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The Ghost and the Canal

By Daenar

It has been four to five years since I stepped foot in my town’s local canal that ten next to our catholic and christian graveyards, but I still remember the events to this day. I was twenty-two then, a make in my prime, and I was big in the paranormal.

I even tried my hand at white magic once or twice. One night my friends and I wanted to go explore our town’s local haunted canal. I looked it up online and it was said you could see shadowy figures walk along the canal late at night. Looking for change of pace outside of video games I grabbed my friends who I will call Matthias, Nikita, and Yorda and we set out on an adventure.

The Creep Outside My Window

By Stephanie A.

Okay, so this is a brief one but I thought I’d share my story.

When I was 7 years old my mom and I lived in a small apartment complex in a small town in Ohio. Her and my father have become divorced due to him always being abusive.

I Wish it Was a Bear

By Huntinglove

This story, though it might come across as clichè, is %100 true, as both I and those involved swear by it. I will also be changing the names of the people involved (including my own). Having said that, let’s continue. So, we’ve all heard the stories about the neighborhood Wendigo, Skinwalker or Dogman, or whatever you want to call it. Boy in a house out in the country at night, you know the drill.

That’s why I was rather reprehensive towards the idea that my father (Who was divorced by my mother a good 4 years before) would be moving in with a girl named Janett. She lived just outside a small town called Winthrop in Washington state (Which has a measly population of 420). Her home was situated on a hill, on a large and secluded property that featured access to a creek and train track by trail.

Was it Really a Dream?

By Andrei

As I was younger (about 13-14), my parents used to work over night and I had to stay home alone. One night, I had a weird dream, which is even weirder, because I remember it perfectly even after years.

So, I dreamt about helping some little grey creatures (aliens), not taller than me, collect a lot of objects from my house and all over my garden. They were mostly looking for metal parts from different broken machines, bikes and car parts my dad stores in the penthouse and in his workshop. The creatures were really friendly, and I remember they were more than 10. I understood they wanted the parts to repair their ship and travel back home, which they did, and then left, thanking me for the help.

Creepypasta Scary Story | My Grandma Lived Under the House

A Creepypasta Scary Story from Reddit.

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