Author: Darkness Prevails

Shadows in the Dark

By Lilbutterfli94

When I was a freshman in College there were all sorts of ghost stories about the campus. Most of these stemming from traumatic events that happened on the campus many years prior. There was a story about the building called Old Chapel, about these figures that roamed the building at night. There were stories about the Fine Arts Center, and this was where I had my first experience on the campus. It was the beginning of the school year, and bright outside. The power in the building went out and as my teacher entered the room the door next to him swung open without anyone touching it.

Later that night as the fall air crept in, I was walking around the campus, trying to calm down from the days activities, and I went by the Fine Arts Center center that night and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving in the room I had been in earlier that day. I turned my head and there was a shadow standing in the corner, right in front of the mirror in the room. It soon vanishes and I make my way back to my room.

From Phone Conversation to Real Experience

By Anthony

Back when I was seventeen, I was much more into the paranormal and supernatural; I’m saying this because I had done some Ouija sessions with friends previously to this experience happening, and it could have had something to do with that.
It was just an average night during the summer, which for me meant I would talk on the phone a lot with friends. On this night I was sitting on a white leather couch that was in our living room; it was facing our front window that had the blinds parted so the moonlight could shine in, but other than that I was in the dark.

The house I lived in at the time included myself, my mom, and a couple roommates; it was also the house I grew up in. So, I was on the phone with a good friend of mine named Jessie, talking about anything we thought was interesting. Somewhere along in the conversation we started discussing ghosts and past experiences we’ve had with anything paranormal. After she had finished talking, I chimed in and began to tell her about an imaginary friend I used to have when I was a child.


By Hajin

This happened about 2 weeks ago, it was honestly one of the most scariest situations I’ve ever been through…so, here it is. My mom and I decided to go get a bite at one of my favorite Korean restaurants, so we brought my 2 year old sister and my 4 month baby brother.

After we were done eating, as usual, we always went to the park after eating to spend some time outside and making sure my sister has had some sort of outside activity. We went to the nearest park that had a lake, and Honestly, I’m a very cautious person and I already wanted to make sure that the park looked nice and safe.

The Blue House

By Aureux

You don’t have to believe me. I sometimes can hardly believe it myself.

My mother’s co-worker had a house for rent. The last tenants didn’t take care of it, and he himself hadn’t seemed to really take care of it either, so it was a mess. But, it was close to her work and within a five minute walk to school for me, so we decided to take it. It helped that her boyfriend, who for the sake of convenience I will call my stepfather, wanted to move into a house rather than living at a condo or apartment.
That February nearly every other day I would walk from school to the house and help clean it up.

Skinwalker Stalks me at Night

By DJ Draven

Hello… my name is Gaagii, and I’m here to tell whoever is here my story and what is going on. I have lived in New Mexico inside the Navajo reservation since I was born (17 now).

Since I was a young boy my grandmother who worked as a cashier in her own shop which sold old Navajo relics would tell me of skin walkers. She never said anything bad about them, she told me of how her aunt was one, how she would always see an odd looking deer looking at her through her bedroom window at midnight when she was a young girl; she said it’s eyes were pure black, and it wouldn’t move. She once tried to wave at it and when she did the deer she said “rose up on its hind legs and walked towards my window”.

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