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Let’s go to McDonald’s for a scary story of a creepypasta by talented author, Companion_Rose from Reddit NoSleep. Insidious and sinister paranormal activity awaits!

6 True UK Horror Stories

Brexit doesn’t seem so bad after this. Let’s travel to the UK, into the United Kingdom, into the forests and moors.

Beautiful Succubus

Let me start of with a short story about my family and the paranormal , most of the females in my moms side of the family have practiced some form of witch craft whether they say it’s good or bad to me it’s all bad .

I believe that if you follow Christ your eyes will be uncovered to the lies demons have for years  plagued on humanity and you will be protected , but before I became a Christian I had all sorts of demonic encounters , anyway this is my first and most recent encounter with demonic spirits .

The Wrong Crowd

Hey, so I know you wanted stories from the UK so here I am, sheltering from the constant drizzle and I’ve never felt so British. Anyway, I cant one hundred percent vouch for anything I say as I am aware I have an interest in the paranormal so am not 100% sure if the things I have experienced are genuinely paranormal or just me desperate to find something paranormal in my every day mundane life.

Weirdly enough, I seem to get premonitions, largely through dreams, as a child i remember dreaming on two separate occasions of exact events which unfolded today. One recurring dream I have had for example, is of walking around a house I know to be my Auntie and Uncles house in the midlands. Only, it’s not as I remember it, rooms I didn’t recognize and a whole extra section to the house I didn’t recognize.

The White Van

This takes place in the United Kingdom.

Now before i start i am going to give you a rough idea of where i live.  i live in a cul-de-sac  which is in the shape of a circle. the middle of the circle was grass which my friends and i would play on when we were younger. My house was in the bottom left corner and my two friends who we will call Jess and Noah lived on the opposite side of the circle.

during this long and hot summer their were kidnapping attempts around the area but as young and naive we brushed it off as we lived in such a close neighbourhood with houses surrounding us. we felt safe in our own little world until what happened that day.

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