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It Came Back – The Mountain Road UPDATE

By Jacob

Alright three days ago I submitted a story called the mountain road. In the story I told about an odd creature I saw. Today, I went outside and it was raining. I was checking for bears before letting my dogs out and the creature I talked about in the last story was standing in our driveway. My mother was at work and my grandparents were asleep. But my sister was awake. So I sneaked back inside and got my sister.

The Voices and Knocking

By Jay

I have been enduring much of the same for relatively all of my life, but you know, up until a few years ago, everything has been average. My house never had a grizzly murder, nor has a creep ever tried to force me into their car, however, I have found that despite this, the paranormal experiences I have had are worth noting.

5 REAL Wendigo Encounters

The Wendigo is Hungry . . .


Wendigo Sighting in the Woods

By Skyler B.

This is the first time I’ve EVER seen anything out of the ordinary, and it is by far the most horrifying moment of my life.

I used to go hiking on a trail near my home in Tennessee. We lived out in the boondocks, so I was pretty used to the woods. I would always go out for a walk with my basset hound, Flash, every evening. But just the other day was the first time I’ve ever seen Flash growl and yelp the way he did.

Wendigo at the Cabin

By Fuchsia

Some friends and I back in 1998 had decided to stay in my best friend, Nick’s, parents’ cabin for the weekend. If I recall correctly, the place was somewhere on the East edge of Washington.

Snow was pouring down that whole weekend. There were five of us in all – Me, Nick, Timothy, Julie and Erica. That Saturday morning, the morning after we had arrived, the two guys decided to do some skiing, though personally, I don’t the snow was anywhere near thick enough to do skiing of any sort.

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