These Visions are Coming True

By Electra Heart

Over the past year or so I’ve noticed I’ve been having these strange visions in my head while I sleep. I only see them for a moment or so before they’re gone but I clearly see one thing in my line of sight and one clear and distinct sound before it goes away.

A REAL Ghost Encounter – It Glided into my Parents’ Room

What Ghosts Haunt your Halls?


A TRUE Scary Pervert Story – The Owl in the Tree

Are you truly alone?

The Mountain Road

By Jacob

This is a back story to where I am. I live in the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. There are a ton of black bears here and I have seen many of them so, I know what they look like.

Stranger from Swim

By A.F.

I’m a female competitive swimmer and have been for about 4 years now. I swim for both my school and the city. Never have I had a bad experience in swim but that all changed this year.

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