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Shadow Wolf Encounter

By KingBlazeBT

I’m a 14 yr old boy who never really believed the supernatural a whole lot until one night. My sister dropped her son off to spend the weekend with my dad and me. She dropped him off on Friday but the encounter happened inside my house on Saturday.

My house is small not too small though so we have a single hallway leading to all the bedrooms and the one bathroom with the other one in the bedroom at the end of the hallway.

Mothman Sighting

By Mr redraptor

My friend has a forest in his backyard, we see lots of creatures living in there, but not like this one.

It was a hot summer day at my friend’s house so we went into his pool right around 2:00. That’s where it went wrong. When we were leaving the pool for lunch, we heard a low hiss like a python, then we heard a tree branch snap “what the hell was that” I said.

Children’s Laughter at Midnight

By Nightwatcher666

This paranormal experience happened to me a few months back. I’m sixteen years old and live on the outskirts of a nice little village in the kentish countryside of Britain. My village has quite allot of history too it as well as a few ghost stories. One Saturday night I went drinking down the old working mans club with a few of my friends. Let alone i’m only sixteen and all my other friends are a bit older I still got served drinks but then again I do look about eighteen.

Anyway after a few hours of drinking It was getting rather late so I decided it was time for me to go home. I said goodbye to all of my friends and headed home.

The Dark Follower

By David P.

I don’t remember exactly when this happened, but I was perhaps 16 or 17 years old at the time. A friend from high school named Bradley and I had just walked a young lady we knew home because it was getting dark and we didn’t want her to get into any trouble. There are these train tracks in the woods that can be useful for a shortcut to the park, another side of town and where I live. The woods are practically my backyard. There are two entrances to them where I live. One from behind my garage, past the fire pit, and another close to my neighbor’s parking lot.

We used these tracks to take our friend from the park we hung out at to the other side of town where she lived. Darkness was catching up quick, so we made sure she got into her house safely before walking back to the tracks to get myself back home.

A Run In with Fae

By Pearl

After sharing my experiences with other witches, I’ve had a few experiences with other things. One of which, was some fairies, I was hiking with my father and brother, it’s more of a forest trail than a hiking trail, as it has a paved path. I was far ahead of the rest of them, seeing as I loved forests more than them, and I knew the path more.

Anyway, I was walking along the path, and I reached a part of the forest that was clear, there was trees, but the twigs were cut off and all over the ground. I like to run through that bit, it makes me feel, I don’t know how to put it… Alive, free, I dunno. But I was running through this area, when I tripped on a branch, like I said in my witches story, sparks come out of my hands sometimes.

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