Home Alone

My name is Alex and I live in England. When i was 14 my mum would not be home from work until 6 or maybe a little later, this was because she would have to stay later than the others to sort out the money and take it to the bank and tidy up the stock room then check the building. After she was done doing that she would lock up and come home. Anyway whilst she was at work, I would clean up the house and after completing the house work go upstairs to watch tv or play video games.

I remember the exact day this happened, it was the 7th of October and I was home alone, doing the cleaning and I heard a single heavy knock at the door.

Home Alone? Not Really…

By Someone_226

Hi! Im a 14 years old girl, I live in Tallinn the capital city of Estonia. I live in a 4- roomed apartment with my parents, sister, brother and dog.

My mom and her parents moved in here when she was about 5 years old. Now, my mom told me that when she was about 8 years old she was eating breakfast in kitchen. She was home alone. You know it was that time when there were no TV’s, computers and not even phones. She was just listening the radio. At the moment she heard the door handle moving, she turned around and it was going down and up by itself. If there was someone she would’ve seen it because the door had a large window that you could see through. She didn’t see or hear anything since that, at least that’s what she said.

The Creep at Home Depot

By Kayla

So i live in a big town in Michigan and my family was renovating a house that we had just bought, so we were at home depot to pick out paint colors and whatnot so we could renovate. It was about 9 o’clock at night and it was fall so it had been dark for a while at this point, i was on my own having left my parents to look at flooring. I had a project due on monday and i was going to do a really cool abstract design with the paint swatchs, so i was walking toward the paint section to look at the colors and i some how managed to get distracted by all the shiny fixtures that are normally in the kitchen section with all of the cabinets and stuff you would normally have.

This time was diffrent thought since my family normally came during the day there was normally a bunch of people just tripping over them selves to help you, but since it was night there was hardly anyone in the store and the section i was in was totally empty since the person a signed to that section of the store was busy helping a another customer in a diffrent part of the store.

A Haunting

By S.

I want to start this story by explaining first that at the time of this story I was living with my now husband and his family. It is important for you to understand that there were 7 adults and an infant living in the house at the time, so it was rare that anyone was left home completely alone. On this particular day I got off work early and ended up home by myself. My sister-in-law, Laney, didn’t work at the time and was staying home to care for her and my brother-in-law’s daughter, Taylor. She had texted to let me know she was at her mom’s about 40 minutes away visiting and that she would be homesoon. I took the opportunity to grab a glass of water and relax in mine and my husband’s bedroom.

I was laying on my stomach facing away from the door, playing on my phone and listening to music with my headphones. I had been laying there for about 20 minutes when I saw a shadow pass by the door going down the hall toward’s Laney and Kent’s room. I remember thinking how fast Laney must have been driving to make it home so fast or that she must have already been on her way home when she texted me.

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