Band room ghost

I don’t know if this really is a ghost sighting. It was October 2016 when this happened. I was in six grade and I was in band. I’m still in band. I was walking to my second class for the day. The class started off okay until we heard this.

“Their is a lockdown. This is just a drill.” Mr. F said on the speakers.

The band teacher told the class to hide in the back. I did that a friend and I went to go hide in the low brass area. The band teacher turned off all the lights. Nothing happen at first. Nothing really noticeable.

My friend lizzy was next to me. I felt something touch me. Both of us are really spiritual. Sorry back to the story. “Dude stop.” I said I felt like something

was with us. “Its not me.” Lizzy said. I saw she had her phone out. I rolled my eyes. I felt it again but it was worse. I wanted to yell but I had to keep it in. Lizzy looked at me. She told me not to touch her. I told her i didn’t do anything

As I said that. Something made me look at the computer. As I looked at it I felt fear come over me and I wanted to run. Their was a figure it resembled a girl. She looked to be 5’2 in hight. I thought i got that demon angry because I felt something stab me. After I felt that. Mr. F came on the speaker and said it was over. The lights went on and the girl or demon what ever it was it left. I don’t know what it was i don’t care to know what it is.

I’m glad that it didn’t do anything else.

Scary School Lockdown

I lived in a small town when I was about 11 years old. I had just started my 6th grade year which I was pretty excited about because I was finally able to have my own locker. My school had two kinds of lockdowns soft lockdown and hard lockdown.

One day my principal had heard that this creep was moving close towards our school so he put us on soft lockdown which is where you continue the lesson but turn the lights off.

Normally we didn’t  have lockdowns because we are a small town and small towns aren’t normally targeted.

Before my principal called hard lockdown the police were everywhere. Then over the intercom my principal straight up yelled “HARD LOCKDOWN, HARD LOCKDOWN” every one ran to a classroom but I was in the bathroom and I couldn’t leave so I did what my teacher told us to do in that situation but he heard me “Come out little girl I just want to see you” he said. I covered my mouth and figured the police would take that maniac away and thankfully I was right.

For any of you who are in middle school please be careful.

Middle school lockdown

I remember this like it had happened yesterday. To say I was a theatre nerd was putting it nicely. I was walking to my chorus class, now to get to the chorus room you have to pass the front doors, as I was walking I noticed a strange man I’d say no later than 40. I shrugged it off thinking it was just a parent.

As I got into chorus we did our warm ups which was a daily thing. We sat down and watched a documentary on the national anthem as we were singing the national anthem at the upcoming basketball game.

The door had swung open and the same man had walked in our room. Red flags were going off in my head. I knew if he was someone’s parent the office would’ve called down to inform us a student must leave.

My chorus teacher stood up to ask the man if he needed something. As she stood up the man punched her across the face. My friend ran to see if she was okay. As he did he pulled a knife. “Step away or I will cut your head off!,” the man said. My friend backed away.

The man looked at me. I will never forget that grin. His eyes were as wide as possible and he had rotting teeth. He started walking up the stairs, still looking at me. When he was 6 feet from me I stood up and threw my chair at him. Now I was a wrestler so I had some strength to me.

He made a grunt that crackled. He was knocked down for at least 10 seconds which gave all 20 of my classmates and my teacher enough time to get out. As we were running down the hall I heard a noise. Pop! Pop! Pop! He was firing gun shots. “I will kill all of you!”

As I ran past the front door they were sending the swat team in. From what I heard it took two tazer guns to go off to make him drop his gun. After they arrested him they sent him to the hospital as when I threw my chair at him it left a huge gash on his face.

Now our school has high security. The office ladies have to press a button just to make the doors unlocked. Now how’d he get in?

The next day we were told what happend. The man had just gotten through a divorce and lost both of his kids who were our age. He started buying guns and was in the works of making bombs.

Now back to the question, How’d he get in? The office ladies were helping a kid in the nurses office as our school nurse also works at an elementary school. As the man walked in he looked for something to make the door unlocked.

And he found it. His son was always a fan of chorus and singing in general. Now he had moved to a different town a week prior as his dad tried breaking in. His son was my best friend.

He was planning to kill the entire school. And luckily I had thrown the chair at him otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to tell this story.

Clown Catastrophe

This took place around the time that creepy clowns were making headlines. I live in Kentucky where the clown group was supposed to be. I am 12 years old, 5 foot 7, and am larger for my age. It all started at night when I was laying bed, chatting with my friends on ooVoo.

We were talking about the creepy clowns and how all this crap was fake. Then another friend got on and informed us that there were cops at the local Walmart about 3 min away from my house. He said that there was a clown there and he shot someone, we didn’t believe him.

The next morning I woke up to find on the news of a shooter at my local Walmart, but the creepy thing is that he was found wearing a clown costume. My mom told me not to worry and that it was all fake propaganda.

I went to school and met up with my friends to talk about what had happened, we were all had chills.

The school day went on normal until 4th period. 4th period was my favorite class because I was with Kobe and Jack. All of us were talking about the clowns, then our teacher caught us and told us to never talk about it again.

It was as if we knew something that others didn’t.

The bell rang and our teacher pulled us over saying to never speak of that again, not even to our parents. We moved on to our next classes and then it was normal.

Then I received a text from Jack. It read: Come to the bathroom we need to talk about something. So I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom, he approved. I met Jack at the bathroom. He said he got a text from one of his close friends at another middle school about 5 min away.

The text read: We are on full lockdown, we spotted a clown out of our window.

Chills ran through our body. As soon as we were about to talk the dean came on and said we are now on full lockdown. Me and Jack sprinted to the nearest classroom. Us being 6th graders we both just thought of this time as free time to play on our phones.

But then the teacher confirmed that the other school was on lockdown. I almost peed my pants. Then we waited, we waited for what felt like an eternity.

Then there was screaming coming outside of our room.

I swore I heard a squeak from a toy. Then the doorknob jiggled but then stopped. About 15 min later we were escorted out of the school by cops fully armed. We were greeted by our worried parents. I never figured out what was outside of that door. I can only assume it was a creepy clown.

Weeks later police found an Instagram page with pictures of my school from the date of the lockdown. The page was titled jimbotheclown. The page was tracked and they found the man.

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