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Lake Monster Attacked our Boat

By omnimulti

Growing up a fisherman, you spend a hell of a lot of time out on the water. Ever since I could remember, my dad took me out on the water at this lake near my childhood home every weekend. It was beautiful. It was so still, rolling mountains on either side. Whether I caught something or not, just being able to let the water rock our boat while I looked up at the sky made everything worth it.

There is one experience, though, that made me hesitant to go back on the water for a while.

Lake Ouachita Monster

By Grenadine

Arkansas has such a random climate. I’ve grown up here in Southwest Arkansas, and the weather has never ceased to annoy me. For example, one year we might have a blizzard of snow, people unable to drive to work or power going out for a week. Then, the next year, it might never get below 50. And the summers? Sometimes they are so moderate that you forget its not spring anymore, and other times it gets well over 100.

This happened on a very hot year.

Nothing Was There

By BaconBerrySundae

I was about 14 years old when this took place. I am now 27. At the time, my parents, my 3 sisters, my nephew and I, all lived in the same house. It’s only a 3 bedroom house, so we had to convert our dining room and a utility room into extra bedrooms, so that we all had a place to call our own. If you’re inside my house, the dining room is at the very front left corner of the house, right next to the front door.

I quickly volunteered to take it as my bedroom, because it was larger than the other actual rooms, and it had a window that faced out to the side of our house that, I thought, would make it easy for me to sneak friends into the house without having to open the horribly squeaky front door. Now, outside of this window, there is our side yard (made up of only dirt and rocks) extending about 25 feet out from the house.


By Ked

I’m the type of person that self diagnoses a lot, only because I’m afraid to tell a professional and my dad does not want me on any medications.

I’ve had nightmares ever since I was little and my dad said I was 3 when I became obsessed with death and I really did not want them to die. Anyway, as time goes on I keep these dreams to myself and it hasn’t gotten better.

One night I was watching a scary movie with my best friend, we was in middle school. She falls asleep then I normally go into this sort of sleep/awake state, it doesn’t happen every night it’s either completely nothing or a nightmare for me, I begin to feel this pain on my side it’s like a static wave and I slightly squirm because it hurts so much.

Roadside Scare

By Gothika

I drive the same road to and from work everyday. It’s an hours drive, but the pays good, so why complain. The road that’s why.

Ever since I started traveling that road, which is the only route I have to get there, I have seen many unusual and unnatural things. Now, I’m no stranger to weird sightings and paranormal run ins, so as unnerving as the road I take is, it’s not worth getting a new job for. Now, for security reasons, I’m not going to divulge the exact location, save for it being one of the back road highways of Wisconsin.

Alright, enough back story and monologue, let me tell you what still haunts my nightmares.

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