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5 TRUE Camping Scary Stories

Camping has Never Been Creepier.

This world is a strange one.

Ghost’s Parents? Or Something Darker?

By Anonymous

So this would be the first time that I’ve have shared this story publicly, I’ve only told a few people what has happened to me when I was a kid. I remember always being surrounded by some form of weird happenings, shadow people watching me, hearing my name being called from what sounded like a raven or a crow, and now and again hearing walking or movement in areas where I know no one is there.

I would have to say the most unnerving and scary experience I had as a kid is one that I personally do not remember. I’m telling you what my mother has told me from her experience. When I was around the age of 1, she noticed that I kept looking at something that wasn’t there. I would smile and speak gibberish to it and she assumed either I had an imaginary friend or that I had maybe befriended a ghost. Not too long after this started to happen I would begin to wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. I was pushing on my arm as if someone or something had a hold of me, as if they were trying to drag me out of my bed. This continued every night till I reached the age where I had began to speak. I would still wake up screaming and crying, but as I pushed on my arm as if trying to get whatever had a hold on me to let go, I would cry out “No! I don’t want to go!”. After I had said that my mother had had enough.

Demon Attack

By TrutH

I didn’t experience this, my friend Bre did. This took her a lot of courage to speak of this demon attack again. But I’m telling you, this is all real.

I was babysitting a 13 year old boy named Mike, I know, that’s a boy who can look after himself. His parents asked me to babysit him because he tend to run off and get into trouble while they were gone.

A Late Night Walk

By Shiritori Miriwaza

I’m not good with recounting stories, and this story is even worse because of what happened during it, so I’ll try to the best of my ability to tell you all the details.

This story took place back in 2007 and I was 7 years old. It was late at night during a particularly hot evening that I decided I needed to stretch my legs and go for a walk with my dog Ozzie. I threw on some mildly decent clothes, put a leash on my dog, grabbed a flashlight, and started out the door. Not long after the walk started I felt sort of off, like I was being watched, however knowing that I had paranoia issues from some childhood stuff I went through, I put it up to that and kept walking. A quarter of the way through my dog seemed to notice what I had been noticing for a while, and he started looking around and sniffing the air, as if he was trying to find something but just couldn’t seem to locate it.

The Lady with the Black Eyes

By Jess Anna

I’m a teenager. I do the normal things a teen would do; I hang around Wal-Mart when I can, joking around. But here’s a little backstory on me. I’m a 5’3″ female, weighing in about 118 pounds. I have a skinny build, but I’m not really athletic at all. I also have a cousin who’s been involved with this. She’s 5’5″, weighing 163 pounds, and has a bigger build than me. In short, we’re nothing to really look at, as we are not really any models or anything of the sort.

The few times we have been able to go to Wal-Mart, it was with my cousins’ parents. The first time was when they were shopping and we were allowed to wonder around and do whatever we wanted. We were doing normal teenage things, laughing and just being plain obnoxious.

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