The Past Doesn’t Rest

By Doctor Mistraaf

3 years ago I spent my summer in Cuba with my girlfriend, who I will call Anne in this story. Anne was an adopted kid out of china, maybe that made her so passionate about traveling.

So there we where, spending a summer touring in Cuba. It was a trip we would never forget, especially a certain night.

We were looking for a place to stay that day, so we ended up at a small cabin park. We checked-in and spent the rest of the day at the pool. We visited for a while with a dutch family, it’s always nice talking with somebody of your own nationality. They even told us about this awesome bar in a town nearby. In fact, they invited us to come along.

So we joined them.

We spent some time in the bar that night. We had some drinks and listened to some live music. The family that had invited us had to get going, because they had kids that needed put to bed. So they took a taxi. Me and Anne stayed a bit longer. After a couple of drinks it seemed like a good idea to begin heading back ourselves.

It was late, and we couldn’t find a taxi. We ended up having to walk back.

On the way back it was dark, black as pitch. Most of the roads in Cuba don’t have street lights. This darkness made the stars in the sky easier to spot. If you live in western-europe you never spot them much because of all the city lights. But here in Cuba, it was the most beautiful sky I had ever seen.

So Anne and I set down for 5 minutes to watch the sky. Until I saw this man.

In cuba its normal to find a lonely drifter on the side of the road. But this guy, I don’t know what he was…. he was a small guy. At his ebony skin color i thought he could have been a local drifter. But the fact he had so much anger in his eyes made me feel afraid… not much for myself, but for Anne. I didn’t want her to freak out, so I led her by the hand and we continued back to the park.

But as we walked down the road, I could still see the man. And not only him, but more ebony men without shirts or with torn clothes. All of them had these angry eyes all watching me.

We finally arrived back out our cabin. Which was good, as I was beginning to feel a bit nervous. I locked the door, and we went to bed. I decided the next day I would report to the park staff about those drifters. I still didn’t tell Anne about it, as I knew it would really freak her out. After an hour or so, I finally fell asleep.

Then Anne woke me up suddenly. She thought there was a rat or some animal in our cabin, because there were these loud banging sounds. Anne is scared as hell of rats. So I got out of bed and looked around in the cabin.

I found no rat, i checked all the rooms. Well, except for the living area. I checked that last, but when I did, I saw… something. All our stuff was scattered all over the ground. Like somebody was searching for something. Then, I heard the front door open. The locked front door.

There he was standing in the entry way, the angry, tattered man I had seen on the street. He just stood there and watched me. I didn’t just scared, though. I also felt a deep sense of sadness. He looked at me and began to cry in silence. Slowly he became more and more transparent until he was gone.

The next morning i went to report my story to the park staff. Lucky for me there was this lady at the front desk who could speak english. After i told her about what happened she did the catholic cross thing with her fingers.

She started to tell me this : “You are not the first one to report this story. We don’t tell many people this, but these grounds have a history. It used to be a plantation, one of these plantations had slaves. The owner of the plantation was old but cruel. One night 5 of the slaves ran away. The slaves robbed a priest for money to be able to buy freedom for themselves. But when the slave owner heard about this he hunted them down. He found them hiding in nearby field, and shot the 4 of them to death. But he left the fifth alive for later. He executed him later on the plantation to show the other slaves that they shouldn’t mess with their ‘owner’. Some people say the ghosts of the slaves still haunt the fields, looking for money to buy their freedom…”

Demon on Vacation

By Davyd

My name is David and this event occurred in 2012. Every year during February, we’d rent this beautiful house in Captiva, Florida. The house was a good walking distance from the beach and we had lots of memories here, good and bad; but this vacation was one of the worst I’ve ever been on. After flying from Laguardia Airport in New York, to Fort Meyers, we rented a car and drove to the house.

The minute we walked into the house something felt off. This never really happened in the previous years but I thought nothing of it. That night my dad, sister, and I were swimming in the pool when we were struck by the horrid smell of rotten eggs. My dad thought it was a skunk and we just dried off, went inside, and called it a night. Another red flag I ignored. At around 2 or 3 in the morning I awoke to the sound of something breaking.

I went into the kitchen to see a plate, shattered on the floor. I thought it could’ve been my dad since he’s the one that usually gets up in the middle of the night until the rest of my family came into the kitchen.

I said I didn’t break it and they didn’t really believe me. As we were about to head back to bed, dishes everywhere fell onto the ground as if they were being knocked off by someone we couldn’t see. We immediately ran to the couch thinking that would do something. Of course it only made it worse.

Two dishes flew at our heads like frisbees. Then everything stopped as if nothing happened. There were broken dishes everywhere and we wrote the owners of the house a note saying there was something strange going on and if they knew anything about it to email us. My dad placed $100 with the note and we immediately left for the airport and cancelled our vacation. I don’t really know what happened and to this day nobody does.

Sometimes I think it was all just a dream but I know it wasn’t. Something sinister was staying with us that year and we never dared to stay there again.

The Witch of Halloween Night

I am twenty-two years old but these two stories took place when I was fifteen and sixteen. Okay I am fifteen in the 1st story so me and my friends Jade and Lucy were going trick or treating alone at night. That Halloween I was going as a black witches cat and my two friends were going as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr Seuss’s cat in the hat.

My mum wanted us back at around 10:00. She said if we don’t arrive before that time she will call the police for you see she was and still is very protective over me and usually checks the news for disappearing children or people and there have been a few children missing near our village. I reassured her that we will get back earlier probably around 9:00 or 8:00.

My two friends nod and we grab our pillow cases and rush towards the door.
“Okay girls, have fun,” she called as we left my house on search for people to scare and candy to get. We went to a few peoples houses and the people told us that our costumes were very creative. When we walked back from the last house I checked my phone to see what time it was.

It was 9:00.
“We should be getting back,” I said putting my phone in my pillowcase I was dragging around which was filled to the brim with sweets as were Jade’s and Lucy’s.
“Oh come on,” Jade pouted. “We still have a whole hour of fun I don’t wanna waste it by going to your house so your mum can make us cookies.” Annoyance boiled up inside of me.
“It’s not my fault that my mum is so overprotective,” I snapped. “She’s just looking out for us so we don’t get into trouble and plus my pillowcase is starting to way me down.”
“Then lets leave our pillowcases behind that bush-” Jade pointed with her finger to a blackberry bush- “no one will find them there.”
“Yeah right,” I snorted. “Lots of people here like blackberries why do you think that there are millions of bushes of them all year round.”
“Even in winter,” Lucy added and sat down on the cold pavement. “It’s weird I tell you.” I nodded in agreement.
“Ain’t no grandma gonna make no pie without these bushes,” Jade joked and wagged her finger at us like an old lady. Me and Lucy both snickered, our previous argument forgotten.
“Come on then,” I said. “Lets dump our sacks.” After, we placed down our pillowcases making sure they were well hidden Jade wanted us to go with her to a secret place. Reluctantly, me and Lucy agreed and followed her as she skipped down the road.

“Jade get off the road,” Lucy hissed clenching her fists. “A car might come.”
“The only car that’s probably going to come is a broomstick,” I teased nudging Lucy gently with my elbow.

“It’s more like an airplane actually,” Lucy said. “They fly across the sky as do airplanes to there you go you just got burned.”

“In a scientific way,” Jade giggled and finally hopped onto the pavement. I rolled my eyes and asked, “Hey Jade where is this so called secret place that you want to take us to?”

“It’s a surprise,” she replied her voice was somehow firm. Suddenly, we passed a dark and dim alleyway which smelled like someone had died in there.

Out the corner of my eye I noticed a woman staring at me. She had long, straight brunette hair with cold, unwelcoming, icy blue eyes. She had thin red lips and she had unusually long finger nails, despite the fingernails the woman had a beautiful face. I stopped and gawked at her.

“Yo you coming!” Jade called and glanced at me.

“Just a sec,” I called back. I kept on looking at the woman. Suddenly, she advanced out of the shadows. Once the silver light of the moon hit her face it turned from pretty to ugly. Her brunette hair turned grey and stringy, her bright blue eyes turned dull and her face became covered in ugly warts.

The woman was hobbling towards me. I screamed and ran to my friends who were a long way ahead. Once I arrived to them, panting, Jade questioned, “what’s up with you?” Lucy walked towards me and knelt down.

“You look really pale,” she whispered and turned to Jade. “We should take you back home.”

“But the secret place.” Jade began but I interrupted her.

“The woman!” I cried, I felt hot tears run down my face. “The woman in the alleyway.”

“Woman what woman?” Lucy asked looking confused.

“She was probably staring at herself,” Jade muttered.

“It was a woman she had brunette hair and blue eyes then she started walking towards me and she turned ugly and warty so I ran,” I whimpered and bowed my head to stare at the floor.

“Should we call the police?” Lucy asked glancing worriedly around.

“We all left our phones with our pillowcase,” Jade explained and walked over to where me and Lucy were crouched.

“Come on lets go to your house,” Lucy murmured and got me up.

“I’m not going,” Jade snorted. “You two can go.”
“Please don’t make this situation more difficult then it already is,” I begged, Jade glared at me but said nothing.

“Fuck you all, I’m not going,” Jade snarled and stalked off around the bend.

“It’s all my fault,” I sobbed. “Jade might get kidnapped or hurt.”

“Don’t worry for her,” Lucy soothed. “Worry about yourself you seem scared to death.” I nodded and gasped. Me and Lucy hobbled down the street. We passed the alleyway. The woman was gone.

Confusion clouded me but I said nothing. We stopped by the blackberry bush and grabbed our pillowcases then we went to my house. Lucy knocked on my mums door since I was still in shock. My mum opened the door a relieved look on her face. I strained a smile so she wouldn’t question me.

“Where is Jade?” she asked scouting the front yard. “Is she hiding?”

“No she went to her house,” I lied my hands tied around my back. “But we brought back lots of sweets.”

“You can eat some tomorrow.” My mum said sternly. Before me and my friend went in I asked, “hey um Lucy would you want to come round for a sleepover, I don’t want to be alone tonight.”
“I’ll text my mum,” she replied.

That night me and Lucy had a sleepover, we didn’t talk much since she said sleeping will help me relax and get over my fears. Yeah right. Nothing will help me get over what I saw in the alleyway….

A year had passed and I didn’t see that woman for a year. Unfortunately, Lucy had moved to California and me and Jade didn’t talk much since last years Halloween. I had no friends because Jade gossiped that I was crazy. So I was pretty lonely from sixteen to seventeen. Luckily, I still had my mum and my dad.

It was soon Halloween eve again and I didn’t want to go trick or treating this year. The fun of it had been sucked out of me since I met that woman. I’d never been so scared.

My mum said it was a great idea and we could have family movie night. I didn’t want to but I didn’t want to disappoint my family. My mum said we should watch a family friendly movie, my dad decided an action. In the end we watched neither just a comedy. My dad ordered me to get some popcorn from the basement. I always hated it down there so I told him I didn’t want popcorn but he insisted so in the end I went down.

I got a gold torch and went into the basement breathing heavily with fear. Suddenly, I heard a clatter I turned to look at what it was and I saw my cat, Princess, sitting on an old, wooden stool. She bounded towards me and curled around my legs purring loudly.

“What are you doing down here?” I asked her and picked Princess up and placed her on the couch on the living room.

“What’s taking so long?” My dad roared.

“I’m just getting the popcorn,” I shouted back at him and stomped to the basement. Suddenly, I saw a beautiful woman with familiar brunette hair and unwelcoming blue eyes. I gasped and dropped my torch which clattered down the basement stairs. The woman flinched but did nothing. I noticed my breathing had gotten louder and my heart was racing. This was the same woman I saw in the alleyway. The woman walked out of the shadows, she was holding some ancient book which looked battered and used.

The woman’s hair turned grey and her eyes darkened. Her once amazing face was once again covered with warts. I was scared shitless, I couldn’t move as the old woman was crawling her ways up the basement stairs.

Not walking crawling. Suddenly, my cat trotted up towards me. She hissed at the woman and unsheathed her claws, the woman reached out her hand, her long fingernails dripping wit blood. My heart was pounding. Was this woman going to kill my cat then kill me?

“Help me,” the woman rasped. “I didn’t slaughter those children to make a spell, don’t burn me, I’m not a witch.” My cat let out a warning growl and arched her back. My senses finally kicked in and I backed away alarmed. I raced upstairs to my parents who stared at me shocked. I told them about the woman and how I met her also last year at Halloween.

“Are you saying this bitch is in our house?” My dad demanded and went to get his gun. My mum had a ghostly look on her face. Guilt ran through me. I was a fucking idiot not to tell her about the woman last year.

“Sweetie come with me,” dad said he was holding his gun. “I need you to show me where this freak is.” I nodded and took a deep breath as I led him down the stairs. The woman was gone. I was shocked and speechless.

Just like last time…

Past Life Flashback?

Well, I’m not sure how to start this out. This is from a girl’s perspective? I don’t know.

My name is Alese, I live in Michigan. I’m going from what my dad has told me because I don’t quite remember what happened. Here goes:

I’m 16 now, but this happened when I was either 8 or 9 years old. In my 3rd grade class, we were doing a big project involving making a book and the alphabet. For each letter, we had to draw a moment in history.

My teacher gave away two letters, one in particular being ‘X’. ‘X’ for “X marks the spot”. Doing research on this, I found out it was about a shipwreck of a freight boat called the Edmund Fitzgerald. I loved shipwrecks at this age, and still do today, so I was intrigued. I ended up talking my parents into taking me up to the shipwreck museum in Whitefish Point, MI for a summer vacation. I was really excited and couldn’t wait for the school year to end so I could go see all the cool attractions having to do with my favorite thing to learn about at the time; shipwrecks (obviously).

We got up the to the U.P. and the day finally came to go to the museum. I remember walking into the doors and a short woman stamping my hand and my parents’ hands with a marker. To let workers now that we paid to get in and weren’t trying to get away with a free tour, I guess. After that, I don’t remember anything. But here’s what my dad told me what happened:

I started shaking violently and broke down crying and screaming. My dad picked me and walked outside quickly. He sat me down on a big rock in front of the museum and asked me what was wrong. Apparently, this is what I replied with,

“I hear them. They’re yelling, but no one can hear them. Daddy, there’s water everywhere, but they’re trapped and no one can hear them screaming for help. They need help, Daddy.”

Upon hearing me say this, my dad was in total shock and didn’t know what to do. He stayed with me on the rock for a while to calm me down. When I finally did, he took me back inside where my mom was. After that, I was totally fine and nothing else happened the rest of the vacation.

I don’t exactly know where my family’s beliefs lie, we don’t have a particular religion we follow; but my dad says that he thinks I’m a reincarnated sailor due to what happened and because i have a birthmark on my right shoulder that, if you look closely enough (its disfigured of course, no birthmark js totally perfect), is the shape of a heart with an arrow through it, like a sailor would have a tattoo of a heart on their shoulder with the word “Mom” on it or something like that. I like his theory on that because it is kinda cool to think about, but whenever I think about what my dad told me what happened or hear him tell the story again to other people.. I get shivers down my spine..


(The picture submitted with this story is the actual museum.)