The Not So New Kid’s Ex

By Murderous Stalker

You guys probably already heard the side of my newest girlfriends story. About the new kid and how only saying “Hi” to him can really piss off his absolutely crazy ex-girlfriend? If you haven’t well, this is only my side to the story. My name is Nick and this is my crazy story.

I used to live in LA, it was a normal day at school and there was a new girl. All the guys were saying how hot she was and how nice she was. I didn’t make it my number one interest until the girl came up to me, let’s call her Sarah. We became friends in less than a week, we were like this for a few months and during those few months we started liking each other as more than friends. So after those few months we started dating. We dated for another few months until she started acting weird. She came to school looking like crap even with her makeup on and she was always mumbling to herself. Read more “The Not So New Kid’s Ex”

The Shadow in the Doorway

By Australiandiggersdescendant

When I was little I would wake up at night and I would feel the need to look at the front doorway where I would see a short shadow person.

Okay for some background information when entering the house the front door had 2 half windows one on each side of the door and the door itself was one of those old solid ones that was separate in to three that had 2 long parallel dips running length ways the bottom of the door and a window in the recess at the top. The bedroom I shared with my sister was the first door you would walk past when you entered the house originally it was the lounge room. Read more “The Shadow in the Doorway”

Creepy Park Guy

By Trogscost

Me and one of my friends were at my mums house in Tasmania Australia, let’s call him jimmy, my parents recently divorced so she lived in a small rental house next to a park. We decided to go to the park by jumping the fence instead of walking the long way being lazy 11 year olds used to playing video games.

After we jumped the fence we just walked around, kicked a soccer ball, nothing out of the ordinary until this guy stands behind this willow tree watching us. We pretended we didn’t notice him for around 15 minutes until we started to get weird feelings that he was a pedophile or something. Read more “Creepy Park Guy”

The Haunted Naval Ship

By Roni

So, to start off I work in a Naval ship called the John C. Stennis. I am a flight deck worker. I work in a place called a fly. In this fly there is seats that have lockers in them all around, and there is two ways to get into this fly. One is a hatch leading to the flight deck then maybe a foot away there’s just a regular door.

Okay, so I am a e-1, brand new to the navy. I am put on duty one night with a couple others from my fly. We all sit in there til we have to muster(group up for work) after that’s all done. I decide to go back to our fly. I sit on top of a couple standing lockers. Read more “The Haunted Naval Ship”

Guardian Angel?

By BlameItOnHope

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this particular experience. It happened about 14 years ago and I was 6 at the time and the youngest of us. My parents, my older brother and our aunt, her husband and their two children were on vacation in a somewhat small beach town in Croatia. It was a very beautiful, nice place to be. Our hotel was close to the beach, so we went to swim most of our time there.

Despite the town’s small size, the place was something of a tourist trap, which meant that there were a lot of things for us to do. I remember being scared of these huge water slides for no reason whatsoever and finding an enormous dead bird while hiking in the local woods (which made me extremely sad for the rest of that day). Thinking back now, the vacation was filled with a lot of mixed feelings. Read more “Guardian Angel?”