You Should Watch Your Kids Better

By Evelyn G.

This was this year. My best friend Amber and I Babystitted this five year old Girl, named Emerson. Her family was very rich so they had a very big house. We went on a walk. Near her house there was a play ground that we took her to a few times.

But when we went past it standing in the middle of the play set there was a man that looked around Fourty years old. Right away it was completely suspicious, and I felt creeped out. Emerson being the five year old she is with no filter she blurted out. ” Are you a Hobo?” I immediately hused her. ” Were so sorry. Have a nice day.” Amber smiled at him, we rushed out of there back to he house. Read more “You Should Watch Your Kids Better”

Demons in the Dark

By Evelyn

This happened around three years ago. Myself alone went to sleep over at my cousins house for a weekend, and my aunt Jenny she was into all this peranormal crap. Like a Ouija boards and shit like that. So my cousins and I thought that once she did that there would be demons and or spirits in there house.

Olivia at the time 13 , And Harper at the time 8, and I all shared a room. We stole my Aunts iPad and watched horror movies, because we were so damn smart. We got really scared and decided to turn it off. My two cousins fell asleep but I didn’t. Right as I was about to I started to hear voices. Read more “Demons in the Dark”

Home Alone

By mynamesspooky

This happened back when I was about 6 years old, and my parents were the type of parents that If they were only going to be gone for 10-15 minutes they would leave me alone. I was a very mature 6 year old and the neighbors were notified to keep watch of the house.

The doors were kept locked and I knew better then to open the door to a stranger. My parents were going to the convenient store to get some small things we needed for the house. The store was about 5 minutes down the road and it was never crowded so I knew they wouldn’t take long, anyways, back to the story. Read more “Home Alone”

The Loch Ness Monster

By Jake

This was around the year 2010 August 12. Now this was probably the scariest moment of my life. I was out with my brother when this happend. But anyway let me tell you the story. Now I was about fifteen and me and my brother went on a trip to Alberta and we were staying this motel right near a lake so me and my brother grabbed our fishing stuff and boat and went in the lake.

Five minutes later when we were in the water my brother fought something something heavy. He pulled until eventually it got away. We didn’t think much of it because its happened before. About and hour later he noticed something. Read more “The Loch Ness Monster”

The Creepy Man

By Emily

On May 22 2013 three years ago I was about twelve years old I am a girl about five feet tall. back then Instagram was the new hot thing , every girl and boy had it, my friends always used to convince me to make an account. Finally one day t got tired of the nagging so I agreed to make an account as long as I wouldn’t have to hear about it. It was 8:00 pm, I decided to sit on my bed and go through my new Instagram account.

My account wasn’t much, just my name and The profile picture was just a picture of my dog, I decided to take a picture of myself, it was just an innocent photo of me smiling. When I set my phone down about three minutes later I got my first like and comment. Read more “The Creepy Man”