Poltergeist Encounter

By Big Game Hunter

So a while back my brother was trying to find work. So my brother found a job offer from one of his old friends. His friends name was Jubal and my brothers name was Jake. So Jubal was a contractor and would work on houses so then he could turn around and sell them.

So anyway Jubal and my brother found a job on an old creepy house. It looked okay on the outside, but what was on the inside was horrifying. So they started to work on it and at one point Jubal went to go get more tools for the job. Five minutes later my brother heard someone talking upstairs so then he called for Jubal but no one answered.10 minutes later Jubal returned and Jake told him about what happened.

My Mom Blamed it on my Reading Goosebumps

By Pompeii

I don’t know if this is really scary to other people but it sure as hell scared me. Anyway. I was almost 12 when X-Files (the original series) was at the height of its popularity so naturally, my friends and I were all into supernatural stuff. Maybe that’s what started everything or maybe it was just a timing coincidence. I still don’t know but I don’t suppose it really matters. What matters is what happened at all.

It started in the littlest, stupidest way: it was the morning after a sleepover at my best friend’s house. I was eating breakfast with her family – cereal, juice, and milk. Suddenly, the milk cap went flying off the milk jug that was sitting on the table. It didn’t fly across the room or anything, it just went off with a little pop and landed on the table. We all kinda laughed about how weird it was, and my friend’s mom said something about how it must have been air in the jug equalizing pressure and I agreed but even at the time it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I mean, it’s not like milk is carbonated like soda is.

My Aunt Saw a Skinwalker

By Lauren

This experience didn’t happen to me, it happened to my Aunt named Mary. Mary used to live in a wooded area of New Mexico until a couple of years ago, and she has told me many stories of things she has seen in the forest near her home. The first story she told me of her experiences, was of a skinwalker.

It was dark outside, my aunt is a smoker and often goes outside at night to smoke. On the night of her experience, she was doing just that, outside smoking, but something was off.

My Skinwalker Encounter

By Dthebeast14

In November of 2013 I was 12 years old. My family and I went to Texas to visit our close friends that recently moved away from out home city Saint Louis. They live out in a quiet suburb not to far from San Antonio, but I don’t think it is a suburb of that, well that isn’t important. So they live in a neighborhood with a lot of neighbors and their house is right next to a big forest.

My friend Harry and I were out in the woods with his other friend john and we were having fun. We went back for lunch, Harry then realized that he had left his water bottle in the woods. He asked me to go and get it for him because his mom pulled him over to talk to him about something personal. Me being a good friend said yes, and walked a mile into the woods.

Night Terror

By Rachel W.

Names changed for purpose of this telling.

Relevant background information: I am female and was around 13 at the time this happened. I lived in a house surrounded by woods on three sides, leaving the last side open for the driveway.

These were thick woods, untouched for a long time, but about a half a mile in, there was a beautiful clearing that my family used for picnics, target practice and so on. It kind of became the hangout spot for friends when they came over.

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