I’m a 31 year old female, I’m small in stature at 4’11 and I know full well that I’m prime victim material. Because of this I try to be hyper aware of everything going on around me. Sometimes it’s just catching someone’s gaze and feeling that knot in my stomach, but I believe listening to my instinct has saved me on more than one occasion. I don’t take risks, I’m very careful and tend to think of all the impossible situations I could land in and what I would do. Maybe this is unhealthy but can you really blame me? It’s a dangerous world out there, and it’s only gotten scarier since I became a mother. I simply couldn’t live if anything happened to my Daughter (who I will call GG), and that’s why this is the scariest instance I’ve been in with her.

Its important to note that I’m an Empath meaning that I can sense peoples energies and emotions. I’ve learned the hard way not to ignore when my gut tells me something. It’s also worthy of note that my child is gorgeous, blonde hair, bright blue eyes, she’s angelic and lots of people make comments about her, or look and smile. That’s normal and it never bothers me. which is why this situation still haunts me.

My daughter’s father and I broke up shortly after her first birthday. It was an ugly break up and the trust simply wasn’t there to let my ex have her alone. And because of the nature of our breakup I didn’t trust being alone with him either. So we’d meet at McDonald’s and have some dinner while he played with GG. We did this many times and had become familiar with the staff. More often than not it was after the dinner rush so the restaurant might have one or two people using the internet. We’d always find a place in the back where there was booths along the wall and windows and a little cubby like area with a few more booths and a tall round table in the middle. We’d chosen one of the booths in this little alcove because it was private. Things were going well, my Ex and I were growing friendlier again and we were having a good time.

After a little while a tall middle aged man, with a balding head and glasses came in. With him was a little girl  no older than maybe 7 or 8. They chose the tall table, which irked me a little because there were tons of places to sit and they were practically on top of us. I probably wouldn’t have really noticed them if the man hadn’t let his gaze linger on GG a little too long when they passed us. He never said hello, or what a pretty girl she was like most people who notice her. And that made me feel funny. I was sitting on the side of the table that faced them, the little girl was facing me while the man’s back was too me.  I think I would have ignored them had I not caught the man making every excuse to grab a peek at my little girl.

I heard him say to the little girl ‘do you want me to fix your pony tail?’, which was odd because it was fine, not a strand was loose. I watched him as he got up and started too mess with her hair, all the while looking up at my little girl. He caught me staring at him and catching him looking and he’d just look away. But it became a game, like he was trying to steal looks when I wasn’t watching him. Which was never. My maternal instinct was going off like a tornado siren. I felt the sudden need to bail with my daughter. But I kept trying to reason it away. At least I had my ex, he’s a former soldier and I know he’s got our backs. But the whole situation was bothering me. This just didn’t feel normal.

The little girl didn’t seem distressed by him, though I didn’t really watch her as much as him. She didn’t look like his daughter, he was fair skinned and she had darker skin and black hair. He also never seemed to talk to her like most fathers do. I spoke up and told my ex that the man was looking at GG and that it was making me uncomfortable. He tried to calm me and tell me to ignore them. But I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I saw him awkwardly take out his phone, as if he was trying to look like he was checking it, but there was an uncertainty about the way he drew it out. He never brought it up to the table like a normal person would. He held it under the table and looked like he was angling it toward GG.

I’d had enough right there, he was trying to sneak pictures of my baby. My anxiety was through the roof and I felt close to tears. I told my ex we needed to leave and he obliged and helped me gather our things. As I picked GG up I glanced at the man who had abandoned his little coy game and turned around in his chair, looking directly at me. Just stared obviously like he knew I knew.

I practically ran out of there. It was terrifying, in ways that I think only a parent could understand. I don’t know what that man was thinking, I don’t want to know. But the most unsettling thing was that he had a little girl with him. If he was a pedo then what about her? I still feel guilty about leaving when I had such a terrible feeling about someone, and leaving a young kid with him. But what could I do? Call the cops because some creeper was looking at my daughter and I was suspicious? I hope more than anything that I was just being paranoid. But my gut is NEVER wrong…

The Creepy Camping Trip

So my sister and I always go on a camping trip with a really nice family but this years camping trip was the worst.

We had a camping spot with a big field and then a bathroom across from it. The weird thing was that nobody in my campsite was awake when this happened. Me and my friend, we’ll call Jessie in this story, were up late at night. It was just the typical talk about what were gonna do. Jessie wanted to tell scary stories and we did so.

Two hours went by of telling made up stories until we heard footsteps outside our tent. Jessie said “its probably one of the boys or the parents, calm down”. So I just went along with it. Soon after that I whispered  to Jessie that I could hear them again.

We got out the tent to check it out when we saw a person crouching in the fields when they noticed us they ran into the woods. Jessie thought it was just a bunny or some type of animal but I thought it was a person. We got back into the tent and Jessie told me she was gonna watch videos using her hot spot, so we went for about an hour of watching videos.

Then I could hear someones voice, when all of the sudden a hand print shows up on the lining of our tent. We just acted like we were sleeping.

Then we heard the tent zip slowly, sliding down. That was when I grabbed Jessie and went quickly through the other side of tent where there was a door.

Me and Jessie ran to the nearest girls bathroom (which happened to be across that big field I mentioned  in the start). We got in to a stall and stood up on the toilet seat not making a sound. Then we heard footsteps that went in and out of the bathroom after the person I heard, next I heard a woman and her child walking up to the bathroom.

Jessie and I waited till the woman got into the bathroom to get out of the stall. After that day we never got out our tent in the middle of the night to look for a person. The strange thing was the creepy person wasn’t a man or a woman it was a tween boy about are age.

Dragon on Vacation

Hello, my name is Noah and I’m 17. Her is a little bit about myself before I tell the story. I have two younger siblings, a brother Josh and a sister Christa, they are both 14. My mother is a very kind woman always helping other members of my family when they needed it. My father passed away when I was 10, he always had a way of making any situation a good one. Finally theirs my moms brother, my uncle Jesse, he was living with us because he had lost his arm a year before. this story may sound crazy but I swear on my life this happened. I have a scar to prove it but I will explain later in the story. This happened to me and my family when we were on vacation to the UK.

We had been driving to a small town in the UK countryside it was about a five hour drive. There were five of us in the car. Myself, my two younger siblings, my mom and uncle. Both Josh and Christa were asleep, my mom was driving while my uncle Jesse and myself were talking about what our plans were.

We had rented a cottage by a lake for two weeks. After about ten more minutes of driving we arrived at the cottage. My mother got out and went to wake up Josh and Christa while uncle Jesse went to unlock the door. ” Mom I’m going to take a walk ” I said climbing out of the car. My mom responded with an “OK just don’t wonder off.”

The cottage was laid out like this: Out front was a deep forest that stretched around till it reached the back of the cottage then it opened up to reveal a beautiful lake. If you stood on the shore you could see other cottages around the lake.

I started walking about twenty meters into the forest when I saw claw marks on some trees they looked like they could have been from a bear except they were about as long as my entire arm and they wrapped around the whole trunk of the tree like something had used the tree to pull its self up.

Then I felt it, a feeling I will never forget, the feeling that I should run and fast. I kept walking and as I did the feeling kept getting worse and worse until I was about thirty meters in when I couldn’t take it anymore and ran back out. When I had gotten back to the cottage my family had already brought our bags in.

The rest of the day went without any problems. We all went to bed and I soon discovered that night this would be one night that I wish had never happened.

The cottage had two bedrooms me and my siblings were all sleeping in one and my mom in the other, uncle Jesse was sleeping on the couch. It was about 3 am and I was laying in bed unable to sleep when I got up because I saw uncle Jesse leave the cottage. I got up and ran after him, I caught up to him about half way to the beach, he told me he was going to sit by the water for a bit so I joined him.

We were sitting by the water for about half an hour before we started to head back. The distance from the shore to the backdoor was about 150 meters. We had walked about 50 meters when the feeling from before returned stronger then before. I was guessing uncle Jesse felt it as well because he told me to speed it up. This is the hardest part for me to tell when we were about 25 meters from the door uncle Jesse broke out into a full blown sprint. Before I could as well, I felt a sharp pain on my back and something push me to the ground and I, again, heard a rumbling growl. I then felt a pressure on my back as if something was standing ontop of me. I heard screaming from the cabin, I raised my head to see my mother, siblings and uncle standing there with their faces locked in look of fear and they were white as snow. I could feel it. Whatever was causing the pressure had a scaly texture. Suddenly it lifted off of me.

I couldn’t move until my mom ran over and helped me up and I turned my head to see a massive creature hidden among the tall trees, all we could see were to large yellow lizard like eyes. My mom and I ran inside and locked the door and the five of us never left the cottage for the rest of out vacation. The creature had left a scar on my back from what I guess were its claws scraping against my skin.

Thank you for listening to my story I know how crazy this sounds but I swear this happened.



A Creep Story at McDonald’s

This story takes place a few months ago at a McDonald’s me and some friends were eating at.

It was a usual Friday night, me, my brother, and some friends would be out and about the town. Mostly hanging out at the mall, and sometimes going to a Good Will to goof off. But every time we went out, the oldest one (Andrew) would buy us all Burger King or McDonald’s, he was the one who usually had money, plus he could drive.

Usually there are five of us, but this time just me, my brother and Andrew were here eating at McDonald’s. I knew there were more of us, but I can’t remember where they were. Anyways, as we entered the restaurant it was completely void of any other customers.

Shortly after we walked in it started storming hard outside. I was watching the storm from our table when I saw a man standing just outside the doors of the McDonald’s.Just from the look of this guy, I was getting some pretty bad vibes from him, I motioned at my brother to look and he agreed. The man looked middle aged and pretty thin, wearing clothes that were way too big for him. He started smoking a cigarette and shaking his head violently back and forth. Then he started talking to himself in the reflection of the glass door to the restaurant.
By now me and my brother were starting to get freaked out, urging Andrew to hurry up eating, but he was completely calm. He told us he was probably just some guy hyped up on drugs or something, and that there was nothing to worry about. Regardless I was still really concerned. At one point I thought of just leaving them and waiting in the car, but I didn’t want to look like a pussy, seeing how calm Andrew was.
The guy eventually walked into the restaurant with his right hand jammed into his coat pocket, and his left hand firmly grasping the pocket on the outside. He hobbled to the back of the restaurant and just sat there. Thank god that at this point Andrew had finished eating, so we booked it back to his car.
Looking back on it, he was probably just some crack head waiting for his dealer, but this was definitely a very scary encounter.

7 REAL Skinwalker Encounters

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There has existed real ghost stories, urban legends and native american folklore of a strange creature that uses the skins and sounds of other animals to lure in its prey. It is known as a Skinwalker. Very similar to the Wendigo from until dawn, the skinwalker is out to harm people for some unknown purpose. They’ve been sighted in Australia, the United States and more as mythical creatures not to be trifled with. If you can brave the haunted forest and the desert, get ready for these true stories of real monster encounters. Enjoy!

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