Water Woman

By Mira Sparrow

Hello there, I’d like to start this story of mine off by saying, I very much enjoy this channel and wanted to thank you for all the hours of enjoyment it has brought me. I’d also like to add, that do not be surprised if you get more submissions from me in the future. I also apologize for any errors in spelling or grammar. Now, let us begin…

A little back story….. When I was 15, I lived in an unconventional home. It was an apartment that was built around the 60’s in a not great area in a Podunk town in the mid-west. This building was once for the elderly, and disabled, but was now full of middle age single mothers and their children, my mom and I included. Our manager was a total ass, and often took advantage of the residents being single mothers and would often extort money, drugs, and other things in lue of a check for rent. He was known for harassing us all. It was a nightmare. Read more “Water Woman”

My Goatman Story

By Skyler

This happened about a month ago, before i get started though my name is skyler. (Im a boy my name is really unisex) Im 13 years old and this is the creepiest thing to ever happen to me. I live in florence Kentucky but i was visiting my brother in campbellsville kentucky up to 4-5 hours away. He recently survived cancer and our father died. My bro lives with my grandma for divorce reasons that iwont get Into. Anyways I was over one night to stay for a week. On my first day i just settled in and fell asleep relatively quick, the next night i wasnt so fortunate.

The next day we hung out in the woods  and threw sticks while sitting down and listening to be busta, darkness prevails, mr.nightmare and dark 5. We came to a video about audio recordings on Mr Nightmares channel then we heard rustling. I, being my pretty low key chill self thought it was part of the audio recording. Minutes later while talking we heard it again. I looked behind us and thats when I Screamed. My brother turns around having a nervous breakdown because of my scream and asks whats wrong. Read more “My Goatman Story”

Alive in a Coffin

By ScaryD

This story really haunts me a lot. Every time I think of this it always sends shivers down my back.

I was 18 years old and didn’t have much money I wanted to get a job and raise enough money to get a laptop i really wanted. At the moment we didn’t really have any work places to go which meant I had to go out of town for my job. I didn’t have any qualifications therefore I didn’t get a good job when I tried to search for one. Read more “Alive in a Coffin”

Werewolf in the Alley

By ChelleMILSO

I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life. I just recently moved to Hawaii but that’s not part of this story. Let me give some insight on my old house before I start my story.

I lived on the outskirts of Denver, about 20 minutes from the foothills. It’s a very small neighborhood but very wooded. My bedroom window faced toward the alley, which wasn’t paved like most were. It was a snowy night and on my birthday when I saw what I saw. I had a friend over to stay the night with me. We had just finished watching Top Gun and we’re starting upstairs to my room to go to bed. My window was wide open because I liked my room cold and I loved hearing how silent the world was as it snowed. Read more “Werewolf in the Alley”

The Face at the Window

By Jessie

My name is Jessie and my story starts off like any normal teenage night. I was talking to my crush one night through snapchat.

We were sending each other goofy faces and pictures of our room talking about our math class and math teacher. By the way this was when we were in middle school, I’m in my senior year now. I decided my face wasn’t looking very pretty at the moment so I decided to take a picture of my backyard. Read more “The Face at the Window”