It Lives In The Sewers

My name is Mark and I´m 14 years old. I´ve always been that kind of scared guy so calling me coward or something like that doesn´t really do me much. I lived in a town called shivarp in the good old sweden.

My family is not the biggest one, My dad, mom and me is the only ones. Shivarp was a good and calm little town and there wasn´t really anything to be afraid of. However in the summer of 2013 they said in the newspaper that several people have reported hearing strange noises coming from the sewers. Not too far away from my home there was a small lake called lake ochitana.

Close to that lake was a big hole built into a small hill that lead to the sewers. The lake was calm and very warm so seeing people coming down for a swim is not that rare.

It was said that a lot of kids who had gone close to the hole said that they could hear loud roars and animal like screams coming from the dark sewers. Since the day when the sounds were first reported many people wanted to explore the place.

However one man that had actually entered the sewers had disapeard and was never found. So the police set up blockades, not allowing anyone to enter the sewers. However one night when i was searching for some scary stories on my computer my phone rang.

I picked it up and answered with a “yes”. It was my friend, let´s just call him Omar.

He was saying things about that the police had for reason left the sewers. He told me that he was planning to go and explore the sewers to see if he could find something for his collection. I first told him not to because I was afraid that whatever was lurking in the sewers was going to take him.

He told me that there was probably nothing to be scared of and that the ones hearing the sounds just may have heared the sounds of a bear or a deer that had entered the sewers looking for food or something. There were a lot of forests sourranding the hole and the lake that was full of these animals and they often came down to the lake to drink of the fresh water.

However they were all scared of people so they were nothing to run away from.

Omar told me that I should come with him to make it more fun. I agreed to come although i didn´t really want to beacause of how scared i was. I took my shoes and a flashlight and we met outside my house. We began to walk and after about 30 minutes we were there. The hole was now in front of us and we pointed our glowing flashlights to the dark hole. We soon went inside the hole and walked slowly through the sewers.

We looked at the walls that were filled with clawmarks,

They didn´t look like that of a bear.

They were more like that of an alligator. The walls were also filled with blood and handmarks which made me and Omar freeze. We realized that something terrible must have happened. Then we heard it, A loud growl that came from right in front of us.

We looked in front of us and saw two eyes. they were completely red and as that thing came closer we could see a snout that resebled that of an alligator and a gigantic mouth with knife like teeth. As the creature came closer and closer we began to see that it had a human like body.

It´s arms and legs looked huge muscular and it had a rat like tail. The creature was now only about 3 feet from us and we began to slowly back away.

That´s when the creature led out a loud dinosaur like roar but didn´t come after us. It just stood there starring at us. As we were almost out of the sewers the creature began to slowly back away as well until it´s red glowing eyes disapeard into the darkness. We ran the rest of the way home.

after that day I listened to the news and they said that the police had found something horrible in the sewers. Not to far away from the hole that lead to the sewers they found a big but empty room, Well not completely empty. in one of the corners they found a big pile of bloody clothes that had been ripped to smaller peaces.

These clothes were about the same size of my clothes wich made my legs freeze into the ground and I realized that if that thing had wanted to take us alive we would not be alive by now.

However the monster was never found and the searching stopped after 2 days.

5 School Lockdown Horror Stories

5 School Lockdown Horror Stories

What will you do when the School Lockdown ISN’T a drill? Enjoy these 5 allegedly true stories of HORRIFYING School Lockdown stories about school lockdown stories, high school stories, middle school stories, school stories, darkness prevails, scary school stories, scary school lockdown, scary school lockdown stories, school lockdown, school lockdown horror stories, school stories, school days, school hacks, school bus, school bus stories, true scary stories, true horror stories, creepy true stories, true stories, true ghost stories, is school closed, unsolved mysteries, seriously strange, creepypasta and more!

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

1. Middle School Lockdown by Ben G.
2. Clown Catastrophe by Grayson B.
3. I Was Almost in a School Tragedy by Hunter G.
4. Band Room Ghost by Raven R.
5. The Stranger by Ross W.

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I Was Almost in a School Shooting

To start, I’d like to give a little description of my where my story took place. I lived in a southwestern Missouri town with the typical middle-of-nowhere feel. The town itself had a population of only 2,000, and it was just big enough to have its own school district. There were about 200 kids total from pre-K to 12th, and we all shared the same campus. The school was divided into high school, junior high, and elementary wings.

I was in junior high at the time. The building that housed us was old and falling apart. It looked as if someone cut a straight hallway out from the main campus and built a breezeway between them. Because of that separation, it was closer to the street than the other wings.

Specifically, I was social studies when the headache-inducing doorbell sound started. We all had been through intruder drills before. Us students packed into the corner and shut off the lights, while the teacher locked the door. She hushed us as we all sat bored and annoyed on the floor. We were, admittedly, being loud.

It took probably 15 minutes of continuous dinging for the idea to sink into our little 13-year-old minds. This was not a drill. After that, most of us were silent, and even the teacher hunkered down with us away from the door.
I whispered to my friend as she clung to me, “we are going to die.” To that, she started crying. I don’t know why I said it. It was as if I was in a trance.

30 minutes in, we heard distant popping which faded into nothing. The clump of us shook together. I recall this nasty emptiness in my stomach. The chime of the intruder alarm seemed as far away as the pops, though the speaker hung overhead. We could do nothing but wait.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the voice of the principal came over the loud speaker. “Please remain in you class rooms,” and that was all.

High off of existence, us kids sat on the desks laughing loudly and talking nonstop. The teacher abandoned her lesson and rested behind her desk. I imagine she felt the same relief as we did. It took a little over an hour, but the school called all the parents who then came and picked up their children.

We didn’t realize at the time how close we came to dying. While we were studying state history, a shooter had been on his way to the school to kill as many people as he could.
He stopped his truck on the road about a block away from the junior high. He was in the process of removing all his weapons when a good samaritan stopped to see if he was having car trouble. The good samaritan was shot from point blank range and died at the scene. The gunshots quickly alerted police. They were able to hold the shooter at a standoff until an exchange of fire left the shooter and one officer dead. If that good samaritan hadn’t died, the shooter likely would have made it to the school.

In the end, three people died that day. It’s sad, but I’m thankful. There are no happy endings in that evil, cursed town, but there are lucky ones. That day all of us kids got lucky.

The demon in the band room

It was a day like any other. We were playing the instruments. Until. We heard. “We are going on lock down. This is a drill.” Mr. F said on the intercom. The band teacher said to hide.

I went were the baritones are. My friend was there as well. She went on Snapchat. Until cold air hit me. I felt something tap me. “Stop.” I whispered out. She said that she didn’t do anything.

It happened to her. She told me to stop. “I didn’t do anything.” I said. We saw the lights turn on and off. Something flew up. It was in a form of a girl.

The door opened and closed. It was over the lock down was over. The next day I walked in the band room. Mr. T was acting off. I put my baritone in the back. And got the hell out.

I told my friends that were in the higher grade. They said that they made a game about demons and ghost. The said the girl was a ‘lost ghost’. But bad things started to happen after the summon the ghost.

She was a demon named Lucy. I want to tell you guys this story because I want others to know about this band room. Thank you.

My Creepy School Lockdown Story

So this happened 2 years ago I was a graduate in high school. It was an ordinary day I went to school people were talking, laughing and Bullies were being bullies.

So when class started I sat in my chair as our teacher told us to take out our note books for Our Science project. We did planets so I chose Mars We worked for a while when the lockdown alarm went off the principal told us to remain calm in our class and lock the doors as this was not a drill.So I sat there very calm while all the girls screamed and cried. Knock Knock Someone knocked on the door as we did not answer the person bashed at the door it was then long enough when he walked away.

Then the intercome came on again with someones voice he said HELLO YOUR ALL GONNA DIE I froze in my spot all the girls cryed. It was moments after when he came back to our door and the glass smashed and we saw a hand reach through the door Screaming I WILL KILL YOU ALL it was seconds after he managed to open the door my teacher ran at him and tryed to tackle him KABAM my teachers head literily exploded Everyone whined he came over and shot 2 of the classes bullies then the S.W.A.T stormed through the door telling him to drop the weapon then he tryed to shoot them but they shot him in the head with their machine guns. Now I am scarred for life.