In the Shadows

By AnUnexplainedWorld

This started about a month ago. It’s 2016 and I’m 14 years old. I was always uneasy with the paranormal, but intrigued at the same time. My dad doesn’t believe in that type of stuff though, because he’s thinks more practically, but I know there are things that cannot be explained by science. Any ways, I was dreaming, and in my dream I was laying down in my bed. I can’t remember a lot of specifics leading up to the event, but I still remember some parts.

There were two dark figures, one standing right next to me on my left side where the little walkway is, and the other standing on my bed looking down at me. Read more “In the Shadows”


By Georgia A.

I used to live in a small town called Redditch found in the UK. Most know it as a new industrial town, full of rowdy youths and harsh glares. In a town like that I understand why people just want to get out of there; like me and my family did, sadly, not everyone is so lucky.

My story took place when I was about 13 years old. Me and my older sister (I’ll call her Alice for this story) were discussing what to do for Halloween night. Quite often Alice would go to house parties, but she had always wanted to have a outdoor party, so (to my dismay) she had decided to throw a wood party in a forest not too far from where we lived. Read more “Pitcheroak”

I Knew Something Wasn’t Right

By Sliest

Alright so I used to live in poverty. There was actually a ghost in my other house, that was the house my mother saw a demon, but that’s another story. I was around 10 or 11, I’m 13 now, and we moved out, we bought a nice looking white house. It had a weird layout, but it was nice. It has an attic which is very important to the story.

This is where my story begins. It was a Sunday or Saturday, I can’t remember, and I wanted to pamper myself, so I went to find this bucket we use for soaking our feet in. I had to look in the attic for it. Read more “I Knew Something Wasn’t Right”

Sea Goddess

By BrenoP

This happened in early December of 2011 while I was on Bahia, northwest of Brazil.

A little background on this story, I’m from the north of Brazil, and here we don’t really have the impact of African culture in our daily life, so pardon me if I make some mistakes in names or descriptions, also, I’m not a religious person, even thou I’m open minded to certain stories after these events. Read more “Sea Goddess”

Please be a Bear

By Yer boi

It was a cold November night at my house, I was pretty surprising for only September. Well to give background about me myself, I live in the very back woodsy part of Maine so bears are an everyday sight wether out the window or in front of you on a hike.

My name is Jack and I’m a rather beefy kid not fat but like hulk-like compared to other 13 year olds. Yeah I may dabble in the paranormal and yeah the furnace turning on turned my face into an ice pack but that was when I was afraid of cats but when you think about it cats can be nightmarish. Read more “Please be a Bear”