Babysitting Horror

So, this was when I was babysitting in 2007. I babysat some kids a few miles away from my neighborhood. The family had a huge house, in the woods, as I remember. It was a really nice place, but all things considered, it was also very creepy. It was old and isolated.

I had to ring the doorbell about 5 times, before I finally saw a kid come up to the door. ”Mommy is already gone!” she yelled at me. ”Wow, umm.. Sorry? Your mother told me I had to be around here at 19:30 so, I’m here now, right?” The kid let me in.

Creepy Feeling at Grandma’s

My name’s is Bethany and this happened when I was babysitting my cousin after he had got home from Florida. He had went for Christmas with his dad. Our parents and my grandmother went out for dinner and my sister was sick so it was just me and my cousin. That night was very bazaar and I think about it often.

My grandpa died about a month or two ago and about a week after he passed I babysat my cousin. Now when I arrived everything was normal the cat was being crazy and my cousin was playing with him. Then everyone left.

Babysitting with a Friend

By Z

Me and one of my good friends got a babysitting job, with some people that my friend knew personally. The job started at 4pm and ended at 11pm, we didn’t mind because we were getting paid and I love kids. Well around 7pm I put one of the kids to bed.

Then around 8pm we got the two other kids to bed. We heard guns shooting in the neighborhood, we didn’t think much of it at the time. Well around 9:30 pm it was officially dark outside.

6 REAL Mexican Ghost Stories

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Terrible Creature at my Window

This story takes place when I was just 7 years old. Please bear with me as english is not my first language. Now, I’m from a very quiet and very rural part of mexico. There, many of our neighbors, family and friends were farmers and livestock breeders. Most of us lived off the land the best we could.

Because of this, I was around a lot of animals all the time. I often played with the chickens or pet the cows, for example. Being so young and surround by so many cute animals, it was very fun for me. It was a great time in my life. Many of you might think it sounds dirty or unsophisticated, but it was a place I called home, and I was proud of that. We often took trips from the capital city of my state Michoacan to other nearby farmlands for the purpose of visiting, trading or giving away stuff we had grown or cultivated. It gave me plenty of opportunities to visit other children my age, to make friends, and of course hang out with plenty of other farm animals.

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