The Man in the Mask – My Nightmare

By Maren

The following is a nightmare I had early last week.

My mom was worried that someone was breaking into my house.
We couldn’t find anything missing or misplaced, so I didn’t see why my mom was so nervous. She put a camera up in our living room facing the kitchen. Our kitchen has French doors that lead to the backyard, a little area off to the side that has a half-bathroom, laundry room, a drinking fountain, and a door to the garage. The camera also shows the stairway to the basement where my little sister and I sleep. Wherever this guy is coming in, we’d know for sure. My mom eventually left for work, since she works nights at Walmart. The rest of my family and I went to sleep. Read more “The Man in the Mask – My Nightmare”

The Doll

By Helios

When my sister was 9 and I was 8 she had this doll that would walk while you held its hand. It stood almost 3 feet high just a little shorter than a child the age that would play with the doll.

Well a few months passed and all was fine after she was gifted it. Then our family went to the beach like we did most summer weekends, when we returned home we washed the sand off of our bodies fully in the front yard with the hose. Read more “The Doll”