What Did I See?

By Metalwolf

My name is Sascha Simms. I’m from a small town in NH called chesterfield. I don’t currently reside there, but that’s where this story takes place. This happened when I was about 15. I was hanging out with some friends in a town a crossed the Connecticut river in VT called brattleboro.

Once it got late everyone went home and I was stuck in town without a way home. Chesterfield was maybe 7 0r 8 miles away, it was summer so I figured screw it I’ll walk.

Once you leave brattleboro it’s a straight shot up Rte. 9 to chesterfield. To get to my house I had to take a left onto this road that cuts through a field where the chesterfield Inn sits. That road always creeped me out even in the daytime, it just didn’t feel right, like you were being watched. But like it or not I had to go down that road.

About half way down, I noticed what looked ti be a man standing on the other side of the guard rail looking at the Inn off in the distance. I didn’t really think too much of it because people would walk this road all the time, But it was about 2 or 3 in the morning and most of the people who lived on this street were fairly old so it was odd to see someone out this late, But I brushed it off and kept walking closer.

I have to add that it was a full moon that night and it was very bright so seeing wasn’t an issue. I got about 20 feet away from the man when I started to notice how odd he looked. He was black, completely black like a shadow, Very tall at least 7 feet, and he didn’t have any distinguishing facial features as if he didn’t have a mouth or a nose at all. And he appeared to have long hair blowing about, but there was no wind. He was very thin, yet muscular at the same time.

As I was taking this all in I was moving closer as well. I was maybe 12 feet from this thing without him noticing me he just kept looking at the Inn. I decided to get his attention so I said “hello?” He turned and looked at me revieling his eyes that shined bright yellow. Not like the reflective traits of cat or dog eyes.

But as if they were lit up with electricity. This scared the crap out of me! But what he did next was probably the most disturbing and confusing thing. I’ll do my best to describe what I saw. He turned away from the guardrail leaped forward and disappeared. And not dissipate like smoke but like he walked through an invisible door.

I couldn’t speak. I just ran until I couldn’t anymore being creeped out the whole rest of the way. Needless to say I didn’t sleep very much that night. To this day I have no idea what this thing was? I’m familiar with shadow people, and this doesn’t really match up. Maybe a demon, maybe an interdimensional traveler?

That was 15 years ago and everyday since I still wonder. “What did I see?”

Beautiful Succubus

Let me start of with a short story about my family and the paranormal , most of the females in my moms side of the family have practiced some form of witch craft whether they say it’s good or bad to me it’s all bad .

I believe that if you follow Christ your eyes will be uncovered to the lies demons have for years  plagued on humanity and you will be protected , but before I became a Christian I had all sorts of demonic encounters , anyway this is my first and most recent encounter with demonic spirits .

Back in summer 2010 I met my ex girl friend who was working on the store next to the one I worked in , I helped a Jamaican man in retail sales , and she helped her mom as cashier on her free days , I thought she was attractive so I started to talk to her and I couldn’t help to look around , her mom sells Gothic fashioned clothing and also inside that same rental space she ran a card reading business.

So I flirted with my ex who’s name is Liz and I asked about this cool incense burner it was a dragon head where you put the burning incense in the dragons mouth and close the mouth and the smoke would come out the dragons nostrils , her mom came in out of nowhere and said ” you like it ? I have your favorite color version of it too” I’m slow at picking up jokes or anything like that , then it hit me and I was confused , Liz smiled and took me out side and explained to me that her mother was a witch and she knew that purple was my favorite color , now remember that I have history with that to so i immediately believed it .

Long story short I fell head over heels for this girl , I don’t even know how but we were two months into our relationship and I was obsessed with her I had to see her , and the thought of someone else flirting with her killed me , anyway our relationship went to hell and we broke up , I couldn’t get over her for the longest it was so extraordinary , I was never like that before and  I am not like that now , I consider myself somewhat a catch,  now looking back at it all I can’t even begin to comprehend why I even liked her .

Few years later I am having terrible luck , no job no relationships , I am constantly working ten times harder  to get what any normal person would and all my friends and family don’t understand why I was having it real bad , I had no clue what was going on , then it got worse I started having real demonic nightmares , I won’t share all of them it’s too many so I’ll share some.

I was in a two floor house and somewhere in an upstairs room I hear a blood curdling scream and crying as if something terrible had happened, I ran up to the room and my aunt was holding her daughter that at the time was eleven , and she was dead , her skin and hair were falling out, and all of a sudden my aunt gets real scared of the corpse and throws it on the floor and runs out without acknowledging me , I heard my cousins voice coming and going with the wind in the room she was giggling and crying  but she was dead and her mouth or face were not moving , then I wake up and can’t move my body only my eyes and i see small shadows darting away from my sight , I went into panic and slowly gained control of myself .

These kind of dreams started occurring almost every night or when ever I fall asleep , it started giving me insomnia and anxiety attacks and all kinds of health issues, well few months later I moved into a real bad neighborhood in south LA and South LA is known for Santeria and all kinds of Voodoo, I would invite my cousin Karina on the weekends to my apartment so that I wouldn’t feel so lonely , and she would come and bring her daughter my niece Valery , one night I wake up to my cousin Karina shaking and screaming and I wake her up and she’s hysterical telling me about a man standing in the dark trying to suffocate her , she asked me to stay awake and wait till she sleeps so she can feel safe I said sure , well I fell asleep anyway , I slept on the living room couch on my side facing the tv , she slept with my niece Valery on the carpet floor with some blankets , anyway as soon as I closed my eyes I vividly dreamt this man wearing an expensive all black tuxedo with a red bow tie, and we were arguing about points , I don’t know what any of it means , but then I sensed another presence behind the couch behind me, and even though I could not see it strangely I knew what it looked like , it was an old hag , a witch long curly messy gray hair with old dark torn clothes.

The old hag and the man with the red bow tie were communicating when they then realized that I was listening to them and I wake up again paralyzed and going into full blown panic, I hear a loud hateful voice right behind my head while I’m paralyzed awake , I don’t know what it’s saying but I do know it’s threatening and it slaps my eyes reaching from behind my head , when I regain control I wake my cousin and tell her what I dreamt and she cried saying that was the man and that she had seen his black shiny shoes standing on her daughter , she left and never came back we only talk on facebook now .

Anyway this has been happening for the next few years until I decided to have my cards read , and according to the reader , I was targeted for death by a mother and daughter ( my ex and her mom I presume) she says they made an animal sacrifice ritual , I tried being macho man but was shitting it on the inside  I mean who wants to go to sleep thinking about that? I’ve had times where people tell me they walk in on me sleeping and see a woman standing real close over me watching me sleep almost face to face , I asked to describe what the woman looks like , it’s vague , the typical white gown long hair or just a woman but no one ever sees her face .

It got to the point where I had to get drunk almost every night before I went to sleep for two reasons , 1 so that I wouldn’t be that scared , 2 to help me sleep all night without waking up , but still the nightmares were relentless , all demonic but now they were just all women in my dreams .

It would start of with a strip club or some kind of party and the women would seduce me into making out and all that fun stuff but shortly after the building I was in would be on lock down and the women would transform into real scary female demons , like their jaws were monstrous and their eyes were all Fd up , they look like something from the 1988 movie Night of the Demons , by then the dreams were becoming very sexual , these succubus demons were at first real hot beautiful girls that would grab my parts and I liked it until they become demons and start chasing me all over the place .

This one final encounter happened after I learned about Jesus Christ , I mean I tried everything I was desperate, so I prayed and fell asleep with the Bible next to my pillow and I journeyed into my dream , I was driving a nice car and it was Halloween evening it must have been sunset because it was getting dark , and me and a guy friend I never met before but was my best friend in that dream drove into a house party , and as always beautiful women but this time even more sexier and wearing lingerie, we went in and all the young women were just throwing themselves at me , by now my guy friend was no where in sight but I was too distracted , then the group of girls that were around me started grabbing my crotch and kissing me all over , I took for me only one , the one I thought was the prettiest and we went into another part of the party , a huge living room where of course it was filled with women.

I started to feel funny though , as I started to catch glimpses of pentagrams written in blood on some walls and some women were so drunk on different parts of the house floor , slowly transforming and their voices were like the sound of a record player when you slow it down but real demonic , but the rest was still cheerful so I guess I kept drinking and hanging out , about an hour passed and the lights were becoming dim and the music started to die down and as the minutes passed more and more women were real drunk and we’re transforming into those demonic things , that familiar fear came back , but I was so scared that I felt if I moved during their slow transformation they would notice me .

Now more and more things were fast changing in the house , the lights were almost off and a lot of red curtains just appeared out of nowhere , it started to look more like satanic worship place and all the girls were chanting and their heads were all waving slowly from side to side like when you stretch your neck , and I gathered up enough courage to stand up slowly and walked pass them slowly and carefully, by now most of them were on the ground on their knees and some were giving notice my way , their faces where scary as hell , and as I pass each individual demon possessed girl , in a deep demonic voice the demon in that girl would tell me all the Sins it has committed through out human history, I ran out storming through the door I looked back and they weren’t chasing me but I was running hard , it all felt real.

I got home in my dream and they were just passing through my walls , floating in and were attacking me from every direction , then thank god I woke up but I was paralyzed and I saw this real evil demons face in the reflection of the TV , I started praying and telling god I promise I’ll never be bad , you know begging .

And it stopped , I got up ran outside and I felt so relieved and was telling my neighbor because he’s also a Christian , but he pointed out all the scratches on my body we both were freaking out , since then I started going to church meetings and the activities have decreased a lot , but now and then I still dream bad and feel eyes on me .

The Wrong Crowd

Hey, so I know you wanted stories from the UK so here I am, sheltering from the constant drizzle and I’ve never felt so British. Anyway, I cant one hundred percent vouch for anything I say as I am aware I have an interest in the paranormal so am not 100% sure if the things I have experienced are genuinely paranormal or just me desperate to find something paranormal in my every day mundane life.

Weirdly enough, I seem to get premonitions, largely through dreams, as a child i remember dreaming on two separate occasions of exact events which unfolded today. One recurring dream I have had for example, is of walking around a house I know to be my Auntie and Uncles house in the midlands. Only, it’s not as I remember it, rooms I didn’t recognize and a whole extra section to the house I didn’t recognize.

I’ll just tell you some background about the house, it’s deep in the country side and an extremely old house, the oldest I know. It’s also very large and a place I have considered home for years now, I used to love exploring, building dens and playing with the animals (of which their are chickens, ducks, horses and cats).

Anyway, it is not unusual in the winter for the house to be so cold that glasses by the bed would be frozen by morning, this is because, my auntie and uncle, kind as they are, have saved money on heating and instead contributed portions of money every month for my brother and I to go to university when we can. Anyway so after being bugged by this recurring dream once again I consulted my uncle, him, an artist (Jesse Bruton-look him up) took me to his studio where he showed me pictures of the house as it used to be.

I learned that it was once a school, a hotel and a large estate house in the Georgian era. When I saw the diagrams and paintings of the house as part of the estate, I instantly recognised the tall pillars and staircase from my dream and began to recognise other parts too, the white washed stone windows, the slate floor I had felt so cold beneath my feet.

Although that is’nt scary in itself, I’ll admit, I found myself thinking back to times spent here alone as a younger child. I remember once I had visited to help repair the roof when I was around 12-13 and I spent the evening reading my uncles poetry books by their open fire.

One evening, we had had to unhinge the door in order to repair part of the roof. In order to do this I had unscrewed the doorbell they had and had left it on the coffee table. Later that evening, the doorbell kept ringing and buzzing in front of me, after the second or third time I removed the batteries from the device and went to bed. I recall, at about 2 or 3 am I was woken up by a chiming sound from beneath me in the room below.

At this point I was a little distressed and turned on the lamp next to me- big mistake. I slept one of my uncles old art studios which still had lots of his old bits in, in low light, im sure you can imagine, a guillotine, black and white photos, a sheep skull and scalpals etc at freezing temperatures was pretty fucking creepy. Before I knew it i noticed the telephone ring, now, as I have mentioned the house was old, very old, and the telephone was no execption, mounted on the wall where the bells for servants used to be, the telephone was an old, corded landline with one of those disc thingies to dial.

Moments after the telephone had rung I could hear my younger brother getting out of bed in the living room where he had slept. I heard him walk over to those phone and answer (as you do at 3 am in the morning). I started to getup to check out who was on the phone but by the time I had my slippers on I could hear him putting the phone back in the holder with the familiar *ding” sound echoing through the hall.

As I opened the door my brother, Robert, jumped, looking visible shaken I asked him “who the fuck was on the phone man” whilst rubbing my eyes (I know- a foul mouthed kid, I hung/hang with what is probably the wrong crowd but what can i say). He told me in an uncharacteristically timid voice that someone had told him in a deep and crackly voice to “stop” over and over again.

Immediately I called bullshit, and laughed teasing him was my first response saying “you total pussy, probably just a crackly line or something”. After I had stopped giggling I started to pick up on my brothers vibe- seriously… odd. Robert, who has never failed to make a joke out of anything and seems only braver in the face of danger was now quite clearly shaken up. Just the fact that he wasnt going “aayyyyy gotchhaaa” was enough for me to start to question what in the hell was going on. Now i know this sounds weird- really weird.

But I did get that horrible fucking crawly feeling all over my skin in areas I could’nt quite see; my back, my neck and all up the inside of my thighs.

After a game of yu-gio with Rob I went back to bed, a little more cautiously than I’ve ever walked around that house. Now. I’d describe it as paranoia, but back then it was very very real, I could feel an intense hatred radiating from my surroundings which made me too scared to even open my eyes as I passed the mirror, afraid of anything I might see. What felt like hours later, back in bed I was back into a slightly restless sleep.

My next memory was my brother swinging open my bedroom door with tears rolling down his cheeks shouting. Not shouting words. Just shouting. But fuck me, they said enough. He didnt need to talk but I knew this was fear this was what fear looks like when your body is filled to the brim with it and it overflows into your speech. You know that horrible lump in your throat you get in a horror film when you know a really chilling moment is coming? yeah.

I got that, for real. I calmed my brother down, now fully awake I asked “what?! what the fuck Rob?!! what are you playing at?!”. Robert told me about all the how he was woken up by banging on the window. Not a knock. No. The whole window was shaking and pulsating.

I immediately assumed it was Jesse, my uncle, back from their trip with our parents early (we had been tasked with caring for the animals and house whilst they were gone over night, really all we had to do was feed the pets in the morning for money. Not bad!) so I asked Robert “You sure it wasnt just Jess messing with you?”. This would’ve been characteristic of Jesse who was always playing practical jokes on us when we were younger.

All Robert could do was shake his head violently.

Just has my brother had stopped shaking his head and had looked back up at me I felt the floor beneath me shake and a massive crash, or rather, a loud thud, fill the house. I freaked the fuck out. Realizing of course that this was definitely not my uncle. With this realisation came the last time I cried in my memory. The lump in my throat seemed to grow until it was forced out of my eyes in the form of droplets. Hiding my eyes frm my brother I shut the door, putting a chair back in front of it and scuttled back anxiously to join him on the sofa bed.

Now you may have guessed this, but my family are not the ‘huggy sort’. You deal with your problems with alcohol as an adult, or you internalise them as a child, but the last thing you do is hug. My brother and I hugged. We buried out faced under the covers, shaking, as the room around us shook again and again.

Naturally, we did not sleep a wink that night. But after it subsided I remember being too afraid just to put my head above the covers for fear of who- or what- else might be in the room.

Anyway thats about it, but after that night my uncle and my father restored the door to how it used to be and nothing else happened save for a few lights turning on and off which, as I mentioned, I probably only wished for. Despite my skepticism I am still petrified even thinking about this to this day. Anyway I still cant explain this and dont likke thinking about but this, of all the things that have happened to me has scared me more than anything. It was fear like I’ve never known. And I’ve been held at knifepoint (like I said, wrong crowd).