My Doppelganger/fetch

I’m a 34-year-old female, living in East Tennessee. I have always had no choice but to believe in the paranormal. I grew up very quickly, due to having a disabled sister and my parents being very busy. I grew up Christian, and I have my own opinions on it that differ from others.  Now, to the story- last summer, my mother was put in ICU. It was very traumatic for me, as she is my best friend. When the ER physician offered to pray for my mother, I was terrified. The prayers didn’t seem to help. I went up to the icu floor, saw how serious the situation really was, and retired to the icu restroom and hit my knees begging ANYONE out there to help my mother. I made a deal- that whoever would help, I will sacrifice myself to save my mother.

An overwhelming feeling of knowing that she would recover came over me (Keep in mind, it did NOT look good. I study medicine and knew how bleak this situation really was). I walked into the icu and told my mother, “You will recover, momma. Trust me.” She did trust me (this is because I am a pretty accurate empath and have never been wrong with my instincts). She was discharged in five days. It was a miracle.

A few weeks later, a dark entity started visiting me in my room. I never felt afraid of him. He was a comfort to me. He told me he was my “guardian.” He never said guardian angel, just guardian. My mother and nephew both saw him going through the house and ran to my room, as they always do when they are afraid, as I am the protector of the house. I told them it was just a shadow and not to be afraid. Also, he told me not to refer to him as a “shadow person,” so I never did. He was a dark outline of a man- no distinguishable features, no glowing eyes, as I’ve heard others say, and no long, scary fingers, either; he was just a dark figure. He also appeared in daylight, often. In full view, no corner of my eye thing.

Fastfoward to a week after my mother and nephew saw him. I was outside smoking a cigarette. My mother went into my room, at the same time I was outside smoking, and she said I was sitting on my bed , looking dazed.  Startled, she asked if I was all right. I said, “Yes, mother. I am fine,” in a strange, monotone voice. She let it go and went out to the kitchen for lunch, when she saw me outside the back deck, smoking a cigarette. She was horrified.  She asked me how I managed to get outside, because she just talked to me in my room, and I would have had to pass her in the hallway to do this. I told her I wasn’t in my room and we weren’t talking because I’ve been outside for ten minutes. My mother doesn’t ever lie, very Christian, and she has never had any mental problems. My sister also heard me talking to my momma in my room and was terrified when she saw me walking back in from outside.

I did a little research, and I came across what is called a doppelganger or “fetch,” who come to do harm to the person they are mimicking. I feel if it weren’t for my guardian being with me, at all times during this, that doppelganger could have taken my soul and me away from my family, who needs me. That night, after my momma saw my doppelganger assuming my likeness, I was kept awake by what I can only describe as a werewolf growling inside of my room. I have no dogs nor pets, and the sound was in my room. I knew it was my guardian, and I now know he was fighting off this fetch, doppelganger, whatever you want to call it, who had come to kill me. This probably doesn’t sound like a believable story, but it is 100% true, and the fact that others saw these things discounts me hallucinating it all. All I know, is I am convinced I was in serious danger, and this dark entity guardian saved my life. I have other paranormal stories, but this is the one I felt my life was in the most danger.

Disturbing funeral

I was not in contact with my biological father’s extended family when I was a kid due to my parents’ divorce and living kind of far away. It was long before email or social media existed, too.

I reconnected with them when I was a young adult, around the age of 21.

Unfortunately, my grandfather, great aunt and her husband were all very elderly and on the decline with their health. My grandfather was in a horrid care facility and one by one, they passed away at nearly 90 years of age. My great aunt’s husband passed first and I went to his (fortunately closed casket) funeral. It was the first funeral I had ever attended, as well.

It was held at a funeral home and I sat in one of the pews at the front, kind of nervous and apprehensive. Someone sat down nearby so I glanced in their direction to see who it was and I got the worst shock of my life!

IT WAS MY GREAT AUNT’S HUSBAND SITTING THERE! I swear I nearly fainted from horror and shock; everything kind of went white for a second. I couldn’t even make a sound!

I can’t remember who noticed the look of absolute horror on my face but someone said “Oh, that’s Uncle Tom’s identical twin brother!” I think they kind of laughed at me, too. No one had told me he had a twin brother before, I had NO idea. They really WERE identical!

I managed to endure the rest of the funeral with some composure.


I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

This happened to me and my mother around two years ago. It happened in August, 15th to be exact. I remember the date because of a festival that happens in this time of summer. The experience wasn’t exactly creepy, but more baffling than anything.

It was around 6 or 7 pm and we were heading home, there were many people on the street and we don’t live far from the festival place.

It was still light, since it was summer. We were walking and I was trying to accustom my mother to some internet terms, when I see a different looking man, I don’t exactly remember how he looked like, but I can say he looked to be between 20 or 30,distinguisly wearing a light brown jacket, and I believe he also wore a pair of round glasses.

I don’t remember  any other accessory, though I think he wore more. I clearly remember him walking weirdly. Anyway, I pointed him out to my mother.

She said he was weird and we continued on our way. After we walk a little bit more and then cross the road, on the other side of the street, the one we are now on I see the same man, dressed the same way, walking the same way, now conjured by some people, we passed him and I looked at my mother to validate the thing we just saw. She saw it too.

It was weird. I mean he couldn’t have taken a taxi and go back meters, there were no taxis and what would’ve been the point in doing that anyway? What I also thought as possible would be that there is not one man, but two, twins. And even if this is quite likely to be the case, I still don’t understand why someone would do that…
Regardless, it was a weird experience.

The Me in The Mirror

I’m not sure what this experience really counts as. Clones? Alternate reality? All I know is that it’s an experience that’s stuck with me for nearly all of my life. The events I’m about to tell you about happened when I was fairly young, between the ages of six to eight tentatively. I’m twenty now, so you’ll have to forgive me if I miss a detail or two. I will try to be as descriptive and detailed as I possibly can, considering what I remember. Anyways, this is the story about the time I met another me in a mirror.

My family has a long history of working on boats. My mother was a wedding coordinator for a yacht company and my stepfather was a captain for that very same company. My biological father, who I still see often and am on good terms with,  was a DJ on a rival yacht company. These companies were known for hosting cruises around the harbor they rested in. They did other events like weddings, birthday parties, and things like that, but, general cruises around the area for rich tourists and the like were the most popular. It was a very rich-people sort of business with a rich-people sort of vibe. The boats were huge, well kept, and the fanciest things on the harbor. It was kind of ridiculous and very over priced, but hey, it was a business. So cheers to them, I guess.

When I was in single digits, I often went with my biological father to work on the weekends that he had with me. I wasn’t old enough to stay home alone just yet, and honestly I didn’t really mind going to work with him. Even when he worked late night cruises and parties, I had a lot of fun meeting new people. The chefs on the yachts liked me and would sneak me really delicious samples of food, and the bar tenders gave me free Shirley Temples when I went up to them. Since it was just a boat and there was no way I could really get lost or disappear unless I fell off or something (which I never did. Ocean safety was drilled into me constantly with the amount of it involved in my life) my dad didn’t mind if I walked off and away from him to go exploring on my own.

It was halfway through the cruise he was DJing for when I had to use the bathroom. So, I got up from exploring a floor of the yacht and went to where I knew the restrooms were. The restrooms were tucked just a little ways away from the dance floor on the main floor of the yacht, just next to the bar. There was a small hall between the doors that lead to the Mens and Women’s facilities with a mirror in the middle of it. I went to use the bathroom, but, stopped dead in my tracks.

The mirror down the hall? It was gone.

In its place was a slightly longer hallway that stretched further than the original one normally did, and there was a girl who was standing there. She looked almost perfectly like me, except, her hair was a lighter shade of brown than my own was and she wasn’t missing her front tooth like I had been. It had fallen out just recently, but, when she smiled, they were all there. She was even wearing the same dress as I was and shoes. I can’t remember what they looked like, but, I know they were the same thing. I stood up and smiled back at her, my mind simply happy for seeing another child aboard a ship where I thought there was none.

When I opened my mouth to say “Hi!”, she did too. We spoke the greeting in unison, and then laughed in unison.

“We’re wearing the same clothes.” We spoke in unison again, pointing at each other’s outfits, and we laughed again, surprised that we were speaking the same thoughts at the same time. I moved my body back and forth, so did she. Her hand fell to the side before mine did, however, and then she lifted her other one to offer it to me.

“What’s your name?” We spoke again together. I walked forward to answer her and take her hand, as we were just meeting for the first time. I was about to say my name, and she was about to say her own as well, but then I was cut off when I slammed face first into something.

When I pulled away, my gut twisted and sunk when I realized that it was a mirror. I had been talking to a mirror, and the person I was looking at now was myself. I had the same tooth gap and normal colored hair that I usually did. I reached out to touch the mirror and my hands met the cool glass. I stared at myself in confusion. Honestly? This thought really still creeps me out just remembering it to this day. Because I swear, the person I was talking to in that hallway wasn’t me. They moved at times differently from me. They LOOKED like me, but, I can recall the feeling I had back then about how they really weren’t.

The best way I can describe the feeling is the way you feel when you experience deja vu. When you could swear that you’ve done something like this before, but, at the same time something feels ever so slightly off about it that you can’t put your finger on just what you were doing or how you had done it in the past.

At the time, when it happened, I was confused, but as a child I didn’t think anything of it. I just remembered that I had to use the bathroom, and turned to go into it. They were stalled bathrooms (stalled bathrooms on a boat, yeah, that’s fancy) with a marble set of two sinks for guests to wash their hands and towel dispensers. A woman was in there already, washing her hands as I entered. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the mirrors in the bathroom, an uneasy feeling settling over me at the very thought of doing so.

“Dear? Are you alright?” The woman who was in the bathroom tried to get my attention. I must have looked sick or pale or something, and the fact that I was just staring at the ground didn’t help. She thought I was seasick and asked if I needed anything or if she wanted me to stay until I got out, but, I kindly refused and just told her that I was tired. She smiled at me again and nodded. “You and your sister must have been running around a lot.”

And I gave her a confused look for a long time. I was an only child. I had no sister. The woman looked up and past me and then she, too, looked confused and looked down at me. “Were you here for a long time?” She asked, and I told her that I just entered the bathroom. “But,” She protested, “I could have sworn that I saw someone just like you when I was looking in the mirror.”

To this day I don’t much have an explanation for what I or that woman saw. Did I meet a clone of myself from another dimension? Was I so tired that night that I was just a weird kid talking to myself in the mirror and not realizing it was a mirror? I honestly don’t remember, but, the fact was that someone who was me but not quite me was there on that boat and near that bathroom. To this day, I’m honestly a little paranoid about full body mirrors. I’m always nervous that, when I stare into them, something like that will happen again and I’ll see another me. And she’ll be smiling with a smile just a little different from my own. Moving just a little different from how I normally do.

Do you think the us from other dimensions wonder and fear the same thing? I’d like to think they do. It’s a lot more comforting thinking that they’re just as scared of us as we are of them, as opposed to the thought of them wanting to somehow break through the dimension of mirrors and into our own lives, so that they can be everything we are and more.

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