty man banging with his fist on the door with obviously all his strength, and he was yelling in a raspy voice “LET ME IN!!”. My friends and I began to back up and tried to hide. I know right, a cluster of sixteen year olds scared of one man.

We were scared that the door wouldn’t hold this psychotic, high, homeless, and or insane drug addict for long.

Then one of my friends who had just left the bathroom, Jack, heard the man yelling and did the most stupid thing ever! He walked towards the door and extended his hand to the door before, in unison, we shouted “Jack”! Thankfully he walked away but the man was still yelling.

Soon we no longer heard yelling and the councilors called the cops.

Who showed up, a policeman on a non motorized bicycle who looked like a rookie. After taking the councilors statement and leaving, we began to calm down and started ripping on Jack for possibly getting us killed. Just then, the heavy locked exit door, which I was sitting in front of started getting pounded from outside and we heard a muffled let me in.

Afraid I moved; however, it quickly died down and nothing like that happened for the rest of the night.

A few minutes later the girls came, we watched the show, I nearly crapped myself laughing at the show despite it was improv ‘based’. Before the summer, I had began listening to narrators such as darkness prevails, lazy masquerade, corpse husband, and mr.nightmare; however, I never would have believed that an event similar to their narrated stories would occur to me.

Now I pay much more attention to their stories so that I know how to get out of situations like this, just in case something freaky occurs to me again.

So, homeless, insane, and or drug addict, I have two think to say, get help and let’s never meet again.

Racist Pedophile

It was 8 years ago and I was only young, my best friend and I were walking home in a small town in Los Angeles California.

We noticed that a black van with tinted windows, trying to avoid the van we tried walking a bit faster. The vans window starting rolling down slowly, and a man whose head was almost touching the top of the roof of the van. he had a large beard with sun glasses and an old ripped up t-shirt with an American Flag on it.

He asked us if we needed a ride home, but I quickly declined.

A few days passed and I didn’t tell my father or anyone anything. I seen the man again but this time with another boy about 7 years old. The first thing I did was ask who the man was, he replied with, “I am Bryce Livingston” in a deep dark voice. It wasn’t a few seconds before I was grabbed from behind and threw into the back of his black van.

I seen many knifes and guns, I was terrified even more when I seen pictures of me changing in the girls locker room.

I looked up only to find a map of the city with addresses of every black or Mexicans house. A man with a deep voice said “Are you the one they call, Carlos?”, I calmly answered him, “yes”. It was quiet for a few moments until I heard sirens, soon I felt an increase of speed from the van I was in. The van soon crashed into a brick wall causing the man driving the car and the 7 year old boy to crash into the windshield, soon dying of the loss of blood.

The other man in the van was handcuffed by an officer named, “Levi”.

It turns out there were cameras in the area I was in when I was thrown in the big black van. The 7 year old boy was the mans son, it turned to be that the two men that kidnapped me were racist pedophiles, raping and torturing any black and Mexican in the city.

If there weren’t any cameras in that area who knows what could have happened to me.

Summer break creeper

First you know that I am a girl and am 20 years old and I live in California. The time this story takes place happened to me when I was in junior year of high school and was 17 years old at the time. After school one day, I was on Facebook doing what anyone would do, checking posts, commenting and updating my status when all of a sudden, I got a message.

At first I thought it was someone I knew and they just wanted to talk so I opened it to see who it was.

When I opened it, I saw it wasn’t anyone that I knew at all.

The person who messaged me was a man named Umer and he sent a message saying hi. I wasn’t sure why he messaged me so I checked out his account to see who he was. On his account, it said he was from Pakistan and a few other basic stuff that most people put on their accounts so I didn’t think much of it. In one of his picture, he looked to be maybe in his late twenties to early thirties.

After I messaged him, asking him who he was, he said I looked cute.

I thought it was a bit creepy but I had to remember that anyone can your pictures or posts and other stuff on Facebook so I just  said thanks. Now this is where it gets creepy, a few hours later or so, I get another message from him asking me how old I was.

Of course I was a bit scared because I didn’t know if this guy was a pervert or not so I didn’t say anything.

Then I get another message. This time it said ” Will you marry me?” I was was a bit shocked by this because I didn’t know who this guy was so I told him no. I knew I should have blocked him when he asked how I was but whatever reason I didn’t.

Then he got upset with me and said that he was going to kill himself because I had said no to him. I told him that he shouldn’t kill himself because I had said no but he didn’t listen. I didn’t know what happened to him until a few days later when I got messaged by his brother that he was put in the hospital because he got into an accident. His brother asked me what happened and I told him what happened.

He was upset that I rejected him and that his brother was depressed.

I was a bit upset myself because this guy was blaming me for his brother trying to kill himself.

I told that to fuck of that I was underage and to young to wanting to marry so I finally blocked the account for good and to this day I never heard from him again. So next time someone says you’re cute and asks you to marry them, be careful what you say because they might just threaten to kill themselves if you don’t marry them and remember watch out for creepers.