What Comes with the House

By hennessey17

This story takes place at my dad’s old house in Arizona. Most of the experiences are his, and a few are mine. But the story starts when my dad first starts renting the house. He has been living there a few weeks when he meets his neighbors, and out of nowhere his neighbor asked if he knew about the woman who had lived in the house before him.

My dad said no, and his neighbor went on to tell him that there was an old woman who lived there for quite a while before passing away in the master bedroom He said it took maybe about a week before the body was discovered. Read more “What Comes with the House”


By Mey

This story is a long one and takes place over the span of 9 years. Thinking about it now, I cannot believe it has been 9 years. For you to understand this fully, I have to tell my backstory. Where it all started.
When I was in the 2nd grade, my family moved part way through the school year.

I had to leave behind all my beloved friends and classmates, so therefore my 7 year old self was pretty ticked. We moved to a neighbourhood that was pretty much almost all Caucasian and being Arab, this caused a lot of bullying and grief throughout that fateful year. I had trouble making friends at my new school as my class consisted of all Caucasian students and I didn’t fit in. Read more “Nicholas”

Near Break In

By Nityius

Back when I lived in upstate New York, I had a good friend who I’m gonna name Jacob for privacy purposes. We used to spend the night at each others houses almost every weekend when we didn’t have school and sometimes even during the weekdays.

This occurred during the summertime when we had the entirety of every day to hang out. I did also have a few other friends close by but not very many cause I dislike socializing, and the fact that almost every other student in my high school was creepy in their own way. on a specific day, Jacob asked me if I wanted to spend the night, and I said yes. I was already at his place at the time so I didn’t need to walk anywhere. Read more “Near Break In”

Not a Good Time to Sleep

By J.

A little back story. I’m a 16 year old female but at the time I was 12 or 13. For a long time I played soccer and we would travel to different fields all around the state. This one night we just finished playing and game and just started are 3 hour drive home.

This game was late taking place around 6 p.m. in early November, so he sun had already set. My dad was being the wheel while I was rocking out to Katy Perry. After an hour or so I started getting restless and wanted to talk to my dad, but since I had been speaking nonstop since we left the conversation was very one sided. Read more “Not a Good Time to Sleep”

Lake Not So Pleasant

By Lauren

At the time of this story I was 11 or 12 years old, this took place during summer break.

My Aunt Christy and Uncle Chip, took me and my cousins to Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona. We had planned to spend all day swimming in the lake, which was nice because of Arizona’s great heat. I have never swam in a lake before, so I thought it would be a fun time to cool off, and bond with my cousins. Read more “Lake Not So Pleasant”